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Title: Private Tropical 7: Coconut Holiday  
Reviewer: Loomis  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


Coconut Holiday

100 Mins.
Private Tropical
DIRECTOR: Alessandro Del Mar
THEMES: Anal, Euro girls, Beaches,
STARS: Veronica Sinclair, Sara Blue, Luisa de Marco, Lucy Lee, Julie Silver, Jennifer Dark

Reviewed by: Loomis

REVIEW-This is a feature from Private DVD's Tropical Line. I thought it was pretty good, and the locations are absolutely stunning. Even though this is a feature, there is enough good fucking to make you want to buy it, in my humble estimation.

OK, there is some plot here about a bunch of women going on a cruise to learn French. Do you really care about that, ace? I didn't think so.

The first sex scene stars the lovely redheaded and full-breasted Veronica Sinclair. She is on a beach with some dude who really should consider doing some reading about skin cancer rates (meaning that he is overly tan, package included). Veronica gives him a really great looking handjob while rubbing his sack before taking him into her mouth. He rubs her ample tits while this is occurring. There is a cutaway of some girls talking on a boat, and this really kills the heat. When wwe get back to the BJ, Veronica is rubbing one of her own tits and then the couple moves to some rocks before she takes a wild ride in RC. The scene quickly switches to standing doggy on the same rocks and then switches to where they are down on the beach and he is eating her pussy. She is on top riding in CG and then is kneeling in front of him. She tries (yeah right) to jack him off into her mouth from about 2 feet away, but cleans him off nicely. This scene has too many abrupt cuts, but it's still pretty strokeable.

The next sex scene (which starts some 3 minutes later, not bad for a feature) stars the Greek-looking Luisa and some guy I should know the name of but don't. Luisa slurps his rod nicely, taking a large portion down her throat. This guy licks her pussy for roughly a nanosecond before filling it with his meat in missionary. This all is taking place in a deep jungle setting. Luisa rubs her tits in a really enticing way in mish and then hops off of the rock to take some standing doggy. Back in missionary, he alternates between her pussy and ass before giving her a straight fuck until he shoots his load across her stomach. She rubs it onto her nipple before licking both her fingers and his cock clean.

Scene three has a double-sex simultaneous thing going, and I find this action to be quite distracting. Julie Silver is paired with two cocks and Sarah Blue is given just one to work with. Julie is the prettier of the two, with bleached blonde air and a really beautiful body. Sarah Blue is no slouch either, another blonde with natural tits and a really well-toned midriff. Julie gets down to business, sucking her man in a great way with lots of eye contact and a naughty smile on her face. Sarah sucks one while getting plugged in doggy while standing on the beach. Before long Sarah is taking a hard anal RC ride, with the guy lifting her and slamming her ass down around his meat repeatedly. The scene cuts to Julie getting a porking in several positions, after which she takes a nice load in her mouth and on her face. This woman is really sexy. Back to the beach, we find Sarah getting DP'd before both gents launch huge loads into her mouth and on her tits. She gives them both a final suck and the scene ends. Both of these would have stood alone well, but the back and forth isn't all that distracting.

Scene 4 has Jennifer Dark and Lucy Lee teaming up on one really fortunate guy. Both of these brunettes are simply amazing, and are quite willing to do it all. The double BJ footage is way too short, but soon the lucky gent is poking Lucy's pussy in standing doggy while every few strokes he is able to bring his cock to Jennifer's mouth for maintenance. The scene switches and this time it's the lovely Ms. Dark taking it in RC and Ms. Lee working the cleanup. Lucy is the first to take it in the ass, and Jennifer is there once again to make the lubrication maintains it's integrity with her own saliva. Jennifer takes it in the ass as well before Lucy jerks the load out into her friend's mouth. Both girls do a lot of really great looking post pop action, and share a cummy kiss at the end of the scene.

The next scene involves the busty redhead from scene one and some mook that we've also seen once before. He massages her tits and she manhandles his cock from in front to him. He bends down to give her pussy and ass a taste before taking her in standing doggy on the deck of the boat. She kneels down but doesn't take him into her mouth, preferring rather to jerk him a little bit and give the head a tentative lick or two. He moves into doggy again and she responds very vocally. Tit-lovers out there will really like the bouncy-bouncy action her chest gives during her fucking. This time when she kneels in front of him she licks his cock from root to head, making certain that she can taste herself. More standing doggy is followed by CG and she jerks a huge load onto her forehead and over one eye before sucking him clean (her mouth was open, she just missed). This scene is much better than her first one.

The last scene of the film is away from beaches and boats and stars Jennifer Dark and Sarah Blue paired with a couple of guys we've seen already. Both ladies do some quick suck work before letting the guys put the cocks in them. Before long they are each getting fucked in the ass and Ms. Blue takes the load all over her tight hole and Ms. Dark takes the load on her thigh. This is a really quick scene, making me think that the budget had no money left for LAST_LONGER Cream by the time they had to shoot this. It's still pretty good, even though it feels awfully rushed. I'd shoot off quickly too, were I ever to have the opportunity to boff one of these chicks in the backdoor. And I'd do it for free.

This is probably a reasonable choice for couples, given that the lady involved is not angered by anal action. I think this is a strong little film, and I recommend it highly.


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