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Title: Full Anal Access 3  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


Full Anal Access #3
137 Mins.
Platinum X Pictures
DIRECTOR: Michael Stefano
THEMES: Anal sex, double penetration, Euro-babes
STARS: Alissa, Dora Venter, Sarah O'Neal, Vanessa, Victoria, Nika, Sandra Romain, Steve Holmes, Nacho Vidal, Marco Nero, Neeo, Michael Stefano

Reviewed by: Mars

It's a fact that when someone loves their work they do a better job. Such is the case with Michael Stefano. He obviously is having a good time making porn and as a result we get to watch a good skin flick. While the camera work is at times iffy (too close) the sheer energy and enthusiasm Stefano and the other actors exhibit makes these scenes crackle. And Sandra Romain is a porn goddess, which would help any film. More on that later.

The cover girls Alissa and Dora begin things with a make out and show off session. They're both sexy European blondes with fine bodies. They tag suck Stefano well as he films from above. The action really begins when Steve shows up and Stefano hands off the camera. The foursome continues apace on the couch with the girls taking it in a couple of different positions. They hit high gear when Alissa starts the anal action which soon becomes a DP. The angles here are great, letting us see it all as they fill her up. The two get plowed in their respective asses and there's some pussy eating to link up the two couples. Dora gets a turn being DP'ed while eating out Alissa. There's a neat bit with Dora taking it in both holes while lifted off the ground. More DP for both of them rounds it out. All of them stay enthusiastic throughout which keeps the heat high. A good start.

Nika is petite with a small chest and nice ass. She's getting spanked and pawed by Stefano on a couch, a bit of rough and tumble handling as they warm up. She's got nice tone to her body and he's all over her, even to fucking her with his big toe. Nika is not, however, a great cock sucker. Ah well. She does toss his salad before being passed off to two other guys who eat her out and fuck her mouth. Not bad. Stefano returns to give her a reverse cowgirl ride, stroking deep with a good view. The guys swap in again and the anal starts in cowgirl with a blow job to match. The mish anal looks good on her but the DP is not so comfortable. She's not protesting but it's obviously not her favorite thing in the world. That's a distraction, for me at least. It goes on for awhile, with a third cock added in at her mouth, and she does do a good job of taking these guys balls deep, but it's no tragedy when the scene ends.

Victoria is a pretty brunette on a foot bridge, showing off a well rounded ass and nice rack as Nacho looks on. He sweeps in for his patented style of man-handling that seems to really, really turn on the girl. His intensity resonates with her and the two of them have sweet chemistry almost immediately. He fingers her deep and fast to start it off and she's shaking for it. That leads to a fine hummer with Nacho giving directions as he fucks her face. The heat carries right over to the sex as she rides him reverse cowgirl with gasping moans that keep that fire going. They make good in a couple positions and it's going fine. Then they get to the anal action and Victoria is not the great lover of butt sex. She winces as he pumps and it takes awhile before she's settled down. It helps when he puts her ass high for doggy style and gives her a toe to suck on. Victoria is still in the moment, but the anal sex is not her favorite cup of tea, so the heat doesn't rise much once the ass fucking starts.

Vanessa is a very pretty brunette without enough meat on her bones. Skinny as she is, though, she's nice to look at and gives a good show. Stefano and she fool around in an echo-y stairwell, with a bit of oral action and some standing doggy style. Both are pretty good but the angles are mostly too close. He lifts her in the air for a reverse cowgirl ride that's pretty cool (that's one thing about skinny girls, you can lift 'em easy). They move to a bed with Sarah and Marco already in it, and the main attraction starts. The fucking is all right, if a bit standard, as the two couples move through several positions, swapping partners now and then. It's pumped up a bit by the fact that Vanessa and Sarah take every opportunity to kiss or fondle each other as they're getting fucked. It's a nice touch that keeps things hot. As promised by the movie's title, the anal access starts up soon and it goes well. Both girls can take it and (look like they) like it. And again, the women making out as their asses are getting wrecked is a good thing. The DP's start soon after that with Vanessa taking both cocks, not a bad feat for a thin girl. They both get a couple of turns getting stuffed and now and then the stuff-ee munches the other's muff or other bits of anatomy. Nice. A good group grope.

Sandra Romain, as mentioned earlier in this review, is a goddess. She's a spectacularly well shaped woman with large natural tits, a tapered thin waist, and a flaring, perfectly molded ass. Great legs and a beautiful face complete the package. That would be enough, but she's also sexy as hell. Sandra gyrates and writhes for the camera as she shows off, her eyes smoking and mouth parting in invitation. And as we soon see, she can fuck like crazy. After that solo show she sucks Stefano's cock with abandon. It's a treat to see. Soon after it switches to outside where she goes down on Steve. She does it with a slow, sexy start that blows the doors off any other blow job on this disc. It soon becomes standing doggy style anal, and Steve lifts her off the ground as she say "I love you for this" in a sexy accent. I nearly had to pause it for breath after that. Sandra pretty much typifies everything I think of as sexy in porn, fantastic body, eager participant, and fully engaged. They move inside and she gets both boys working on her. Within moments she's got both cocks in her pussy at the same time. It's a nice DV and she's wild for it (saying "Yes, so full my pussy!" with enthusiasm). A bit of DP leads into a double anal penetration and still Sandra takes it with gusto. A rolling 'R' as she moans "Fuck my dirty ass, it's so good" will make you smile lecherously. It lasts a long time and makes the subsequent DP seem almost anti-climactic. The guys can't get enough of her ass, though, and it's soon DA again. They end up popping in her mouth and she plays with and then swallows their loads gleefully. Sandra Romain gets my top honors. What a performer.

Overall: With several enthusiastic performers (both male and female) and right-to-the-point action, Full Anal Access #3 is a good disc. Sandra's scene is worth anybody's time, and did bump my overall rating from a B+ to an A, but don't forget that there are other good segments as well.

Extras include a chapter search, a director bio, video footage of each girl's photo shoot, a photo gallery, a behind the scenes that's not great, cumshot recap, three previews and a web URL.



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