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Title: Nasty Red: Plump & Plugged  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: C+
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: D-
A/V Quality: C+


Nasty Red: Plump & Plugged
110 Mins.
Sensational Video
DIRECTOR: Unlisted
THEMES: Plump woman, nipple rings, interracial action
STARS: Unlisted
Reviewed by: Mars

While opinion plays a huge part in reviewing (don't let anyone tell you differently) there are some points where a video will be worthy of a decent grade despite the reviewer's personal taste. Such is the case with Nasty Red. I'm not a plumper fan, for one, and two I'm not the biggest amateur fan. However, I can recognize that Nasty Red has good qualities that will interest those of you who are fans of big women and bad camera work. Namely the woman in question (who remains unnamed) is fully engaged in what's going on. There's no denying that she's getting off, and that is a huge plus in any porn.

The redheaded lady who stars in the vid is large. Not hugely obese, but she can safely be called fat. She's not the prettiest girl, she's not particularly graceful. She is into the fucking. The woman makes some of the most intense sex noises I've heard in a while. No fakey screaming or repetitious "oooh, aaah, oooh, aaah." No, red gets down deep and grunts and moans and yells as she gets pounded. It isn't genteel, but it's real and keeps the heat going.

The flick opens with her on a weight bench (ironic, yes?) riding a big butt plug. The camera is pretty focused on that waist area. There's a brief moment where it looks like he might film her front, but he chickens out and runs back to zoom in on her ample ass. So, we don't really get "introduced" to her until the next scene. Even then it takes awhile since the second segment starts with her on her knees, ass to the camera, as she gets fingered and cornholed by her cock jock. Those guttural moans ring out as the pounding goes on.

When she turns and does a bit of ATM we finally see her. And we find out that she's no slouch with the hummer. The girl has skills. The single, static camera is still a problem. The framing isn't the best. It cuts away to her on her back with a fucking HUGE double dildo that she can't get into her pussy. She can fit it in but her arms aren't long enough to get the thing angled right. Weird. Red continues her activities with some blow job work. This time she finishes him off and licks it up.

So there are obviously a few sessions on this disc and it swaps to another one with red getting slammed doggy style. There's a cameraman this time and it helps the view. She's nicely vocal, demanding it harder as she gets fucked. It swaps to mish anal (with a bit of santorum leaking out which is just not cool) with her big stockinged legs spread wide, which doesn't suck at all. The guys switch and she takes it from behind for the rest of the scene.

And then we return to the enormous double dildo and she does a better job with it. The guy begins to finger her large twat and works up to using the whole fist. It sneaks up on you, but trust me, it's all in there. Which gets her to the screaming orgasm stage. Not bad. To wrap it up she does a bit of solo play alone with the camera, no one else in the room. It's interesting since she gets some serious face time and gets herself off. And since she's alone the voyeur quotient is high.

Overall: OK, like I said above this flick combines a couple things I don't like, but the featured woman did such a good job for the camera that I have to take my hat off to her. Like the plump amateurs? This vid will float your boat.

Extras are lousy. Chapter search, a trailer at the end of the film, and company info. Almost not worth calling them extras.



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