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Title: Unleashed  
Reviewer: Arnon  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


136 Mins.
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: Nacho Vidal
STARS: Sandy Saint, Cindy Lords, Brenda Lens, Lillyanna, Angelina Crow, Aline Bara, Nacho Vidal

Reviewed by: Arnon


This was a typical Nacho Vidal/Evil Angel movie. It was European of course, and it featured good looking people having dirty, fun looking sex. It wasn't really special in any way, but it was fun to watch.

The first hot Euro slut to take on Nacho is Cindy Lords, a gorgeous chick with black hair. She comes in wearing a pink mini-skirt, pink tank top, and fishnets. It starts off with some first person shots of Nacho feeling Cindy's tight ass, then her revealing her perfect, natural tits and playing with them for the camera. Soon she's not wearing underwear and is spreading her cheeks for the camera, before Nacho dives in to eat some ass. He literally buries his whole head in there too. When it's her turn to return the favor Nacho drops his pants and she gives him a terrific blow/hand job on the deck of his house. She doesn't take him in very deep, but the hand part looks terrific. They start fucking with her doggy style bent over the couch and quickly move to anal with her lying on her side. They pretty much stick to these positions for the rest of the scene until Nacho unloads onto her pretty face.

Brenda Lens is a really hot chick with a dark face, so I'm not sure if she's part black or Asian or something, but she's damn gorgeous. It starts with her putting her makeup on in a dressing room while Nacho films her. Of course, he can't keep his hands off her so he starts groping her until she drops to her knees to give him a sloppy cock sucking. She then moves into the living room where her guy is waiting for her. She quickly removes his shorts and sucks him off, then moves to a chair and gets onto her knees to take him from behind. Brenda looks so good from that angle it's depressing when they move next to the glass window and she bends over. Due to the crap lighting everything interesting is in shadows until they move. This time it's right up against a wall with both of them standing upright. That's pretty damn impressive. You have to have quite the long dick to pull that one off. She mounts him a couple different places and then he creams up her ass. Another good scene.

Sandy Saint and Lillyann meet outside an apartment complex and immediately start frenching each other for some reason. Not that I'm complaining, cause they're both fricking gorgeous. After a bit of through the clothes groping the girls head up an enclosed staircase, still outside mind you, and drop their pants for the camera. Nacho comes up behind them and takes turns fucking them on the stairs. This looks quite ridiculous considering he's wearing tighty whities and has them halfway down his ass the whole time. Then they get into the apartment, and Sandy goes to take a piss. Nacho goes in to invade her privacy and when she's done has her strip, licks her kooch, then she goes down on him. He fucks her a couple different ways in the bathroom before going back to the bedroom and joining Lillyann on the bed. From there on he switches back and forth from girl to girl, occasionally fucking their pussies and asses, sometimes getting his cock sucked. The only thing not great about this scene is there's very little interaction between the beauties, except for some rubbing from time to time. Other than that this was a really hot scene.

Next is Angelina Crow, a pretty, though not gorgeous, brunette. She takes on a rather goofy looking guy, though he has a good body. These two are outside in a garden gazebo, and they start off with her stripping and him liberally applying spit to her pussy and asshole. For you foot people out there he spends some time sucking on her toes then penetrates her nicely shaved pussy with his nasty looking uncircumcised cock with her spread eagle on a table. She sucks his cock with her head lying off the side of the table and he leans over her to rub her cunt. He then picks her up for a very impressive standing 69. He fucks her bending over the table, then cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. He eventually comes onto her face. This was a really hot scene which would've been even hotter if the guy had been circumcised and not quite so goofy looking.

Last up is Aline Bara, yet another gorgeous chick with dark hair. Her scene starts off with some more first person shots of Nacho feeling her up and licking her pussy and ass from behind. Before you know it she's naked and kneeling on the bed so Nacho can penetrate her from behind. For some laughs listen closely and you'll notice she's queefing every 30 seconds or so. She's so hot I'm going to let it slide this time, although it's not very attractive. They move to rcg with her squatting over his dick, then he fucks her on her side. They finish up the scene with a lackluster blowjob. It's not the energy, it's the quality. She just can't take much into her mouth. Real quick they do it doggy style and her mounting him, and then he unloads onto her ass, and that's the end to another chapter of Nacho's life. That lucky bastard. This was a good, solid Nacho flick with lots of gonzo sex and attractive people like you've come to expect. Check it out if you like his work.

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