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Title: Zorho Meets the Mob  
Reviewer: Levon  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: C-
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Zorho Meets the Mob
113 Minutes
DIRECTOR: Wit Maverick
STARS: Roxanne Hall, Chloe, Alexis Malone, Lauren Phoenix, Joelean, Sah, and Serena South
Reviewed by: Levon (mreviewer@hotmail.com)

This DVD jumps right in with Roxanne Hall and some parolee. He props her up and starts lapping her pussy. Now I haven't seen Roxanne in quite awhile and she looks great. She is sporting a new set of bolt-ons, but the body is still tight considering the mileage. Roxanne's oral skills show some excellent eye contact, good no hands work, a bit of drool, good energy, and a twinge on the nasty side. They begin the fucking with mish, anal doggie, and a good but short RCG. The scene ends with a cut to the guy jerking off and cumming on her tits. She gives one or two post cum sucks.

Now the 'plot' begins with our couple getting dressed and they hear some strange noises. As they run down the stairs a man in black appears and slashes the parolee on the chest with an 'X'. Cut back to the present and this is actually a story one guy is recounting to others as the legend of Zorho, a killer that hunts down hookers and kills the Johns.

With that out of the way, the next setup is a bachelor party with strippers that breaks down into three groups. Now I was afraid of some cutting back and forth from couple to couple, but thankfully our director shows each scene in its entirety.

The first grouping is a 2 girl 1 guy scene with Joelean and another blonde. There is no identification, but both blondes are natural have good bodies. For identification one has very long hair and the other does not. The girls' oral work is average with the long haired showing lots of hand work and gets about half down her throat at best. They double team him for a bit with the shorter haired girl showing good energy and depth with nice tongue work from both girls. They start fucking with the short haired girl mish and the other girl sitting on her face. The girls move to a 69 with the long haired girl on top getting fucked doggie and then the short haired girl in a good looking RCG. The scene ends with the girls facing each other as the guy jerks off a load on their tits. This scene has good energy and if you like sweat this is your scene.

Cut back to the other guys and we have Sah, a black girl with very large fake tits, taking on 2 guys. She starts with a double blowjob and shows somewhat weak oral skills. Sah keeps very shallow and not too much variation or energy. She gets eaten out for a bit and then gets fucked mish, doggie, anal doggie, and a RCG DP. The scene ends with each guy jerking off and cumming on her face and open mouth. She gives some post cum head to each guy.

Our killer wanders in and kills each guy and the hookers run.

[Condom used] Alexis Malone is an average blonde with small natural tits and tight body. She is in a police set getting a mug shot taken and the officer decides to get into the action. Alexis' oral is average at best as she stays on the shallow side, shows little variation, but does give some deepthroat attempts. She hops on for a long RCG, mish, and doggie. The scene ends with the guy pulling out and jerking off on her ass.

Enter our man in black who kills our officer and seems to know our hooker, who I guess is offended that she is being considered a hooker, calls in her dad and mob hit squad. Now we set Zorho hiking around in the forest?! I didn't picture him as the outdoors type. Anyhow, he stumbles on a naked Roxanne Hall and Chloe.

This lesbian scene is mostly FF fodder, but Chloe does some nice nipple play and Roxanne gets 8 fingers inside of Chloe as she goes into her cumming convulsions.

Our killer wanders around the woods some more and finds a house and decides to trespass where Zorho meets his untimely death as he is gunned down while trying to kill another John.

The last scene has Serena South, a cute brunette with a small natural rack. Serena starts off with a decent blowjob, but only works the top 1/3 of the guy, then gets eaten out. She gets fucked mish and then RCG. The scene ends with the guy jerking off and cumming on her tits. This is weak scene with not much heat or energy.

But wait our killer lives and runs out of the house to safety and some closing comments from Chloe.

Overall this is a below average DVD at best. Roxanne looks good and the second scene has some heat, but the rest is lukewarm. One nice feature is the wall to wall option, which cuts out the entire plot and leaves just the sex. Unless you're a die hard Roxanne Hall fan and must have all of her titles, please skip this one.


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