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Title: Rogue Adventures 22  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


Rogue Adventures #22
136 Mins.
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: Joey Silvera
THEMES: Brazilian she-males, blow jobs, guys getting done

STARS: Yasmin Rios, Fernanda G., Juliana Pires, Sabrina DePaula, Bianca Biaggi, Victoria Ribeiro, Kaylane Lyra, Jugo,

Reviewed by: Mars


Joey Silvera broke ground in the she-male genre by "discovering" the trannies in Brazil. Others have followed. To stay ahead of the curve it seems he's stepped it up by finding the most enthusiastic she-males in Brazil. Rogue Adventures #22 is packed with enthusiastic performances from some lovely boy-girls. All but one of them have pretty faces, all of them have a good time, and their taut bodies won't frighten anyone. Whether you're curious about she-males or obsessed the disc will not disappoint.

To keep things clear, I'll use "hir" and "s/he" for the she-male pronouns.

As if to prove the point immediately we are given a long, raucous scene to start off. The transsexual in question is Victoria. S/he's got a great ass and a nice rod. While not the best looker of the bunch, s/he's got a enthusiasm to make up for any shortcomings. It's apparent as s/he's talking to Joey while stroking hirself on a counter. Victoria is getting hirself worked up to a fever even before hir boy shows up. He does a good job blowing hir prick as s/he controls the action. After a while they move into a bedroom to find real girl Bianca (nice rack, tawny, sexy girl). The three of them have a good chemistry and the action reflects that. Bianca can swallow cock and proves it several times. The session ends up lasting over a half an hour of film time and covers most every combination you can imagine. Victoria fucks everyone and they all stay involved as the positions switch. The boy isn't pushy, either, which helps. He goes every which way, pitching and catching as circumstances dictate. At the end you'll have a pretty good catalog of what a boy, girl, and boy-girl can do together.

Sabrina, dressed in a porn movie cop outfit, shows off hir hard cock and skinny body for a while before getting to hir handcuffed prisoner. S/he has him suck hir off at gunpoint. Which he does pretty well, nice tongue action. He even tosses hir salad for a bit, which is a hot time when s/he stands up, straddling his face for more. Sabrina, however, is an even better cock sucker, deep, wet, and easy. S/he gets to pork him doggy style, the views could be better, but the sex is good. It's a better angle when he rides reverse cowboy. And it's a good time when s/he blows and jerks him to an orgasm, then jerks hirself off soon after. Simple and direct.

Juliana is a real girl with a fine Brazilian ass and pretty face. She's set up with a boy and Andrea, who's not the shapeliest she-male but is still sexy. Juliana is the driving force of this threesome which gives us a different perspective on the boy/girl/boy-girl combination than the first scene. It gives the action a different flavor and a new excitement. The combinations are still interesting, with Andrea sucking the guy as Juliana swallows Andrea's cock. Or Juliana directing Andrea as s/he fucks the guy. The real girl gets into the pegging action with a strap on to sandwich their boy-toy between a pair of pricks. It's cool and she isn't shy about plowing into him. Andrea shows a passion for female flesh as well, fucking Juliana from behind with hard strokes. The woman is into it and keeps the other two going hot and heavy. Another good grouping.

Kaylane has a terrific body. A bubble butt, dark skin, taut muscles, nice legs. Not the prettiest, but hir scene doesn't suffer for it. S/he has a good sized dick and it gets a work out. Hir guy is a muscle bound thing who works hir well. Kaylane likes his blow job and returns the favor. S/he soon shows how well s/he can take an ass fucking, getting plugged on all fours balls deep by his substantial tool. Once again s/he gives as good as s/he gets, taking him from behind for a bit. The best part, however, is Kaylane getting done mish on the couch. We get good views of that nice body and s/he pops with a big load to show how much fun s/he's having. It's a quiet scene, but not a bad one.

To round it out Silvera gives us another threesome. This time with one guy and two trannies, Yasmin and Fernanda. If the subtitles are to be believed then Fernanda was just tagging along and decided to get involved. While s/he's a decent looking she-male and does participate, this is really Yasmin's scene. Fernanda ends up on the sidelines for most of it. That usually bothers me more, but Yasmin gives a great show. The guy is also all over hir nipples and that drives hir nuts. He spends minutes on end sucking those nubs and stroking hir shaft. S/he has to stop him at one point to prevent hirself from cumming too soon. That's good stuff. Fernanda pitches in early on with some fine cock sucking and takes a turn fucking the guy from behind. There's a bit of foot fucking as well which should keep some of you happy. The high point, however, is when Yasmin gets fucked doggy style by the guy. S/he moans and groans nicely, humping back onto his prick and jerking hirself furiously. Silvera has to remind hir not to cum yet. Once again the heat and enthusiasm really ramps up this scene. A fine end to a good disc.

Overall: I'm beginning to wish that Silvera had another cameraman during his shoots. He does a decent job by himself, but I'm left wanting a bit more coverage. The action is great and I want to see more. What we get, though, is enough to make this a superior flick.

Extras include a chapter search, fetish menu, a lot of good extra footage from the scenes, a photo gallery, web URLs, filmography and cast list.



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