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Title: Vivid University  
Reviewer: Vince  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: A
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


Vivid University
Company: Vivid Video
Director: Dyanna Lauren
Date of Production May 2001
Themes: Virtual, POV Blow Jobs
Stars: Dasha, Angelica Sinn, Zana, Catalina, Cleopatra, Nikita, and Sky Taylor.

Dyanna Lauren is one of the few former Porn Queens who stuck around the industry after being in front of the camera, and made an even more impressive impact behind the camera. About a year or two ago Ms. Lauren came out with he Virtual Blow Job movies, such as Oral Ecstasy to name just a few. I have to say, she has yet to make a bad one. The theme of the movie is, you are the Dean of Vivid University, and it's your job to tell the girls what to do. You get to see them do a strip tease and a oral scene. You also have three camera views to choose from during the oral scenes, and two views to choose from during the strip tease scenes.

Up First Angelica Sinn, who's been around for a while, and the past couple of years her weight has been going up and down, but fortuanly in this scene she looks great. Always a star you can count on to make any scene hot. The strip tease is nice, but the oral is much better. Great eye contact in this scene, and great aggressive blow job. A lot of hand action in this scene and she fills it up with her great dirty talk. Each camera angle is perfect in this scene. She keeps working her hand and her mouth on her subject and with in no time, literally she gets this guy off in fewer than four minuets. He pops all over her waiting mouth. Great scene, great eye contact, great angles. So far so good for this Vivid University. Things are really looking up for this movie.

Zana is up next, I always had a thing for this girl, and she is kind of your typical looking porn star, long blond hair, and great fake tits. The thing that makes her stand out a little more from the rest is, her aggressive scenes she has made in her young career. We see Zana behind her desk talking to the dean, she starts with her strip tease, which is a little to short for me. With in no time she is on her knees going to work on the dean. This is another good aggressive oral scene, but one little complaint I have with this scene is lack of eye contact. The dirty talk is good, and Zana is really into it, as she always is. She keeps licking and sucking and jerking until the guys grabs his dick and jacks an average load all over Zana, she is satisfied as am I. Another great scene.

Were in for a treat with the next scene staring Nikita Denise. What else can you say about Nikita that has been said about her or done. I like Nikita, because she always delivers a great scene no matter how bad the movie could be, she can step it up. Nikita hold her own in this movie, great eye contact and dirty talk and she keeps working his rod with her hand and mouth. All the angles are perfect in this scene. She keeps going and working on her man until he pulls out of her mouth a fires a load on her mouth, she sucks it a little before waving bye to the cameras. Great scene, great movie.

The last scene is Sky Taylor, who is a good looking brunette with huge fake tits. She is one of those girls I have a thing for but can't put my finger on it. Her strip tease scene is cut to short, but it doesn't matter because her cock sucking skills put it over the top. Awesome eye contact, she gives a great fast blowjob. She keeps jacking her man into his mouth. Good dirty talk, but her oral skills look fantastic. She licks his balls for a little bit while still jerking him off. He takes over and shoots his load on to her mouth. I think they cut the scene before he came, but either way a great scene to end this great movie.

I strongly recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of Virtual, POV movies a beautiful girls, pick this one up. The Extra footage is great, there are extra blow job scenes starring Raylen, Cassidy, Taylor Hayes, and Nikki Tyler. The behind scenes footage is cool, but the interviews with the girls really make this film better than the rest of the DVD extras out there. Also the photo gallery is good as well. I would really love to join a university like vivid, where girls do anything for a good grade and will suck your cock, wait never mind they call that school, Arizona University. PICK THIS MOVIE UP NOW ASAP.



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