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Title: Big Ass She-Male Road Trip 6  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: B


Big Ass She-Male Road Trip #6
133 Mins.
Evil Empire
DIRECTOR: Joey Silvera
THEMES: She-males, Brazilians, ass
STARS: Sheeba, Rafaela, Vanessa Rios, Gabriela, Joyce Lopes, Herica Lins, Shacora, Damien, Jones Max, Marcelo Catarina

Reviewed by: Mars


I'm creating quite a catalog of reviews of Joey Silvera's she-male films. What can I say? I like the trannies. The problem this creates is that I'm saying the same things over and over again. Silvera is extremely consistent in the quality of his flicks and the talent he chooses for them. Great looking she-males with sexy, sultry attitudes, enthusiastic filming and long scenes of decent action. Big Ass She-Male Road Trip #6 is no exception. It has five segments, all hot, a couple of them smoking, which will satisfy the boy-girl aficionado. The rest is just details.

To keep things clear, I'll use "hir" and "s/he" for the she-male pronouns.

First we detail Sheeba, a black TS from Atlanta. S/he's a hottie, with great tits, a nice body, and a good cock. As is his pattern Silvera takes some time filming hir strutting around in a sexy outfit before the action begins. Sheeba gets paired with a skinny cock jock who sucks her tool pretty well for a while. The sex is limited to doggy style, s/he taps his ass and then gets tapped in return. The angles are pretty good and Sheeba is easy to look at. It end with the boy taking a load in the face. Not a bad start.

The Brazilian Rafaela, with a slender body, small tits and pretty face is next on the line and we get some footage of hir dolling up for the scene. Freckled and petite s/he's matched with a ripped guy and they exchange some oral attention. There's a nice moment with him going down on hir rod as s/he wraps a leg around his head. Sweet. Rafaela exhibits the Brazilian tranny personality, s/he's no shrinking violet and fucks hir boy hard, with a few slaps for emphasis. I like that aggressive nature the Brazil-born she-males have, which doesn't stop them from enjoying their own ass attack. S/he takes his long cock well and even four fingers hir own ass in between positions. Good scene.

The first obligatory threesome follows with Vanessa and Gabriela, a pair of sweet, taut Brazilian trannies with working cocks and good asses. They spend some quality time showing off for the camera. It gets pretty hot as they stroke each other and kiss. Their designated cock-jock steps in and the blow job daisy chains begin. It's quality stuff, with the she-males taking turns at being the center of attention. Eventually this leads to sex and the combos are all sexy. It lasts a long time, with everyone getting a chance to stick it to each other. By the end of the scene they've been thoroughly "explored" and each one pops off. Excellent.

The penultimate scene is another ménage a trios with one of each gender. Joyce is the she-male. S/he's got a very pretty face and a nice ass. Herica is her blonde girl-toy, a sultry blonde. It's Joyce's first time with a real girl (according to the subtitles) but it doesn't seem to make much difference. Herica sucks Joyce's rod with skill and gets plugged at either end for a while. The two pricks swap places a couple times and the guy gets put in the middle as well. It's a good round of three way action and Joyce caps it off with a huge load.

Silvera made a good choice when he put Shacora's scene at the end to bat clean up. She's a chocolate skinned hottie from NY. Exotic face, toned body, fantastic ass, good dick and legs. S/he's a sweet package with a quiet aura of sexy. It comes out the most after s/he does her solo show off. When hir guy starts sucking Shacora gets sensuous with nice hip moves and quiet moans. It's a good build and keeps things hot. S/he's no slouch on the hummer and gives as good as s/he gets before fucking him doggy. It's a deep and strong poling with those hips of hirs moving well. Good stuff. S/he takes it mish as s/he jacks off. Shacora's pretty quiet, but s/he's all there and it makes it a hot segment.

Overall: As expected Joey Silvera gives us another volume of excellent she-male porn. It's not the best one ever, but it's a winner.
Extras are great, including extra footage from the main scenes and a whole new scene with a different tranny. Add to that a photo gallery, a cast list, filmographies, and URLs.



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