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Title: I Love Lesbians 14  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: n/a
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


I Love Lesbians Fourteen

135 Mins.
New Machine
DIRECTOR: Randy West
THEMES: All-girl, continuous action

STARS: Caressa Savage, Nici Sterling, Andrea Wolfe, Chandler, Nautica, Judy Star, Taylor Moore, Chrystal Knight, Venus Milan, Racquel Devine

Reviewed by: Mars


Randy West has a good concept with his I Love Lesbians series. The idea is to film a couple of women, who like having sex with women, having sex. No cuts (or at least very few) and no real direction besides "Go!" Some of the best girl on girl action I've seen has been thanks to that formula of his, but in volume 14 the action is a little lackluster. There are two rather good scenes, cushioned on all sides by bland, pedestrian ones. Nothing terrible, but not a spectacular effort in comparison to some of his other pieces.

To begin we get Nici Sterling and Caressa Savage. They just get right into things with some kissing on a couch and subsequent groping and stripping. Not bad and they're good looking women (Nici especially). Caressa is a bit too interested in making "ooh aah" sounds. She plays that tape loop of porn acting sounds so much that it becomes comical. The action is ok with some good lapping and pussy grinding. The best moments are when Nici straddles Caressa's face for licks and fingers. We get a great view of her well worked-out ass as she gets done. Then, silly sounds or not, Caressa does a good job of fucking Nici with a toy. She returns to the favor to end things. It's a long scene.

Chandler is a tawny, slender redhead with a pretty face who's brought along a first timer. Andrea is a blonde Brazilian dancer who laughably claims to be 19. She has the right attitude, she's eager to be filmed, but almost too eager. The scene suffers a bit from a stuttering pace. The girls swap around so much they fail to get a good groove on. The action gets better when Chandler climbs on top to grind their pussies together. The ride is a nice one, it leads to a decent 69 and a startlingly abrupt ending. The attention deficit beginning derails things for too long and the quick stop cuts it off when things seemed to be getting better.

Now we get to the good stuff. Nautica is an Asian mix with a very pretty face and excellent body (nice rack). Judy is a dark haired girl with a solid body and sweet ass. Judy is also very much into eating pussy. The pace is slow and smoldering in this scene, and it works very well. The two of them are into each other and it shows with just about every movement. Judy is also willing to take charge of the action and keeps it going while Nautica lays back and has a good time. West gets good views of the action as Judy eats her partner's twat very, very well. There isn't much variation in this scene, but the girls are so intent on each other that it's not necessary. Judy is there to get Nautica off and she does so extremely well. There's some 69 during the scene, almost as an excuse to get Nautica eating pussy, but the real sexy stuff is Judy's mouth work. Good times.

The next scene is also a good one, for different reasons. Randy introduces Crystal and Taylor and says that they were all at a club and then just decided to come back and shoot a scene. It sounds contrived, but I believe it. They three of them are a little wobbly and the whole thing has a nice air of spontaneity about it. Crystal is a bit too skinny for my taste, but she and Taylor (after a bit of waffling) click. The action is mostly just them swapping cunnilingus, but they're having fun and it's infectious. They also have a good time with a vibrating toy that drives them both wild. Crystal gets a rough fucking with a dildo that leaves her pussy wet and creaming. Good action, fun time.

To end things we get a pair of interesting looking women who have uninteresting sex. Venus is a first timer and she's a big, solid woman. She's nicely proportional and looks good. Her friend Raquel has brought her to Randy for a scene and they aren't shy but they're not very dynamic. There's some fingering, a bit of licking, some use of toys, a quick 69 and then the scene ends. It's rather short and nothing gets to build up very well.

Overall: I Love Lesbians 14 ends up being an average flick when all is said and done. A couple of above average scenes aren't enough to lift it above the pack. It's a good series but this isn't the best volume in it.




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