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Title: Lessons in Lust 4  
Reviewer: Arnon  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C-
A/V Quality: A


Lessons In Lust #4
MOVIE TYPE: Feature, All Sex, Gonzo, Compilation
108 Mins.
New Sensations
DIRECTOR: Tyrone Shuz
THEMES: College Girls, Interracial Sex, All Girl, Rough, Domination, DP, Anal,

STARS: Brianna Blaze, Katie Kaliana, Francesca Sin, Dana Vespoli, Lilly Thai

Reviewed by: Arnon


This was a terrific example of what everyday porn should be. What's everyday porn you ask? That's porn where you don't have any gagging, or spitting, or collars, or stuff that's going to scare your average viewer away. Everyday porn should have plenty of good sex, with close-ups and attractive people, but nothing too out of the ordinary. This movie has just that. It was shot beautifully, with good camera angles and plenty of lighting. I hate dark movies where you have to watch them in a cave to be able to see the action. It's also filled with attractive people doing fun looking things. If you're a person looking to get your significant other into porn this would be a good start.

The flick starts off with the gorgeous Dana Vespoli, who's very exotic looking and quite fuckable. She's lying on a bed in a t-shirt and panties, touching herself, when her guy comes in to start the fun. He kinda looks like Shaggy from Scooby Doo, but he has a decent body and it doesn't show his face much anyway. After stripping her down she gets up on her knees and he squats behind her, licking her snatch and ass from top to bottom. After rolling her onto her back he doesn't waste any time plunging his cock into her and stroking himself in and out. This scene wisely keeps the background music in check and instead focuses on Dana's very sexy moaning and grunts. After being fucked for a time she kneels in front of him and attempts to suck her juice off of him. It's hard for her cause the guy's frickin' huge, but she does a good job nonetheless. Then it's time for some cowgirl and rcg, before moving on to doggy style and her bending over across the bed. This scene has some awesome close-ups of the action, and due to the good lighting you can always see the good stuff no matter what, unlike some other movies (cough JJ's movies cough). To wrap up he plows into her while she's sitting on a chair, and then creams all over her beautifully dark-skinned face. A fantastic scene to start the movie off with.

Unfortunately the movie couldn't hold its momentum. Destiny St. Claire and Lilly Thai go at it together, but the scene lacks any real heat or interest for me. I love lesbian scenes, but that's only when they're going down on each other. For some reason fingering and toys do nothing for me. The girls do kiss for a bit at the beginning, and there's some brief oral fun to start with, but that soon disappears. After the first couple of minutes the next 20 or so are spent with dildos and fingers. On the plus side Lilly is able to squirt a couple times during the scene while playing with a dildo, so if that gets you off then there you go.

This next scene makes up the boring aspects of the last one. Katie Kaliana is a pretty hot brunette just taking on one guy in a living room, but it's her enthusiasm that really brightens the day. She starts off giving her guy a blowjob, but it's a Belladonna brand bj, with tons of energy and you know she's loving every single second that cock's in her mouth. They fuck doggy style, accompanied with some spanks on the ass, and then move to a bar stool with her leaning back with her legs in the air. In between each of these scenes Katie sucks that cock again, making me more jealous every time. Then they're back to the barstool, this time with the dick in her ass and her moaning in ecstasy. Did I mention that while he's pounding her rear he has half his hand up her cunt? They finish up with some more anal, this time on her knees, and then a healthy shot of protein to the face.

When you finally get to the DVD cover girl Brianna Blaze you're not disappointed. She starts off taking a bath/shower and playing with herself before getting out and drying off. Brianna kind of looks like Julia Stiles, but perhaps a bit pudgier. Still, she's freaking hot. It doesn't take 10 seconds before she's spread eagle on a table and some guy who looks like Eminem is fingering her and making her lick her own juice off his fingers. Brianna gives him a tremendous blowjob, especially considering the guy has to be 10" long, but she manages to take in more than half of him. They don't waste much time before she mounts him, riding him like a wet donkey, and then they go to missionary, with her having no problems slipping his giant dick all the way inside of her. They bust out some rcg and some doggy style before he unloads his juice onto her pretty face. Another terrific scene.

For the final part Francesca Sin, a decently hot actress, takes on two guys, again with giant dicks. I don't know where they're finding these guys, but they're making me feel self-conscious. This is a standard two on one scene that I hate, so you already know what happens. Dick in mouth, dick in pussy. Repeat. Still, Francesca was fun to look at and did an admirable job, so it rounded this movie out nicely. This was a great movie for some solo fun or for couples who aren't into the really hard stuff. Make sure to check it out.




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