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Title: Inch Freaks 2  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Inch Freaks #2

110 Mins.
THEMES: Big Dicks, Vignettes, Euro-babes
STARS: Brianna Banks, Sara, Hollie Stevens, Simone, Lucy Lee, Carol, Brandon Iron, Denis Marti, Joe Monti, Brett Rockman, Wesley Pipes, George, Boby

Reviewed by: Mars

Inch Freaks #2 is a really utilitarian porn flick. It has the essentials (pretty, naked women and full-blown hardcore sex) all wrapped in a slick package. It's not bare bones or too hurried. There's decent production value involved and each scene leads up to the main sex action with a story or a tease. By the same token, it won't have you climbing the walls with unbridled lust either. It's like the family owned diner, you won't get filet mignon, but you're not getting fast food either. All right, enough of that. Inch Freaks #2 has good looking girls getting well fucked by large cock-jocks, that's all I'm trying to say.

Brianna Blaze is the opening act. As with all the scenes it begins with a brief solo visual introduction. She shows off a bit for the camera and then we get to the actual scene. This one has a little plot. Brianna is looking at an apartment and the landlord is quoting a very high price, so she decides (in true porn fashion) to negotiate with sex. Quite frankly, I was overjoyed that they used this hoary old plot device. If only they had a pizza delivery boy scene as well. I'm a sucker for the classics. Anyway, she's a short haired blonde with a fine, all natural body. She takes a whack at sucking his monstrous cock and does a good job with it. The standing doggy style is fun, with a bit of hair pulling and some swinging breast action (she's got a large set). The views aren't bad, but overall the camera tends to stay too close. There's also a bit of smoking and cocksucking at one point, for you tobacco fans. There's a nice reverse cowgirl ride that lets us see her whole body as she rides her boy's crotch. They eventually find a mattress so she can get on all fours and then turn over on her back for more pounding. Not a bad start to the disc.

Lucy Lee, a Euro-babe brunette with a cute face, good small tits and a fine round ass, is up next. She does the solo strip and changes into a dress and heels. Which leads almost immediately to her getting groped and stripped by her cock-jock. The blow job is nothing special but there's an interesting segment when the guy shoves a butt plug in her ass and makes her walk around a bit before doing her from behind. A second guy shows up and the anal action soon begins. Now, when the girl in a scene does anal and there are two guys with her guess what happens next. D.P. And Lucy does it well, taking them both very deeply without a hitch. They continue wrecking her ass and getting ATM hummers before she gives one a very good foot job. Good time.

Hollie Stevens is my favorite on this disc. She's a young blonde with a terrific ass and small chest. Her solo bit has her stroking herself over a mirror on the floor. Very cool. Brandon Iron is her stud and he always brings out the best in his partners. The same can be said here. Hollie rises to the task at hand with a good blow job and eager moans during the sex. She takes it all and Brandon gives it nice and strong. Hollie gives a good show and take his dick in many different ways. The camera work is all right during the scene. A bit too much close up work, but that's been the case throughout. It's not too lopsided, we do see some full shots, but it's noticeable.

Carol, another Euro-babe, gives us the solo peeks on a hiking trail. Once the scene proper starts she gets to the hummer quick. He returns the favor pretty well with a bit of pussy eating before they get into reverse cowgirl for some good views. Carol's got a nice ass and it's showcased as they fuck on the staircase. The standing doggy style isn't bad either and the missionary plunging is well shot. It ends in a money shot and she eats it before fading out. So far no major complaints. I like that.

Another Euro-babe, Sara, is in the next scene. She's a tan hottie with a sweet body; excellent natural tits and a good ass. To be fair, all of the women on this disc are lookers. Sara does the solo show off and strip down before putting on a tube dress. It's almost immediately ditched and a guy comes in to load her ass with a couple of large anal beads. He fucks her from behind for awhile (the beads getting pulled out) and a second guy shows up. The action is pretty hot though the views could be better. It's a good thing to see her in reverse cowgirl anal. That quickly becomes a D.P. (no big surprise) which eventually turns into sides anal and a blow job. The guys swap positions a few times, getting the ass-to-mouth action in there, and then dump a couple of loads on her chest. Good looking girl, decent action.

Simone is a coffee colored black girl with a fine figure. She plays the solo game for the camera for a while, showing off her talents, before jumping Wesley Pipes. He spends a little time eating her snatch, but it's nothing to write home about, and she tries to suck his long narrow cock. Gets some of it down. The fucking begins with a cowgirl ride and moves to doggy style. Both positions are impressive just because she can take almost all of his considerable length. Plus she's an active fucker, sliding along his shaft all on her own when given the chance. Wesley's a dirty talker too, which is fun.

Overall: As said above this is a solid offering of porn. It has all the right elements though nothing of a rarified nature. There isn't any knock your socks off material, but it certainly won't leave you hanging. Good work.



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