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Title: Hook-Ups  
Reviewer: Loomis  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A



MOVIE TYPE: Vignette

142 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Mark Stone

THEMES: Group sex, some anal



STARS: Nicole Sheridan, Holly Hollywood, Dru Barrymore, Cynara Fox, Nakita Kash, Jordan Haze

Reviewed by: Loomis

This film is pretty good, but the excessive use of MTV-style camerawork and choppy film editing hurt the score.

This film starts out with Dru Barrymore looking to get hooked up with Rafe for some serious anal pleasure. Dru does not look like the shorthaired blonde I recall from her previous days and her face looks a bit harder, but she still remains very pleasing to the eye. She rubs her pussy on the couch before being joined by Rafe. (A quick note about the film technique used here; it just plain sucks. It robs a lot of heat from every scene in the movie, and damn near gives you a headache. Either keep the camera still or don't use that motion blur crap). Rafe attacks her slit with his mouth (while fingering both holes) and Dru responds lustily with deep moans. When it's her turn to give some oral love, she swallows all of his cock with gusto while giving great eye contact. Dru gets on top for a short reverse cowgirl before taking Rafe's big dong into her ass in mish. She furiously rubs her slit during this and really appears to be enjoying her job. Dru takes a hard-pounding doggy anal before Rafe blows a big load in her mouth and on her chin. The post-pop footage is great, with more of that sensuous deep throat action.

Up next is by far the hottest scene in this movie. Nicole Sheridan and Holly Hollywood are strippers giving a private showing to Randy Spears and Voodoo. There is some gentle play before Nicole gets down and licks Holly's pussy from behind. Both girls get licked and fingered side by side on the platform with Nicole tasting Voodoo's fingers directly from Holly's snatch. Both women do some great blowjob work before Nicole gets down between Holly's legs and does a merry-go-round on both cocks and Holly's pussy. I may be falling in love with that broad.
The ladies each a take a side-by-side doggy before getting on top to ride (Nicole with her ass, and Holly with her pussy). Both ladies kneel and provide more excellent oral footage before taking sizable loads in their mouths. A nice kiss between them allows a minute amount of swapping before they clean their cocks off. This is a great scene, folks.

The next scene has Jordan Haze playing with her clit at the beginning. She talks about how much she likes to get fucked by Joel Lawrence and he appears to lick her lovely pussy. Jordan is super-attractive with a great pair of tits (if these aren't real, her physician is a genius). Joel eats her out before she goes to town on his shaft. Jordan gets all of his meat down her throat and leaves plenty of drool on it. The worst thing about this BJ footage is that it's way too short. Jordan goes for a RC ride before taking a hard-pounding missionary fuck. Joel unloads on her tits and that closes this out. After the previous scene, this is kind of a letdown, to be honest, even though Jordan is amazingly pretty.

Next up is porn vet Stephanie Swift and Cynara Rose. Cynara is a brunette with some ink and a nice, petite body. Steph begins by sucking on her nipples before Cynara returns the favor on Ms. Swift's famously long nips. Stephanie then moves down to her friend's pussy, but she seems more interested in tonguing Cynara's ass (OK with me!) than her pussy. There is some hot 69 footage before Stephanie puts on a strap-on and gives Cynara a serious fake-dicked doggy. Next is the obligatory double-headed dildo portion of the veggie action, and it's just ok (like it always is).

The next scene has Venus and Lee Stone. Venus is on a weight bench in a dominatrix-type bustier. (I've been to a few gyms in my day, yet this is the first I've seen of this. I'm not against it, however). Lola gets both her pussy and ass tongued hard by Stone, before slurping on his bent pole. She does a great job trying to swallow the whole thing, but comes up a bit short. After taking a RC ride for a few hot minutes, Lee gives Venus a long and hard-pounding mish anal. Venus takes a monster load in her mouth and licks heim clean like your best date ever.

The final scene is a 4-way veggie fest between August, Nakita Kash, Jordan Haze and Lola. Some pussylicking, some toy play, some boredom. Skip this one (although it's nice to see Jordan munch a little clam).  


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