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Title: Hustler: Call Girls Undercover  
Reviewer: Arnon  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Hustler Call Girls Undercover
87 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Karl Morino
THEMES: Prostitution
STARS: KoKo, Cytherea, Ashley More, Ann Harlow, Jennifer Vale, Ava Divine, Vicci Valencorte
Reviewed by: Arnon


When I first got the box for this DVD I was really interested. At the time I thought it might be a real thing. Of course, it's not. But imagine what a fascinating movie that would actually make. An hour and a half video of stuff just like the Paris Hilton movie. Anyway, Hustler's usually good about making good movies and this is no exception. It was shot really well with interesting angles, and you never get bored watching it. The call girl theme is interesting, but it doesn't try too hard to make you think you're actually watching a documentary. Actually, it does. It has secret camera like setups in some shots, with voiceovers from the girls narrating the action. Then you'll see them enter a hotel room for the first time, and there's already a camera in there watching them come in. I mean, come on guys. If you're going to even attempt to make it slightly real you might as well go that extra step. But my petty bitching aside, this was a really good movie to watch.

The first girl is Cytherea who's just absolutely gorgeous. Small, petite, fucking hot. The whole package. She goes through some hidden camera thing where she's walking up and down the street, supposedly looking for a john. One guy comes up to her and before you know it she's heading to his hotel room for some action. When she gets there it turns out there's 3 guys there, two white guys and a black guy. One of the guys ends up leaving, but that still leaves the two, which is a combination I hate. The scene turns out to be the standard dick in her pussy, dick in her face combo. However, this scene is shot very well, with some interesting camera angles and plenty of movement. Plus this girl is just so damn gorgeous that whether she's sucking a cock or taking up the cunt it's really fun to watch. I can't wait to see her in more movies.

The next chick is Ann Harlow, who's scenario starts off with her sleeping naked at her apartment. She wakes up late for an appointment so it shows her rushing around, still naked, trying to get ready. She's good looking but not great looking due to her extreme skinniness. You can see her ribs anytime she stretches. It's disturbing. She goes to some office building type setting where a guy in a business suit starts getting rough with her before paying. She acts like she's going to leave and then the money shows up and the clothes come off. The guy ends up with no pants sitting on a desk while she sucks his rod. A pretty mediocre blowjob, but not half bad. When it's her turn the guy spends plenty of time licking her pink snatch while she's spreading her legs on the desk. She has quite the bored look on her face, although she does moan for his pleasure. They start fucking with her on her back still using the desk, then he crouches behind her while she kneels on the floor. They eventually move in front of giant windows, which add some good light with the setting sun. They finish up missionary and he unloads onto her face.

Next up is Koko, a black girl who's ok looking, but not great. It shows her on her way to a Barnes and Noble, where she changes clothes in the bathroom, before heading to a hotel to meet her guy. Or, as it turns out, guys. Neither are very attractive. One resembles a slightly younger version of Rudy from Survivor. He also has a big nasty scar right across his stomach. Plus he makes really irritating comments the whole time. Well, 2 guys 1 girl. I hate scenes like this and you already know what happens so on we go.

Now we have a skuzzy looking girl named Vicci Valencorte who actually might have been a hooker at one time. She's not awful, but she has that scrappy look that a lot of, how do I put this, less-educated women have. She smokes of course, and has a bitchy attitude. Obviously that has no play in the long run though. She's getting it on with a couple in a hotel. The couple includes a pretty hot blonde with an ugly haircut named Ashley More, and a guy who looks like Lou Feregno back in the day. The sex starts off with the Ashley stripping the hooker and sucking on her small titties. Before you know it Vicci has her legs above her head and the wife is doing an admirable job sucking and fingering her cunt. Meanwhile the husband strips out of his speedos and sticks his cock in the Vicci's face, receiving a pleasant looking hummer. Ashley flips to her back so her husband can kneel between her legs and fuck her, and Vicci straddles her face, rubbing her pussy lips back and forth while squeezing her nipples. Vicci ends up getting fucked from behind while the wife leans over both of them and gives occasional licks and erotic comments. I really dug her in this. She was quite energetic. The girls take turns getting rcg rides on the husband, and to my excitement when the Vicci was riding Ashley was fingering herself and licking both of the other people. Now that's a girl I'd like to hang out with sometime. The scene wraps up with the Vicci taking a shot in the mouth, and then having the wife suck it out and spit it back at her. Wow, what a great scene!

Last up is Jennifer Vale, a girl who vaguely resembles Jennifer Garner, which is quite the good thing. She's picked up by a guy, and when she gets there to her surprise it's not just him, but his fuckbuddy Ava Divine, a decent looking girl with huge tits (I'm talking DDD's or something). Ava wastes no time taking of Jennifer's pants so she can bend her over the couch. She then proceeds to take turns sucking the guy's cock and licking some asshole and pussy. The whole time this is happening Ava's talking dirty talk the whole time, which is quite fun to listen to. The oral sex rotates between the 3 of them for a bit, and then Jennifer takes it from behind while simultaneously eating out Ava. Then it's Ava's turn for some rcg while Jen kneels in front of her and licks both of them. Finally Jennifer takes a load in the face and Ava licks it off.

All in all a very good movie. It was shot well, the actors had plenty of intensity, and most were good looking. If the guys would've been better looking and the features a little better this would've been a terrific movie. Still worth a peek though.

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