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Title: Nasty Girls 15  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: n/a
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Nasty Girls #15

MOVIE TYPE: All-girl, all sex

120 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Buffy Malibu
THEMES: Girl on girl, interviews

STARS: Jennifer Worthington, Tricia Devereaux, Katie Gold, Charlie, Sydnee Steele, Erica Bella, Missy, Alexandra Nice, Vanessa, Davia Ardell, Jessica Darlin

Reviewed by: Mars


Buffy Malibu's long running series of all-girl action has the right idea. The premise is girls who like girls doing girls the way they like to do girls. That is to say, there isn't much direction. The hope is that the girls will get it on in such a way that they can get off. Doesn't always work. On the whole, however, I appreciate the effort. We get to see some fine veggie action and the feeling is less forced than some of the more staged Sapphic scenes in other movies. The problems arise when the actresses can't (or don't) loosen up and have at it. There are several who need more direction to get a scene going or are more into paychecks than other women, so their segments take a lot of warming up or just never get off the ground. The good news is that the scenes that work really work well. On this disc two out of five work really well, one is pretty good and the others are mediocre.

Tricia and Katie start things off with the best scene on the disc. Tricia is a busty brunette with a fine body and pretty face. Katie is a skinny blonde with attitude. And together, they fight crime. OK, not really. They have a bit of interview and then plunge right into the pussy eating. The 69 is a treat as they enthusiastically munch muff. Tricia is wild for it and Katie really eats well. They take to rubbing and licking each other at various angles. Tricia gets four of Katie's fingers stuffed in her cunt (and looks damn sexy while it's happening). Katie gets into it when they press each other's feet into their crotches. An interesting position and a good time. Katie humps on Tricia's leg before getting eaten and things end well. Their energy with each other is hot, making the scene smoke.

Charlie, a tan and busty exotic beauty, and Sydnee, a skinny brunette with massive bolt ons, sit outside and do each other on a blanket. This is early in Sydnee Steele's career but she's a willing student. While they don't seem to dislike what they're doing, the two of them are slow to heat up. They lick at and use toys on each other but it looks more like exercise than sex. Sydnee concentrates on Charlie with a toy and a vibrator and gets her off (things begin to warm up). Charlie puts on a strap on and fucks Sydnee a bit. It's the pile driver that really ramps up the excitement. And they finish by having Charlie fuck Sydnee's ass with a toy. Not bad, but it takes a while to get there.

Erica and Missy are next and they're partway to the sex before the scene starts. Erica is a busty and shapely Euro paired up with the toned and tall Missy. Erica is a little over the top with her moans and writhing but not by much. Missy does a good job going down on her and uses her fingers well. Missy is more low-key but she smolders very well, grinding into Erica's tongue and fingers and gasping nicely. A dildo gets thrown into the mix and Erica takes it well but then there's a weird bit of language difficulty that stops the action cold. Why it wasn't edited out is anybody's guess. When the problem comes up Erica shuts off the sexy instantly and then turns it on again when things are cleared up. She's pleasant, but the incident is a bucket of ice water for the mood. Eventually it's Missy's turn on the dildo and that sparks the pilot light again. She's into the fucking and has Erica choke her while she grinds on the toy. Good stuff, but that full-stop in the middle put a damper on the first half of the scene.

This brings us to Vanessa and Alexandra. Both are skinny girls and Alexandra really gives off a "I don't really dig girls" vibe. But that's probably just her difficulty with English, because when the action starts it gets steamy almost right away. Alexandra is the pitcher throughout most of this scene, diving into Vanessa's muff and staying there throughout most of it. Vanessa is appreciative, making great sex noises and coming at least twice with legs shaking and head thrown back. Her enthusiastic response seems to goad Alexandra to new heights of pussy eating and they just lock into formation and fly. Buffy chooses a spectacularly ill-timed moment to ask them to try to look in the camera more, but it doesn't ruin anything. Considering the initial lackluster interview it's surprising how this scene turns out. The intensity is pretty good. Even the toy fucking isn't bad. Nice stuff.

To round it out we get a threesome with a group of nearly interchangeable blondes. Jennifer, Jessica, and Davia spend some time talking before getting naked. They're all pretty and well shaped (though Davia has very fake tits) but it seems like they're plagued by short attention span. If there had been two of them it wouldn't be so bad, but they tend to start on one person and then switch before they hit a good groove. There's a nice bit with Davia on the floor, Jennifer on her face and Jessica at her crotch. That works out pretty well. Davia fucks Jess with a strap on, soon followed by Jessica doing herself in the ass with a vibrator while the other two play support. It's not very inclusive. Someone's always on the peripheral, not right there in the action and that's distracting. It's too bad, they had potential.

Overall: Taken all together Nasty Girls #15 is an average flick. The intensity in the first scene isn't sustained. There are flashes of it in the other segments but nothing long term. It beats the girl-girl vids populated with women who can't even act like they're having a good time, but the heat isn't consistent.

Extras include a chapter search, a photo gallery, some web URLs, and 20 previews on side B.



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