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Title: White Trash Whore 10  
Reviewer: Kid Cocky  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: C-
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: A
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


White Trash Whore 10

Reviewer- Kid Cocky

Time- 90 minutes
Company- Jerkoff Zone / JM Productions
Director- Jeff Mike
Cast- Teri Star, Angel Cummings


Despite some obvious flaws, this movie is a great addition to any porn connoisseur's collection. White Trash Whore 10 was a late 90's porn VHS tape that was burned to DVD because of the lead female, Teri Star, is a highly sought after commodity because of her national judicial exposure. Star, a hardcore princess who left the business in 2000, is well known for her lawsuit against Charlie Sheen. She accused that Sheen's bodyguard attacked her while at the actor's Malibu Estate. The rumor has it that Sheen was a fan of Star's backdoor porn antics, so he invited her up to Malibu for a taste of her ass-ets. When things went wrong, a lawsuit ensued. After settling out of court, Star hasn't done anymore porn. The most likely reason is that she is living the high life off of ol' Charlie's dinero.

Since this movie was taken from tape and transferred to DVD, the video quality is lacking. Poor lighting and a grainy picture are two disadvantages to this movie. Despite the quality issues, the plot was exceptional. Star plays a white trash whore who is returning from a half way house. She returns home and meets her new step-father and step-brother. In order to live with them, she has to get them off. While servicing Daddy, Starr's meth dealer shows up and makes it a foursome. Starr, proving that she is a funky blonde twisted whore, gets all three dicks off with relative ease.

In another scene, Starr's mom (Played by Angel Cummings) tries to make ends meet by selling some patio furniture. The only ends that meet are those of Cummings, her neighbor, and the meth dealer when she gets DP'ed while stress testing the furniture. Angel, who must be pushing 40, has large fake breasts and a gaping asshole. She ends the scene with a double cumshot, but she never manages to sell the patio chairs.

In the final scene, Starr goes to the gas station to pick up her car. She meets up with a half dozen black mechanics who grab their tools and start banging on her tailpipe. In a wicked hillbilly stomp, they all take turns fucking her until she gets plowed open by an eleven inch cock. Too much for her, she stops the scene and decides to end it with a little anal action. Teri, whose ass was already plowed by her earlier rendezvous with "Daddy," cuts that scene short too and ends everything with a wicked bukkake. By the end, she looks like somebody dumped a milkshake on her face, and she gets her car worked on for free. I'm sure her efforts were appreciated.

This had to be a low budget movie. Jeff Mike was the only production worker, and there were only two women in the entire movie. The guys were probably paid in pussy, so the overhead on this flick was next to nothing. However, JM still put on a good movie. The girls aren't the hottest bitches that I have seen, but they'll work if you want to get your rocks off.

Kid Cocky
"Twisted Brown Truckers have nothing on me."

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