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Title: Terrible Teens  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Terrible Teens
118 Mins.
THEMES: 18-19 year old girls, sex
STARS: Dani, Nautica Binz, Shawnie, Katrina, Little Bit, Dave Hardman, Lee
Stone, Ben Bratt, Mark Davis

Reviewed by: Mars


After watching and reviewing a ton of porn it's amazing what I bitch about. Here's an endless parade of good looking people having sex on my tv screen and I'm complaining about camera work. I was thinking this while watching Terrible Teens. In the video Pat Myne has a collection of beautiful women putting on a great sex show, but his uninspired use of a video camera annoyed me. Perhaps it's a small complaint but I keep thinking what it could have been with more interesting views. As it stands it isn't bad, just some potential was left unfulfilled.

The scenes follow a pattern, some solo time with the girl, a bit of talk as she strips and generally shows off to the camera. Then a cock shows up and the action begins. So it is with Nautica, a black woman with a fine, fine ass. She's a beauty and Myne spends some time talking and teasing with her. She also sucks cock very well. Great moans and she rubs her clit while getting face fucked. These views ain't bad at all. It moves on to the fucking with some doggy style and mish, which is when the camera gets a bit too close and stays static. They shift to anal screwing and silly dialogue ("Fuck my 18 year old ass," moaned three times in a row. Spontaneous? I think not). Throughout the ass pounding the camera stays pretty still, one view per position. Feh. Nice looking woman, though.
The next up is Katrina, a Russian babe who has a nice slender body. She says she enjoys the thought of people watching her have sex on tape and I believe it. Which makes her more alluring. After the wind up, Lee Stone comes by for a blow job. Katrina isn't the best hummer artist but it soon gets to some missionary fucking that's worth seeing. Stone lifts her up for some mid-air antics, once when she's in reverse cowgirl, which makes her look like the prow of a ship. They work well together and the angles are pretty good. Especially hot is the standing action with Katrina bent over and one leg lifted up high. A decent scene

Shawnie is a good looking girl with a great body. She's solid and has fantastic, large natural tits. They are among the best I've seen in a long time. She also gives a pretty good blow job with a lot of head bobbing and tongue work. The action is all right, with her being pounded or bouncing along on her cock-jock's tool, but the camera is a foe in the scene. We don't get good enough views to really glory in her form. Too bad, I'll look for her in other flicks.

The most energetic and sexy girl on the disc is Dani. She's tawny and has great hips and legs. Her cheery attitude goes a long way to making her interesting and it's backed up by her obvious talent at knob gobbling. Deep and smooth, she swallows that rod very well. He eats her twat a bit and Dani is into it. In fact, she's into all of it and lets us know with some nice moans and grinding hips. The cowgirl is practically fierce she's moving so hard up and down on his prick. It's a treat to see her in action and she really raises the heat.

To finish things off we get Little Bit, a petite blonde with tiny tits, pigtails and a pink leash around her neck. She's a bubbly, nasty girl and the show and tell lasts a while and involves a couple of butt plugs. Eventually the cock jock shows up for a bit of blow job, a bit of nipple slapping and some butt-plug ATM. That's a good wind up and sets the stage for some nice pile driver fucking. Little Bit proves to be a very limber girl, too, practically folding in half with her knees by her ears as the guy pounds her pussy and ass for quite some time. They have some ATM blow job stops as the action continues and she even tosses his salad before taking the load on her face. It's a nasty good time.

Overall: As mentioned, this video will satisfy most of your porn needs. Pretty girls, good action, some nasty times. The problem is it could've been better with just a modicum of camera work. Instead, Myne stayed static through most of it, giving us one view of a position with perhaps a little zooming in and out.

Extras include a chapter search, photo gallery, ads, four previews and a cum shot recap.



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