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Title: One on One 3  
Reviewer: Loomis  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


One on One #3
100 Mins.
Red Light District
DIRECTOR: David Luger
THEMES: Latin girls, some anal
STARS: Lorena, Shyva, Cristina, Fernanda, Jessica, Evelyn, Mr. Pete, Mr. Marcus, Joel Lawrence

Reviewed by: Loomis


All of David Luger's stuff has a pretty familiar feel, regardless of the particular theme for that film. Whether it's an anal or Latin or DP, all of Mr. Luger's stuff seems pretty fun, like he enjoys his job. Of course that may have more to do with the fact that most of his movies have him getting blowjobs from the finest talent in the shoot in the Extras Menu, but that's not for me to judge. This movie features six really hot Latin girls having sex.

The first scene stars Evelyn and Joel Lawrence. Evelyn has a great natural rack and nips that look like they could cut glass. She's extremely bronzed, and is more than likely Brazilian. She has a slight overbite. Joel goes down on her and lovingly probes her slit with fingers and tongue for a few minutes while she plays with her gorgeous boobs. When it's her turn to deliver some oral lovin' she takes it deep into her mouth and really puts on a good show. Her nice slow and deep technique makes it apparent that she's done this a few times before (and probably to rave reviews from the receiving end). Ev gets up on Joel to take a nice cowgirl ride before switching to RC and really throwing all of her weight down on his long pole. Evelyn seems genuinely excited, rubbing her clit with abandon. After a brief doggy and mish, Joel paints her face and she is careful to suck out the last few drops in an effort to not waste any of his precious cream.

The second scene stars Lorena and Joel Lawrence again. (I think it would have been best to break up his scenes, but what do I know?) Lorena is the real focus here, anyway. She is an absolutely lovely Brazilian girl with rather small boobs and just a beautiful face (she's also got this little gap between her front teeth that really makes her even sexier, somehow). She rubs her pussy through her bikini for a little bit before getting on her knees to take Joel into her hot little mouth. Joel lies back on the couch to let her continue the magic. She really gets her head moving in double time before lying down and letting Joel piston her pussy in missionary. When the action moves to doggy, she thrusts her hips back at him really hard in an effort to get all of it inside of her lovely box. This is followed by a quick cut and we find Joel inserting himself into the sweet asshole of this gorgeous chick. He gets going nice and deep at a slow pace for a time before really picking up the action and eventually getting pretty close to full insertion (this really makes her scream out). The anal action moves to doggy and she still appears to be enjoying the reaming. Another quick cut and she is taking it again in doggy, this time back in her pussy. Joel shoots a big load into her mouth and across her closed eye. She jerks out the last couple of drops, and that's it for scene two.

The third scene has the unbelievably cute Jessica getting suntan lotion rubbed on her body by Mr. Pete. (Jessica is another Brazilian with small boobies and a pretty face; good god-I'm getting sick of hearing myself say that). She also has an ample ass and long curly hair. He spreads the lotion on her ass and tits before fucking her in missionary through the barn door on his pants. Pete must have a big day ahead, considering that he didn't have time to take the old Dockers off. Nothing quite like a little pussy/zipper simultaneous action, hey, fellas? All of a sudden, Pete has his pants off (good move, my man) and is still banging her lusty slit in mish. Jessica gets up to ride hard in both RC and CG, and she really brings a lot of heat, focusing her attention on the camera and licking her lips in a very sensuous manner. After a bit of doggy, she gets right down on the floor and suck Pete clean of her juices. She licks the area behind his sack (the 'perineum' for those that didn't know) as he jacks off. She moves back to take a big load across her face and into her mouth. She does a little final sucking to make sure that he can put his pants back on with a dry dong and the scene ends.

The fourth scene stars another Brazilian girl with small boobs and a pretty face (Fine, shoot me now. Look, I didn't pick the cast, so get off of it, you jerks. I'm joking, but I still didn't pick the cast). Pete toys with her pussy and ass with his fingers before the blow job action begins. This lasts less than a minute, which is a shame, seeing as she looks just great with a cock in her mouth. She gets on top of Pete and takes a nice hard RC ride (complete with lots of slapping sounds) and her body looks perfect from this angle. I think that there's a lot of fake moaning in this scene, though, and that sort of kills it for me. Shyva (the young lady's name) just seems to be too cognizant of the camera and just generally not into it. After a bit, they move to side spoon fucking, and she still looks like she'd rather be doing her taxes. When the anal cowgirl happens, she actually seems to get into it to some weak extent. While the moans don't change in cadence, the do have a different sound to them. After a quick poke in mish, Petey-boy blows his sizeable load on the side of her face and this is mercifully finished. I'm not saying Shyva will never win any awards, but they'll have to come up with one for "Smallest Tongue in Porn" sometime prior to that happening. Her tongue is really tiny. Great.

The next-to-last scene has an ugly troll that lives under a bridge that goes by the name of. ...alright, that's a damn lie. The next-to-last scene has a Brazilian bombshell by the name of Fernanda getting done by Mr. Marcus. Fernanda looks a lot like the other girls. Marcus does a wee bit of pussy play before she drops to her knees and attempts to deep throat his thick pole. This is met with limited success, although her no-hands technique is really nice to view. Again, the first position is RC, and she really gets loud during this. Some really enthusiastic spoon follows this up, and this girl really looks fantastic regardless of whatever position that she is in. She's a bit hairier than the rest of the bunch so far, and that is a bit problematic when it comes to the lighting for this scene. She does some CG leaning way forward with her hands on the couch to the side of the dude and still remains enthusiastic. Marcus works up a big load for her mouth and she is not shy about taking his meat back into her mouth for clean-up duty. Good girl.

The final scene has Cristina (the girl that blows Luger in the Bonus Footage portion of the DVD). She is a peroxided Brazilian that looks a lot like Bella Donna when she went that way (gap-toothed smile and all). She diddles herself for a time before Joel Lawrence comes back and gives her an outlet for her woodworking skills. Cristina easily gives the best head of the movie, taking it deep (no-hands) and establishing a great rhythm when she does get her hands involved. Her eye contact is also top-notch. Joel mows her taco with his tongue and fingers before giving her his cock in mish. Joel then gets behind her in doggy and gives this slut a nice pounding in doggy. There is a cut and he is inserting himself slowly into her ass. The moans are kept to a minimum until he establishes a good rhythmic pounding of her ass and then she really starts to let loose with the "Aiy, chulo" -types of comments. She rides him with her ass in CGA in a very nice-looking and hard-pounding way before she gets it back in the pussy (there is a cut between this, which is fine, as I really dislike straight P2A/A2P stuff) in missionary before she takes the best open-mouthed facial of the movie. She does great post-pop cleanup, and that's the end of the film.
If you like hot Latinas doing nasty stuff, make sure that you pick this up. Even the one scene that is pretty below average doesn't do much to denigrate the quality of the rest of the footage here.

FEMALE LOOKS: B (just because of sameness)
PICTURE QUALITY: A (really clear)
EXTRAS: Bonus blowjob for the director, some other crap inc trailers, behind the scenes and other assorted stuff nobody's particularly interested in)... Why include stills when I just watched all of the action in real time?


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