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Title: Driving Ms. Daisy  
Reviewer: Loomis  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Driving Ms. Daisy

95 Mins.
Video Team


THEMES: Straight Sex, Interracial
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Daisy, Obsession, Layla Jade, Dalny Marga and Kenya

Reviewed by: Loomis


First things first. This is not a good porn film. Just because I find few of the performers attractive and the plot exceptionally lame are not the reasons behind this overview, however. The fact that Scene 4 ends with a faked popshot, on the other hand, is a big part of my critique. And I'm not referring to the digital-type of faked shot one sees so often in those interactive DVDs, I'm referring to the kind where the chick has something in her mouth that she spits out after the guy supposedly ejaculated into her orifice. That's just such bullshit that it literally pisses me off. How dum do these peple thank we dun be?

The first scene stars Daisy, Kenya and Steve Hatcher. Kenya is an exotic black woman with awfully long fake tips on her nails. Daisy is a really pretty exotic looking babe with some terrible ink and small breasts. Kenya sucks on Daisies nips with some passion while Hatcher licks her box. Kenya moves down to suck dong while Daisy gets a little bit more tongue action. Before long Kenya gets on the cock and rides in RC with Daisy rubbing the black woman's clit. Daisy then gets pounded in some hard missionary and Kenya does a nice job of taking Hatcher's cock into her mouth a couple of times to clean it off and reinsert it into Daisy's sopping box. Both girls take a pretty average facial to close out scene 1.

The next scene has the hottest babe in the movie (Layla Jade) paired with some black dude (Tyler Knight, I think). Layla has great tits and has a really naughty British accent. She does a great job sucking this guy's cock before he licks her box and gives her a thorough mish fucking. Before too long, Layla needs it up her ass and the fellow is only too willing to oblige. She gets astride him and lowers her entire weight onto his pole in RCA and talks nasty the entire time. She gets off in time to squeeze a rather unimpressive load into her fist before putting the jizz into her mouth and cleaning off his cock. This is easily the best scene in the film.

The third scene stars Dalny and Weed. Dalny is a little hard looking, but has a great body and a lovely shaved skit. She does a phenomenal job of pro-sucking Weed all of the way down her throat before he returns the favor. She takes a loud fucking in doggy and this position makes it really easy for her to slip right into her ass. Dalny really appears to enjoy this as well, and does a nice job with the A2M facial and postpop cleanup.

The fourth scene is where the faked cumshot appears. It stars Obsession and she is a really pretty ethnic looking babe with perfect tits and a big tat on her left thigh. Kyle Stone really devours her pussy, complete with lots of anal tonue insertion. Obsession gets on her knees and gives a loud sloppy blowjob that features plenty of eye contact. She takes a ride in RC and then lays down for some really deep missionary anal. As he bring his spurting dick up to her face her mouth is totally closed, yet she still manages to spit out a huge glob of milk or whatever the hell it was that she was holding in there. That's just insulting.

The final scene stars Daisy, a small black vibe and Tyler Knight. He uses the vibe on her and licks her pussy at the same time before she gets down to the business of earning her money. Daisy is really pretty and looks even better with a cock in her mouth. She gives great eye contact and hand action, even though she doesn't take it any too deep. They move into a 69 and then Daisy gets on to ride in RC. He does in missionary and then gets off to beat his meat while she fingers herself. He comes on her lips and the film ends.

The film would have gotten a B grade if it wasn't for the faked pop in scene 4.  


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