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Title: Internal Violations  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


Internal Violations
90 Mins.
New Sensations
DIRECTOR: Jonni Darkko
THEMES: Internal cumshots, dirty talk, multiple partners, DP, anal
STARS: Stacy Silver, Barbara Summers, Camella, Anastasia Christ, Janet, Carol, Sabina Black, Laura Lyon, Nikita, K.K., Dillon Day, Brett Rockman, Joel Lawrence
Reviewed by: Mars


Internal Violations is my kind of no-nonsense porn. Beautiful women, hardcore sex, some dirty talk, and everyone seems to be into the action. There really aren't many frills in this flick, though the production is polished. The camera work is all right, the picture is clear, and the talent is smooth and lithe. My overarching complaint is that Darkko the director relies too much on the medium shot. While I usually bitch about too much close up, I realize that too much of any field of view is bad. Excessive medium shots are better than excessive close ups, but there are times when I wanted to see more of the action than the camera allowed. This is minor, however, and in the end doesn't detract from the fun.

Covergirl Stacy Silver starts us off. She's well put together, great body despite the bolt on breasts, and that ponytail works for her. After a tiny bit of solo rubbing for the camera, Dillon and Brent charge in, throw a leash around her neck, and have a sword fight in her mouth. The face fucking (and concomitant verbal abuse) is a good time and gets things going in the right direction. The energy stays high as they spear her at either end and move into the first D.P. The views are too close for this first round of double-fucking, but they get better as the actors swap around for more. Stacy takes it all like a trooper, getting pounded in the ass and mouth continually until the end of the scene. I suspect she'd even take it with a smile if her mouth wasn't also full of cock. For those of you to whom this makes a difference, she gets an internal money shot in the ass which she then eats.

Camella is a soft pretty girl with long curly brown hair. She's paired with Barbara, a short haired blonde with terrific muscle tone (great abs and legs). The contrast between them (though subtle) is pretty cool and for me it made them a great pair. Joel and Dillon are the cock-jocks for these two beauties who kneel on the floor to give them pretty good hummers. For the most part the four of them stay separate. They swap partners, but don't fall into a group grope. Now and then the camera work is inspired and we get to see both couples in one shot. Barbara is a great moaner, between her and the guys it stays nicely noisy as they screw. The girls go through several positions (with notable views of them in reverse cowgirl) and eventually they're both taking it in the ass. Barbara takes a D.P. and Camella is the recipient of the internal cumshot.

For the next scene we get Anastasia Christ. She's a beauty, with very large natural breasts. Funny thing about that, with all the fake tits bobbing around the porn industry, seeing a big natural set is a hell of a treat. Especially on a fine looking woman. Anastasia gets sandwiched by Joel and Brent, doing a bit of oral before getting plugged at either end. There are some fine views of her in reverse cowgirl and the action is decent, everyone seems to be having a good time. Anastasia gets put through the paces, from cowgirl to cowgirl anal, ATM, sides anal, and a lot of cock sucking. There's some D.P. to cap it off. She's gets worked over and gives a good show. Excellent work.

Carol, another soft girl with blonde hair, is busy rubbing herself on a bed as Dillon and Janet peek at her from the door. Eventually they join in, with Janet crawling over and eating Carol's twat. Janet is a skinny brunette who's enthusiasm is infectious. The weakness to this scene is that they're too quick getting to the fucking. OK, not a very strong complaint, but the foreplay and oral is pretty good and I wanted to see more of it. Anyway, after some mouth work on all sides, Janet gets plowed mish with Carol sitting on her face. Here's also where the medium shots get a bit annoying. We don't get good enough views of the whole combination. It gets a little better when the girls take turns riding Dillon's cock reverse cowgirl, and the mish at the end is nice. Still, I think I'm just looking for things to criticize. It's not the best scene on the disc, but that's because of technical problems (camera angles), not lack of heat.

The final scene shows that Mr. Darkko understands the concept of "finale." Three very fine Euro-babes and three guys get it on in a marathon fuck session. We're presented with the very blonde Nikita, the very pretty Sabina, and the very naturally busty Laura for our viewing pleasure. And pleasure it is. First one guy shows up for a three-way tag sucking that would make the pope jealous. A second cock jock shows up somewhere in there and then a third a little later on. I'm not going to enumerate everything that happens, but let's just say that no one's left behind. Laura and her breasts are my personal favorite, but Nikita's taut body is a close second. I kept expecting it to end, but they kept going for quite some time. The best moment is a wide shot where we get to see all three couples at once. Soon after we get a seminar on the different cumshots of the American northwest. One internal, one facial, and a pearl necklace after tit-fucking Laura's exceptional rack. What a great ending.

Overall: This flick can best be described as devoid of bullshit. It's an all sex vid and it does the category proud. It doesn't specialize in any one position/hole/sex act but covers almost all of them. Add to that pretty girls and high energy. Winner.

Extras include chapters, a photo gallery, a whopping 35 trailers, and some URLs.

Devoid of bullshit.



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