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Title: Out-Numbered 2  
Reviewer: Levon  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Erik Everhard's Out Numbered #2 (Director's Edition)
154 Minutes
Red Light District
DIRECTOR: Erik Everhard
THEMES: Euro girls, orgy
STARS: Karma, Lucy Lee, Stacy Silver, Jane Darling, Sandra Romain, Krystal De Boot, Jessica Fiorentino, 13 other girls

Reviewed by: Levon (mreviewer@hotmail.com)


The first shot is a nice first person POV of Jane Darling, a leggy blonde girl with large breasts. She strips down and models for a bit till she drops to her knees and we get a good POV blowjob. Jane shows some good energy, nice eye contact, and works mainly on the top 1/3 of the guy's dick. Jane brings in six more euro girls and they each take turns working on our cameraman's dick till two more parolees enter the scene splitting the attention of the girls. This scene becomes a mini orgy with three guys and seven women. All the girls look great and the heat is high, but as will all orgy shots the camera moves around to catch all the action, which makes following a good pair difficult. There is fucking in pretty much every position and plenty of anal and A2M, but they seem to go for doggie more than any other position. Highlights from this group would be a good anal RCG, the fierce DP's, a good standing DP, and what seems to be a DAP.
The scene finally ends with each guy going through each girl doggie anal and finally jerking off on one girl's face and open mouth, which she swallows.

It's the same kind of setup but this time we start off with an average looking black haired girl with large fake tits. She finger fucks herself and eventually goes down to show some nice oral skills, but only for a minute or two. They go upstairs and into a room with two more girls waiting on their knees. They each take their turn and they move to another room, this time with three girls. All the girls go back to one room and take their turn sucking off the cameraman. Out of all of them, the first girl is the most aggressive and tries to take down more than just the head. Two parolees jump in and we get a three guy six girl orgy. Once again there is tons of fucking and anal in multiple positions, but this time RCG and cowgirl seem to be the favorite of the day. You get DPs, a good deepthroat, and a DAP. There is one early cumshot with one of the parolees jerking of on the first girl's face and mouth and getting some nice post cum head. The final setup is each girl pairs up and is 69'ing another, with a parolee fucking the top. Each guy pulls out and jerks off on the bottom's face and open mouth. You get some light post cum head from each girl.

The last scene is setup the same as the first two. The lead girl, this time a cute brunette with a large fake rack and nice ass, models for a bit then gives some weak oral which consists of just the head of the cock in her mouth and lots of hand work. Our cameraman goes through a lineup of five girls with each one giving some average oral till our two familiar parolees enter the scene giving us another three on six orgy. There is a good variety of positions, a small squirting scene from one of the girls, some aggressive DPs, three DAPs, A2M, and a good standing DP. The scene ends like the previous with the girls in a 69 and the guy fucking the top till they pull out and jerk off on the bottom girl.

You get a 23 minute behind the scenes and a cumshot loop in the extras section.

Overall this DVD is formulaic but still good. You have excellent eye candy and the camera doesn't move around too much. The DPs in this are impressive with both guys going full tilt vs. one guy keeping still and the other getting to fuck. The only fault is Erik's use of the word "wow", which he uses way too much and the pattern the scenes fall into.   


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