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Title: Let Me Taste It  
Reviewer: Porn Review Guy  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


Let Me Taste It

Let Me Taste It
130 Mins
DIRECTOR: Steve Drake
THEMES: Anal Sex, Swallowing
STARS: Serena South, Amber Rain, Naughtia Nice, Elizabeth, Sophia, Sierra Sage


Naughtia Nice opens up "Let Me Taste It" with a totally descent scene. She's a cute brunette with a petite body and a big nose who is first seen in some red lingerie making out with her new male friend. The outfit quickly comes off and the dude goes right to work on her holes with his mouth and fingers. This goes on for a couple minutes before he feeds her his cock for a mostly no hands blowjob. After a couple of minutes of skull fucking, the two decide it's time for some fucking. Things start off in the doggy position where Naughtia looks great bent over getting her pussy and eventually ass slammed. She takes it up the bum doggy, RCG, and CGF before she swallows some cum. Overall, Miss Nice seemed to actually enjoy getting her ass stretched which made the scene more enjoyable. She's definitely got some spunk in her and will probably become an anal queen in the near future. A good opener.
Elizabeth, a European babe with a big forehead, fills the second slot with a pony tailed gentlemen. As with all the couples, the two get it on outside on a lawn chair. After the oral is said and done, they get things moving by starting off in the RCG and CG positions. Elizabeth makes sure she slams down on the engorged dick as hard as she can, all while fingering her asshole. Lucky for us, her fingers aren't the only thing that enters her anal cavity. She received it up the behind in two positions before the guy busts a nut in her open mouth.

The highlight of the DVD is up next when the beautiful Serena South makes her appearance. If you've ever seen this brunette in action you know what a hell of a performer she is and that she has an AMAZING ass. And man, does she know how use it! This babe might not do anal just yet but she sure makes up for it with her oral skills and the way she works those hips. Anyway, she gets her pussy worked in the RCG, CG, and doggy positions before stroking the guy off and receiving several streams of cum onto her tongue. Best shag on the DVD. Fans will not be disappointed!

Things continue with a pretty dirty blondish chick who goes by the name of Sierra Sage. She's paired up with a black dude that takes care of her just fine. The medium breasted babe handles his large dong with ease but decides to leave the butt loving for another time. We'll forgive her though because her pussy is probably just as tight! A shag that is worth a view.
The next girl we have seen in a number of porno flicks. Her name is Sophia and she's a short haired blonde with perfect natural titties. This little whore loves to have a cock up her ass and her partner as has no problem giving her what she wants. Sophia gets slammed in a number of positions regular and anally. It's a good session but since it was shot outside we have to deal with little bugs flying around her love hole throughout the scene. Other than that, it's all good.

The last scene features a chick that I've never really been a fan of but seems to be pretty popular among fellow smut fans. Amber Rain closes out the movie with a very straightforward shag that includes no anal stimulation of any kind. I do admit, the blonde looks damn fine here and definitely fucks her man right, so I'm sure that fans of this babe should be more than happy with what they get. Amber gets porked RCG, doggy and CG style.

Overall, a descent movie featuring some fine honeys swallowing their man's load. It does get a little tiresome after a while since every scene is basically the same only with a different chick but it's not too bad. There's no teasing or anything going on before the action which was disappointing. One good thing about this DVD is the extras. We get a solo scene from each girl, behind the scenes segment, photo gallery, cum recap and trailers. Pick it up for Serena South and Sophia. They are total babes!



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