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Title: Harder Faster 3  
Reviewer: Kid Cocky  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


Harder Faster Vol.3

Reviewer- Kid Cocky

Time- 115 minutes
Company- Digital Sin / New Sensations
Director- Jean-Yves LeCastel
Cast- Alice, Britney, Barbra Summer, Trinity, Mary, Dani Blonde, Ani Blonde, and 9 foreign dudes


I love this fucking movie. It is the '69 Cadillac of porn. The grandmaster of adult cinema, the wild wet pussy that you have always wanted to fuck! No shit, this is what porn SHOULD be.

Jean-Yves LeCastel has given me a new respect for the French. This guy starts off the movie in style... by fucking the holy hell out of two hot french girls who appear to be sisters!!! Although I can't tell them apart, Trinity and Vikki Blonde are fucking gorgeous. LeCastle wastes no time and gets them to share his 8 inch cock for some serious oral sex. Although I can't understand a word that any of them say, he takes control of these French harlots by ramming his cock back and forth between their pussies. Within minutes he switches to their backdoors, and these ladies offer no French resistance. Proving that this isn't their first time, their asses open faster than the French Borders to the Germans in WWII. Adding to the hardcore feeling of this scene, these girls lick his cock for no less than 50 ass to mouth scenes! The girl I watched this with was seriously grossed out by the lesbian anal gaping ball licking twins, but I nearly popped in pants just watching. It ended with a nice facial, which was quickly snowballed between the girls. Not wanting to disappoint us, the girls made out until the camera faded out.

Scene two was equally impressive. It also featured two fine assed foreign bitches who I would have loved to fuck. One looked a little dark skinned. I think she may have been of mixed blood. We'll call her Nicole (Mary). The other was a tall blonde, we'll call her Paris (Ani). These ladies fucked five (yes five) froggy foreign French fuckers. These dudes fucked the shit out of Paris and Nicole. Each girl got DP'ed, and their asses gaped wider than I thought physically possible. Every time there was a "gape" shot, the guys would yell "Poopah" with legitimate excitement. I'm not sure what "Poopah" means, but it was fun to hear everyone yell it. The ending featured Nicole taking 5 cumshots in the mouth, and then feverishly spitting them into Paris' waiting gullet. Paris took EVERY drop of the cum and swallowed it. Amazing! Five billion sperm and she swallowed them like Anna Nicole swallows an ice cream buffet.

Amazingly it keeps going from there. Scene three starred Britney and David Perry teaming up for the movie's only one-on-one scene. This scene was filmed outdoors, so you exhibitionist fans should appreciate that. There was a spit slobbered BJ, more anal, several ATMs, and a gaping bootie. Did I mention that Britney is a really cute brunette, or that she has beautiful natural breasts?

There were two more scenes in this movie. I won't give them away for you because I want you to have something to look forward to when you buy this one, but they were both spectacular. In fact, the final scene starred a little lassie named Alice. She wasn't a day over eighteen, but she took on three young studs without blinking an eye (until they came on her eyes.)

Like in most euro-porn, the girls had natural breasts, each scene was incredibly hardcore, and there were plenty of hot girls. This was the best movie I have seen in 2004. If you have the means, I suggest you pick it up.

Kid Cocky
"Grew up in the Back Woods, and Learned to Pimp like a Mack Should"

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