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Title: Muscle Penetentiary (Gay)  
Reviewer: Danny Boy  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: n/a


Muscle Penitentiary
108 Mins
Big Blue
DIRECTOR: Blue Blake
THEMES: Prison Sex
STARS: Jim Slade, Jake Gianelli, Carlo Cox, Chad Hunt, Ben Campezzi, Jason Hawke, Tony Valentino


How can you not love a movie that starts with a tight little theme song played over images of hard guys fucking each other behind bars? The men and boys in this pen are hard, hung and ready for action. Each scene has condoms and there is a fair amount of uniformed sex between the guards and inmates. If only every prison were like this one we would all be lining up to commit felonies or become corrections officers.

Scene 1: Jim Slade & Jake Gianelli

Hard guard Jake takes advantage of his position and orders Jim to stop polishing the brass and start polishing his knob. He is ready to get rough, but doesn't have to because Jim knows how to properly respect his authority and worship his cock. They kiss and sword-fight before Jake makes Jim lick his muscular ass. He does a very thorough job of inspecting the correction officer's colon while tossing his salad. Jim lies with his feet in the air waiting to be taken as the guard gives him a cursory blowjob. His tender ass swallows meat while he begs to be fucked like a bitch. They finish up over the desk with Kim cumming all over the freshly waxed table-top. Jade soothes his stretched asshole by popping between his cheeks.

Scene 2: Ben Campezzi & Jason Hawke

Ben and Jason both pretty-boy brunettes who share shower time. Jason rubs his dick through his jeans as he watches Jason soap up his smooth flesh. They exchange adequate blowjobs and kiss once before the ass eating begins. Ben is delicious looking from any angle, but especially on his knees with his asshole open for business. It is nice to see that the boys behind bars are so careful to practice safe sex. Ben is a perfect bottom with an even more perfect backside. He explodes all over her abs and keeps stroking while Jason creams all over his cock.

Scene 3: Carlo Cox, Chad Hunt & Jim Slade

When the guards in this facility find a good bottom like Jim they take full advantage. Chad is sporting a serious fun stick that dwarves Carlo's tool. The boys get rough with Jim, but Chad is kind enough to lick Jim's ass while he forces his head between Carlo's cheeks. They take turns on Jim's backside with Chad ripping into him with everything he's got. This might be punishment for some prisoners, but Jim gets off on it. Somehow the cops manage to wedge both of their cocks into ass at the same time. If he was a straight boy coming into prison, Jim is going to leave as a full-fledged ass slut. Carlo cums on Jim's cock, Chad feeds him jizz and then Jim shoots all over his own stomach.

Scene 4: Ben Campazzi & Tony Valentino.

Bad boy Ben is in solitary confinement with only his dreams and his left hand to keep him happy. Tony Valentino comes by on rounds and finds the beautiful boy with his cock out and his finger teasing his asshole. He sticks his cock through the bars for a blowjob and is pleased with what Ben can do. Keeping control in the cell with his nightstick, Tony tops Ben, shoving his head against the wall while he fucks that tight ass. Ben becomes a sperm target as Tony rains hot cum down on him just seconds before his own gun goes off in his hand.   


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