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Title: I'm For Sale  
Reviewer: Loomis  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


Title: I'm For Sale
MOVIE TYPE: Vignette
95 Mins.
Company: Kick Ass DVD
DIRECTOR: Andre Madness
THEMES: Young girls, sex slavery
STARS: Courtney Devine, Jamie Brookes, Angelina, Deja Chan, and Cytherea

Reviewed by: Loomis


Lots of these Kick Ass releases are from very similar lines. There is no real discernible difference between Girrl Power and Teen Power, and the only difference between those and the Spec Appeal series is the glasses fetish. Andre Madness directs them all, and his work is familiar and high quality across all of the lines. Another of the Kick Ass series is Sweatin' It, a workout-themed line. This particular picture is a cross between Sweatin' It and for novelty's sake, Andre throws in a bidding by imaginary viewers that is reminiscent of the Home Shopping Network.

First to have her poon up for auction is Courtney Devine, a light-skinned black girl with ample ass and thighs and a really cute face. She'd doing some workout stuff before Jay Ashley comes in to give her some meat to work her mouth out with. This girl gives a great blowjob (she covers her teeth with her lips and you can always detect just a hint of a really naughty smile). She has no trouble at all deepthroating Jay, and while there's a bit too much drool for my tastes, Courtney really shines during her oral work. It's impressive that Jay didn't cut the scene short with an early pop, but then again, that's why he makes the big bucks. Or buck, as the case may be. Ashley gets on in RC and throws all of her weight down onto Jay's schlong before getting off to taste herself from his cock (although this is obscured by the angle). She then takes a forceful and pleasant looking ride facing him while he sits on the couch. They break up the action so that he can insert 4 fingers into her pussy, and I'm not sure why, but this doesn't really rob the scene of it's intensity. Mr. Ashley may simply have needed a break to avoid an early pop. He rams her in doggy before pulling out and having her suck him deep again. He jacks off all over her smiling face and into her mouth before she cleans him off really well. She gets (and deserves) a really high bid.
Next up is the blonde Jamie Brookes. She's a tiny little thing on a stair step machine with nice firm tits and dirty blonde hair in pigtail braids. Ricky Roberts comes in and gives her something to suck on, and her energy is pretty low. She's also in a pretty awkward position, half bent over as he sits in a low chair, so that be the problem with this footage. She never gets much down her throat, but Ricky's dong is long. After a too-short BJ she is riding in RC and taking a lot more in this orifice (in fact all of it). Before long the position changes to doggy, which shows off her really cute and small tits bouncing hard. She rides in regular CG with her feet behind her on his thighs in an effort to make sure that she can get every inch in her box. There is a brief mish fuck that looks pretty good and he jerks a kind of weak load on her face and into her hair. Post-pop cleanup is minimal, and she rates a low bid.

Next up is Angelina. Rod Fontana (who appears to share the genetics of Mark Davis) gives a silly voice-over that proclaims Angelina to be #6969 and that she likes to cook and that he likes to eat. So he eats her box in a real unforeseen turn of events. Angelina looks Hispanic to me, but I could be wrong. She does good oral, and Fontana finally shuts up. She doesn't go too deep, but the eye contact is really good. Rod licks her puss and she shows little to no reaction. Some low-energy doggy ensues and then some low-level mish follows that. He bends over her face and drops a load across and into her mouth, but it was time for this scene to end anyway. Her bid was $5. That may be high.

Next is Asian hottie Deja Chan. She is a really sexy chick with tiny hooters and a long-ass mane of hair that extends past her asscrack. She's got a lot of oil on her body, and when she turns around, her ass doesn't look like a 10-year old boy's (as you might expect with her tiny rack). She gives a really nice BJ, paying special attention to Jay's sack while she does her thing. She deepthroats really well for such a tiny thing, and Jay gets to penetrate her pussy in RC before she gets off to have a taste of herself. She takes a CG plunging and another P2M before taking Ashley's cock in mish and fingering her own asshole. This is really hot stuff, as while she begs him to fuck her harder and put it "all of the way in" she is furiously indexing her tight hole. After the mish she does yet another pussy tasting and fingers her pussy with four digits. A quick doggy bang leads to the finish. He unloads on the side of her face and manages to get most of it into her mouth. Her bid is understandably high.

The final performer is Cytherea, a chick famous for her squirting prowess. For those not into squirting, she is a really cute chick with a thin body and some all-natural B-cup tits. Her face is really cute, cute as if she could make a bundle doing those cheerleader vids that are very popular in some circles. Her costar is Trevor Zen. Cyth deepthroats with the best of them, and her little sexy moans really help the viewer. This is way too short. Zen goes down to mow her box with his tongue and fingers, and she respond really well to this action. He gives her a thorough mish dicking and another in doggy and she squirts all over the place, leaving the bed sheets totally soaked. She takes a nice open-mouthed facial and get the highest bid of the film.

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