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Title: Wet Young Bitches  
Reviewer: Arnon  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Wet Young Bitches


95 Mins.
DIRECTOR: J.F. Romagnoli
STARS: Lolita Angel, Clara, Diane, Maria Bellucci, Moonlight, Nikky Blond, Sabrina
Reviewed by: Arnon


This is one of your typical Euro movies. They're full of mostly gorgeous blonde girls, and they have plenty of wild, dirty sex and tons of anal. Hey, I'm all for that. Sometimes, though, they try to throw in stupid plots with bad dubbing, as was the case in this movie. It wasn't a huge deal, but the plot was senseless and didn't contribute to the movie at all. On top of that, it tried to have "romantic" lighting, where a lot of the movie is backlit so there's tons of shadow. Personally, I hate that. Still, it's easy to ignore the plot and lighting aspects and just enjoy the hardcore sex.

Let me start off by saying right away that this is one of those Euro movies where most of the girls are gorgeous blondes that look like clones of each other. So I have no idea who most of them are. Because of that I'm just going to be putting names in to the scenes. Some are right, some aren't, but don't send me hate mail because I messed up your favorite pornstress's name. After a brief and inconsequential plot point, Maria Bellucci (who's only average looking) winds up in an elaborately decorated bedroom, wearing black lingerie and masturbating. Some guy who's wearing a chain around his neck for some reason does a pretty good job of sucking all the juice out of her pussy. Between the two of them they even manage to use his chain to rub up and down her valley, which I found quite fun to watch. When it's her turn she pulls his dick out through his pants and gives him a shallow yet energetic blowjob. After she can't take it anymore she straddles him rcg and pulls her black thong to the side to take all of him inside of her. The director puts in plenty of good close-ups for you, but he also changes the shot quite a bit so you don't get bored. My only complaint with this scene is that it's the kind that's filmed in a poorly lighted bedroom to be romantic, which of course means you see a shitload of shadows. When Maria and her guy roll onto their sides she's able to reach around her legs so she can simultaneously rub her clit and spread her labia for the world to enjoy. At one point the guy has his hand around her neck choking her, which I never really find enjoyable, but I'm not really into sm stuff either. Up next is doggy style, with some more good close-ups of his big member plunging into her wet, pink box. They have some anal sex with her on her side and mounting him facing both ways, then she sucks him off until he creams on her tongue, with her eagerly lapping up the drippings.

Moonlight (which I think is a terrific name for a pornstar) is having some meeting with a guy. A creepy guy. But the thing is, I can't exactly say why. He's got a good body, he's ripped and not hairy or anything. But he has really long hair in a ponytail, which just doesn't look right on a guy. On top of that he has a huge nose, and a really chiseled face. Plus his chin sticks out a lot. I wouldn't make a big deal out of it normally, but he's in a scene later too. Anyways, Moonlight is a gorgeous Euro Barbie blonde who goes out on a date with this guy, but after dinner they don't even make it past the parking garage before they start to go at it. After some kissing, she strips down and bends over, using a column to support herself while he licks her pussy from behind. Did I mention that this guy has a really freaking long tongue too? Creepy. But he gets to fuck a gorgeous girl so I should keep my mouth shut I suppose. Moonlight does a terrific job sucking on his member, although she keeps glancing at the camera, which ruins the mood a bit for me. You can tell she's using a lot of tongue on the underside of his cock, which will make any man happier than anything. They certainly don't hold back on the fucking, with her bending over right away and him immediately slamming her from behind going full speed. With him holding one of her legs in the air you get some terrific close-ups of her shaved pussy being pounded and rubbed by her. They move to the closest car and she sits on the trunk with one leg in the air, and you get some more good close-ups of the action. With her legs still in the air he pulls his cock out and plunges it into her asshole, going most of the way in with his pretty big dick. Moonlight flips over on the trunk and he takes turns fucking her cunt and ass from behind, then unloads a huge amount of come into her mouth. Just like all my dates, minus the hot sex with a model of course.

Next the movie goes to an indoor swimming pool, presumably at some mansion, where two guys are filming a couple of girls dancing for them. The blonde is Lolita Angel. I have no idea who the brunette is, but I'm calling her Clara. This is a fairly entertaining scene. There's lots of cock sucking, pussy eating, and fucking, both anal and vaginal. Clara takes on both guys for some dp while Lolita sits on a beach chair and plays with her beautiful shaved pussy, and afterwards the girls switch guys. The only thing that sucked about this scene was that the girls didn't interact at all. No kissing, licking, or sucking on their parts. It was good, but that would've made it better. In the end, of course, the girls take the come in their mouths, and suck the remnants off the dicks in front of them.

Nikky Blond, another gorgeous blonde (bet you didn't see that coming) goes into a living room where two guys are watching the video of the pool girls dancing. Before you know it she's got one guy licking her pussy while she's sucking the cock of the other one. This is a typical one girl two guy scene, which I hate. There's always a dick in her mouth while she's being fucked somewhere by another one. There is some brief dp, which I'm also not a fan of. She ends up getting cummed on in the mouth and on her belly.

Back in the weird looking guy's office, a girl who we'll call Diane, starts stripping for him for some reason that doesn't really matter. It only takes about twenty seconds before her tits are out, her foot's up on the desk, and he's fingerbanging her. When it comes to the blowjob she does a good job, though she sticks mostly to licking and not so much to sucking. While this is going on another girl, who I'll call Sabrina, shows up at the door, and gets so turned on she starts masturbating. She enters and ends up sharing the blowjob with Diane. Sabrina is the first girl to take a ride, straddling him while Diane helps massage her clit or pulls out his dick to suck on it. The girls take turns being fucked or helping the other girl out, although the girl/girl stuff is kept to a minimum. They both take it in the face at the end.

For the final scene Moonlight makes her triumphant return, taking on a guy with a small dick in a "romantic" scene, with plenty of bad lighting to show for it. They mostly do standard stuff, although they focus fairly heavily on oral sex, specifically her giving. There're a couple positions they go through to show off her sucking abilities, and at one point she plays with his asshole. And, once again, he comes into her mouth at the end.

Overall this was a good, but not great movie. They shouldn't have bothered with the plot, and that goofy looking guy detracted from it a bit. Plus the girls weren't all as hot as I usually see in Euro movies. Still though, there's definitely some good whacking material here.

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