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Title: Violation of Bridgette Kerkove  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: n/a
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: A
A/V Quality: B


The Violation of Bridgette Kerkove


80 Mins.
J.M. Productions

DIRECTOR: Jim Powers

THEMES: All-girl sex, rough sex, domination, labor relations


STARS: Bridgette Kerkove, Coral Sands, Layla, Candy Apples, Vivi Anne, Daisy Chain, Gwen Summers

Reviewed by: Mars


As mentioned in another review of the Violation series, I have to admit a fondness for the whole concept. The sub-title is a good description, "A Lesbian Gang Bang." Though it should have the words "big dildos," "rough and tumble," and "shrieking" in it. The plot (as always in this series) revolves around one woman being such a bitch to a group of women that they gang up, strip her down, and violate every hole they can with tongues, fingers, and large rubber toys. It's hard to say why, but I liked this one better than the last one I saw. It's a difficult position to defend because there isn't much difference from one volume of "Violation" to the next. Perhaps the chemistry was better between this group of girls, perhaps Bridgette was more interesting. Whatever the reason it worked pretty well for me. Though, as with most gang bang videos, the action could get repetitious as you watch it. Something to note is that this is a rough sex kind of movie. Bridgette is tossed around and stuffed vigorously with large toys. It's not a date movie (unless of course it is that kind of date).

Let's just get the plot out of the way right now. Bridgette is a rich lady with six maids (all of them in French maid costumes). She treats them badly and they hate her.

Ok, now that that's over with. There's a scene before the group grope to ease us into the frenzy to come. Gwen gets yelled at in the kitchen and Coral comforts her. The acting is terrible. Gwen fake cries like she's in a high school drama class. However, she certainly seems like she's enthusiastic about eating pussy. Her energy really makes this scene worthwhile. The two of them start slow, which is always nice, and let the action build. Their bodies are fine (especially Coral's ass) and they work well together. Gwen's a squealer and Coral has some talented fingers. Plus the stockings, heels and French maid caps are a sexy combination. So things are exciting, though they don't vary much for the amount of time the ladies spend together. When Gwen dives into Coral's crotch, she stays there for a while. And we don't get the best views. It's very close up for most of the time. The 69 is a good time, mainly due to Gwen's vigorous tongue and lips. It's a decent scene, but fast forward may have to come into play.

Onto the main attraction. It's dinner time and Bridgette is at the table with her meek husband and a big brass bell that she rings obnoxiously to get a maid's attention. She re-affirms that her character is a strident harpy (this lasts a long time) and then the maids attack. The husband, when asked, is willing to let the girls have their way with his wife. And so they drag her onto the table and get to it.

It begins with Bridgette being forced to lick Gwen's pussy while the others take turns smacking her ass and sucking her twat. The shrieking of the girls overloads their sound equipment so the quality is awful. And once again there's too much focus on close ups so we lose a bit of the "gang" part of the gang bang. But there's no mistaking that there are a lot of feminine hands stuffing Bridgette's holes with fingers and toys.

Early on they figure out that the lady of the house can take four fingers handily. This is a good development and they take advantage of it for some time. While on the table they also decide to see how many rubber dildos can fit into her pussy. After trying two at once for a while, they find that the answer is three. That's right, three dildos at once. Any stuffing fan can find some good material on this disc.

They move things over to the staircase and the toy usage becomes paramount. A couple of the girls have strap ons and the rest are wielding big chunks of penis-shaped rubber. After some strap on fucking, they throw her to the floor and begin the pile driving. This goes on for some time, with different combinations of holes and toys. Mostly, though, they keep her ass and cunt filled with another toy in her mouth. Some gaping shows up and soon Bridgette is getting D.P.ed by two maids with strap ons. Not bad. Meanwhile the other girls are starting to use the toys on themselves. The climax, so to speak, is when they use the fist-toy (which I like to call the "armadildo") on Bridgette and she takes the thing up her snatch. This is just about as close as you can get to seeing fisting on film these days without it actually being a human fist. After that, where else can they go? Nowhere, so it ends.

Overall: Not a bad set up, and the action delivers what the box promises. Bridgette takes the abuse like a trooper. The maids get crazy on her with every toy they're handed. Nothing too fancy. The camera needed to pull away more often for wider views and there wasn't a lot of variety to the action. However, I still had a good time.

Extras include a chapter search, bios of some of the girls, a photo gallery, a behind the scenes featurette, and three trailers.



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