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Title: I Love It Rough 3  
Reviewer: Levon  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


I Love it Rough #3
137 Minutes
Platinum X Pictures
DIRECTOR: Brandon Iron
THEMES: Rough sex
STARS: Rose, Jackie Moore, Amy, Jules Van Saint, Sandra Romain, and Tiffany

Reviewed by: Levon (mreviewer@hotmail.com)


This DVD starts out in Prague with our cameraman and a parolee. After a short tour they find Amy, a cute blonde with nice natural tits and a good body. They take her back to a room where she gets her ass smacked for a bit in the hallway, but then our guy opens the door to the outside and smacks her ass and finger fucks her to the public. A couple walking their dog gets an unexpected peep show and they retreat back to the room. She gets her face, ass, and pussy slapped, finger fucked, and gagged with four fingers down her throat. When she finally gets to focus on some cock sucking she doesn't get to do much on her own, mostly she gets face fucked, but she does show some impressive deepthroating. They fuck cowgirl, and then mish with her dress pulled up covering her face. They continue with a long anal mish, A2M, anal doggie, anal spoon, anal RCG, cowgirl, anal cowgirl, finger fucked to a squirt, and finally anal doggie. The scene ends with the guy jerking off and cumming in her open mouth which she swallows.

Jules Van Saint is the next girl up and her scene is in a garage. She is a bit on the trailer trash side with an average face, small tits, and a thick body. After some painful dialogue, Jules gets finger fucked and spit on then shows some average oral skills getting face fucked. They move right into a long doggie, some more face fucking, RCG, cowgirl, and mish. The parolee goes and gets a dildo and we get a DPP, some more oral with gagging and plenty of drool. The scene ends with Jules rimming the guy as he jerks off till he cums in her open mouth, which she swallows.

Sandra Romain and Tiffany are the next girls up. Tiffany is the better looking of the two euro girls, but both have nice natural bodies. They each have a parolee and waste little time to get down to the business at hand. Sandra shows some excellent oral skills with lots of energy and good no hands work. Tiffany jumps on for a cowgirl then anal cowgirl as she blows the other guy. The girls switch up with Tiffany in a RCG and Sandra goes for an energetic cowgirl and RCG. We cut back to Tiffany and our parolee has lost it and cums weakly on Tiffany's pussy during the RCG. The next position that they go to is an impressive anal RCG with Sandra and spoon for Tiffany. Sandra gets a RCG DP and then anal doggie with Tiffany getting some A2M. As Tiffany gets plowed doggie, Sandra takes 4 fingers up her ass and more anal doggie and then the girls switch up parolees so we have Tiffany in a spoon and Sandra cowgirl. Sandra gets DP again cowgirl with Tiffany getting some more A2M. In an acrobatic move, Sandra gets flipped over with the guy still her in ass to move to an anal RCG and Tiffany jumps on the vacant parolee with a RCG. The scene ends with Tiffany jumping off her guy and jerking him off on her neck and face and Sandra working her guy cowgirl then jerking him off in her open mouth. The girls swap cum loads and it fades out with the girls barking? It's a euro thing I'm sure.

Sandra Romain is back again but this time it's for a first person POV BJ with our director Brandon Iron. Sandra gives a striptease and gets slapped around a bit till she goes down to show off her oral skills. Sandra shows excellent eye contact and superb energy. Her technique uses a lot of hand work and she keeps fairly shallow most of the time, with the head of his cock in her mouth. This short scene ends with Brandon jerking off till he cums on Sandra's open mouth and face.
Jackie Moore and Rose are on the cover and we have a fetish scene with Jackie in a cage with some shiny getup and Rose as our dominatrix. There is some weak forced dildo sucking till Jackie is let loose from the cage and is fucked doggie with a double headed dildo. Two parolees get into the scene and Jackie gets fucked doggie as both girls blow the other guy. Rose gets into the act getting fucked in a nice looking standing doggie as Jackie gets a DPP with the dildo and her guy. The next moves are a standing lifted mish for Rose and some serious deepthroating by Jackie to a good RCG. Jackie goes to an anal cowgirl and Rose gets fucked doggie till they switch again with Jackie going anal doggie and Rose with a short mish. Jackie moves to an anal RCG and Rose gets more doggie till the guy abandons her to work Jackie with a RCG DP. Jackie gets a cowgirl DP, shows some good deepthroating and then more DP for Jackie. The girls move close to each other with Jackie getting an anal mish and Rose plowed doggie. The scene ends with the guy doing Jackie pulling out and jerking off in Rose's face and mouth and the other parolee goes into Jackie for some mish till he pulls out and cums in Rose's mouth which she swallows. Both girls show plenty of heat in this scene.

The last scene is Jackie in an oral only gang bang. She takes on 6 guys and shows excellent energy and can deep throat with no problems. She shows nice no hands work and the scene ends with each guy jerking off on her face with no cleanup in between. Jackie is left plastered and climbs back into the cage till they fade to black.

In the extras section you have a 5 minute behind the scenes cut, a cumshot recap, a short photo shoot section, an extended tease and masturbation scene with Sandra, and a bonus scene with Jules getting faced fucked with plenty of gagging. This scene ends with the guy jerking off a load on Jules tongue which she swallows.

Overall this DVD is a solid rental. Obviously this caters to the viewers who like their porn slightly on the rougher side, I mean this isn't hardcore S/M, but it's certainly not a vivid couple's movie either. All the girls show excellent energy in their scenes and this is a solid DVD.


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