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Title: French Conexxxion  
Reviewer: Arnon  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C-
A/V Quality: A


French Connexxxion
143 Mins.
Red Light District
DIRECTOR: Manuel Ferrera
THEMES: Foreign girls
STARS: Tiffany Hopkins, Nomi, Carla, Angele, Axelle Mugler, Melissa Lauren, Phil Holiday, Tony Carrera, Richard Lengin, Manuel Ferrera

Reviewed by: Arnon


Typically Euro movies feature very attractive people, men and women, doing really nasty things. This had the hot people, but kept the nasty Evil Angel stuff out of it, so it was fun to watch if you're not into the choking, spitting, dog collar stuff. In short, it was a very good movie.

The first French slut up is Melissa Lauren, a decent looking girl with short blonde hair. She's wearing black lingerie and a dog collar (blah) and gives the camera a short striptease before she's on a loveseat with her guy. After some French kissing (get it?) he removes her panties and plops down between her legs to lick her snatch. He flips Melissa over onto her knees to eat her ass, accompanied with some spankings, delivered by both of them. When it's her turn to suck him off she does a terrific Euro choke-on-dick blowjob. The only problem with it is that he's not circumcised, which is kind of gross looking. To start the fucking she climbs onto a stool, still on her knees, and takes it from behind. And man, does he give it to her. He's pounding her so hard it looks like he's having a seizure. She moves back to the loveseat, still on her knees, for some more, and by now her ass is almost bright red from the smackings it's taking. After a few brief blowjobs Melissa mounts him and proceeds to ride him like a bucking bronco. She certainly doesn't hold much back in this scene. They bust out some rcg, then it's the same position but this time up her ass. She's able to take quite a bit of his big cock into her asshole too. After a few more positions of ass-fucking he unloads onto her face. What a terrific, half hour long scene.

Nomi is another good-looking blonde girl wearing a creepy neon pink fishnet shirt and stockings. I was hoping this scene was as good as the previous one, and from an unbiased person, it may have been. But Nomi takes on two guys, and of course follows the one dick in mouth, one in ass/pussy formula. I hate this formula, except in extreme moderation, and it bores the shit out of me. Oh, and there was some dp, which I find extremely homosexual. Next.

Ah, now here's the stuff I really like. Carla and Angele take on a guy, and they certainly don't hold back when it comes to interaction. I'm sick of watching girl-girl-guy scenes where the girls barely notice each other, or lick a tit once in awhile. These girls are very friendly, and everything they do shows it. They both give terrific blowjobs, sometimes at the same time, and have no fear of shoving their face in the other girls' ass to mow down on it. And when the fucking starts both girls participate in just about every activity you can imagine. This was just hands down an awesome scene to watch, with great energy and it was magnificently shot. You know, it's girls like these that make our wives pissed because we want them to do that. Of course we do. We want energetic, dirty fucking, not boring lovemaking. I guess Carla and Angele will have to do for now.

Axelle Mugler is another hot brunette, and she takes on two guys with the standard formula all performed on a couch. Next.

Finally we have Tiffany Hopkins, who is the cover girl, and also a drop dead gorgeous chick with black hair. She starts off wearing a fishnet body suit thing, which creeps me out, but she loses it quick enough. Her guy doesn't waste any time spreading her legs and pulling her panties to the side to lick her beautiful snatch. She returns the favor by pulling his cock out of his pants to blow him while simultaneously rubbing her clit. They spend plenty of time in the cowgirl position, then after sucking her juice off of him, she takes it on her knees. To finish the movie up Tiffany takes it up her sweet, sweet ass on her side and rcg. This was a good Euro movie, filled with plenty of hot people doing hot things, with a minimum of nastiness. Check it out.

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