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Title: Rocco: Hazardous Duty  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Rocco: Hazardous Duty
130 Mins.
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: Rocco Siffredi
THEMES: Euro babes, gang-bang, anal, motocross
STARS: Katarina, Sandra Mark, Tiffany, Penelope, Linda, Sindy, Angelica, Judy White, Sidney, Candy, Rocco Siffredi, Sly, Mano, Attila, Maxi, Szergei, Attila Strong, Rumcajsz, Leslie Taylor, Alberto Rey, David Perry, Joachim

Reviewed by: Mars

Rocco is well known by now. He's a standard bearer for the Evil Angel label and a prolific director. In Rocco: Hazardous Duty he uses a thin link to connect a series of very long scenes. There's a great deal of set-up for each segment. In fact, there's too much. The point of each little sketch could have been much more economically presented. As it is we're left wondering what the hell is going on for the first few minutes and then (once it's clear what's happening) we're left waiting for the plot to stop and the action to start. And once the sex does start there's no guarantee that it's going to move fast. A couple of the scenes have oddly prolonged "teases." It's like watching a novice drive a stick shift, the herky-jerky starts and stops that smooth out only when they hit a high gear. Once fifth is engaged, however, it gets real good.

The movie starts with lengthy footage of Siffredi's motocross antics. We're treated to lots of bikes jumping hills of dirt. And then we watch Rocco take a spill. Cut to a house and there are a lot of girls and a photographer. It's a bit muddled, but it seems that the girls are supposed to be some kind of team. Anyway, they pin Rocco to the ground and strip him down and lose most of their clothes. At that point the baby oil gets pulled out and emptied on the group. This is one of those scenes that takes a long, long time to get to any hardcore action. Usually I can see the value of this tactic, but here it just seems like we're watching some mischievous schoolgirls instead of porn. They rub on Rocco for a long time, giggling and laughing as they tease him. It begins to get interesting and ramps up when one slides on for a cowgirl ride. This lasts for a bit and is more fun than sexy. Most of them leave and Rocco keeps two (Sandra Mark and Katrina) for more focused action. What follows is Rocco fucking Sandra in the ass while Katrina does herself with a toy. The anal action is good, mind you, but it's just Sandra, and it's only anal in two positions. That gets a bit repetitive. It's baffling because the bonus footage shows that Katrina did get worked over with Rocco's cock, but none of that made it into the main cut. Puzzling. Anyway, the pop shot is internal anal and the girls eat it. Ick.

The next scene is one of the best on the disc. Angelica, a bottle blonde beauty with a fine body, takes on a multitude of guys in a long, meandering scene that actually works well. The first bits are confusing and odd so fast forward. All you need to know is that she's annoyed with Rocco and decides to get back at him by screwing all the conveniently hunky ranch hands he has lying around the place. She teases and briefly sucks her way through a half dozen servants before settling on two to get serious with. What follows is a literal roll in the hay. She tag sucks them for a while before they set her on a hay bale for pussy eating and more cock sucking. With fingers and cocks the guys explore all of Angelica's holes and give us a good show. The action is energetic and she's into it, which is always a plus. It soon turns to anal poundings which leads to some good D.P. And all of it lasts a long time. But wait, there's more. Another ranch hand carries Angelica to a bed inside and four guys service her with pricks at every opening. She takes it well for a while but there comes a point when you can see she's about done. But Angelica's a trooper and works through it as the guys continue to wreck her ass, cycling through and showing off her gaping hole as they swap. The scene ends with an enormous amount of jizz spilled on the girl. It's a long, intense ride and stays hot for most of the time.

So then we're introduced to Judy White. She's a curvy girl, lovely and luscious with hips and tits and a pretty face. She heads to the stable to make time with Rocco and we see just a bit of that. When Rocco pops his nut his stable hand Joachim steps in and forces his bent cock into her mouth. The sex is rough between these two and very hot. Judy is sub but not unwilling. They trade face slaps throughout the action and the fucking is hard and rough, so be aware if that's not your thing. Judy is into it and gets wild eyes and tousled as they fuck. She takes it all and keeps it intense. The cock sucking is even hardcore, with Joachim holding his rod deep in her throat for a long time. Good stuff, actually. He pounds her pussy for a while, pulling hair, tossing her around, and giving out short, sharp slaps as punctuation. Then, when it's time for the backdoor action, it gets gentle. He's not a brute and takes it very slow and easy to start. It soon ramps up to some faster strokes, but never rougher than Judy can handle. Good stuff, these two work together well to give a wild show without it being disquieting. It's one of the best scenes on the disc.

To wrap up we get what is probably one of the worst scenes. That doesn't mean it's terrible, but it is the least imaginative and least interesting segment of the movie. Sidney and Candy get it on with Rocco in the van that houses his motocross bikes. The girls are interchangeable bleach blonde waifs who he fucks in the ass. Really, there's nothing much else to say. It's standard and uninspired. The girls don't get into the threesome much. He's either having sex with one or the other, but not both at the same time. Which is a waste of resources.

Overall: Not a particularly smooth or even effort. Editing needed to happen, as did some trimming of the "plot." The pieces that worked went very well, the ones that didn't were flat and boring. So it balances out to an average flick. I'm sure Rocco's done better work.

Extras include chapters, a fetish menu, 26 minutes of extra footage (some of which should have been in the feature film), photo gallery, filmographies of a couple of the girls, a bio of Rocco, cast list, and web URLs.



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