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Title: Euro Girls Never Say No 2  
Reviewer: Loomis  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: A
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


Euro Girls Never Say No 2


140+ Mins.
Platinum X Pictures
DIRECTOR: Manuel Ferrara/Steve Holmes
THEMES: Anal, Euro-sluts


STARS: Maya Gold, Niki Belluci, Alissa, Jennifer, Lara Stevens, Leila Jamilla, Lisa, Trinity, Niki Montana

Reviewed by: Loomis


Even though there are only four scenes, I consider this to be a classic piece of pornography. All of the women are amazingly strokeable and all of them do things that the vast majority of us will never get the chance to experience. This is not a couples-friendly film, unless your significant other is actually one of these Euro-porn chicks. And if that's the case, I dislike you. We will not ever get along.

Scene One features cover girls Niki Belluci and Maya Gold. They meet on an outdoor deck and kiss whilst wearing lingerie. The scene then switches to an indoor atmosphere with Manuel Ferrara. Niki (the amazing brunette) shares
Maya's (the amazing blonde) tits with Manuel before he puts both on their knees and licks their slits from behind. Niki is more than willing to finger her own pussy while awaiting Manuel's tongue. The subsequent double BJ footage is phenomenal, as each hot chick tries to take as much down her throat as possible. (As Manuel's dick won't fit into a lot of full-size mailboxes, this doesn't actually go that well). I give them an A for effort, however. Before long, Manuel is fucking Maya while she licks Niki's slit. Niki decides that she needs a taste and puts her lovely mouth in range of Manuel's piston-like action and slurps the blonde's juices off whenever the opportunity presents itself. When the scene turns to anal, she does no fewer than six A2Ms from Maya's ass. Niki never actually gets fucked (Manuel's too big for her pussy, and these attempts are seen in the bonus footage) but she does a great job of making her mouth available while fingering herself throughout the entire scene. Maya extracts the big dick from her ass and shares it with Niki more than once as well. This great scene ends with Manuel shooting his load across Niki's tits and into Maya's mouth, after which she cleans off both. After a final suck from Niki, the scene ends. This is an absolutely brilliant porn scene.

Scene two stars Niki Montana and Leila Jamilla (another blonde/brunette combo) with Steve Holmes. They meet up on a massive lawn and tongue kiss before Mr. Holmes has Ms. Montana lick Leila's ass while she is on her knees. Niki may not have the greatest teeth in the world, but her willing attitude and hot body more than make up for it. Leila is just plain fucking beautiful, with long brunette hair and gorgeous natural tits. The ladies line up for a 69 while Steve fucks Niki Montana's pussy and Leila is there to take it out and suck it clean whenever possible. This is great action. Niki licks Leila's pussy while getting spooned for a short while before the brunette comes down to taste her from Steve's long dong. When Steve moves to anal, Leila alternates between licking Steve's balls and ass while still making time for A2M straight from Niki's back door. Eventually Niki gets off and shares the taste of her ass with Leila before the brunette gets on him and rides Mr. Holmes with her pussy. (I'll be honest here; I've never liked anal-to-pussy-insertions in porn. I just don't find it very appealing,) Before long, it's right back to Niki Montana's ass and Leila is still interested in seeing how that tastes in repeated fashion. Steve manages one big load across both faces and then is able to come up with another small spurt within a minute for both ladies to clean off of his long dick. This is my favorite porn scene since I've started reviewing.

The third act has Steve Holmes on roller blades being dragged around by his cock behind a golf cart driven by Ferrara. Look, I'll be honest here; my bone is roughly 2/3 of Steve's dick. But there is no way that I'm going to stick it out of my shorts and let some porn slut drag me around behind any type of motor vehicle by my Johnson. I've skateboarded long enough to know how bad road rash is on my knees, back, arms, head, etc...and I'll forever admire Holmes' commitment to porn after watching him put his dong on the line for a shoot. The female in the scene is named Lara, and she's great with her hands and mouth. (The bonus scene of her sucking Holmes in the ride to the shoot is really hot, incidentally). The rest of the scene is pretty standard MMF action, with plenty of A2M and some double anal action (one girl= three holes+two dicks. "That must mean we have to put two dicks in one hole. Ayup." Knock that shit off and learn math, fellas).

I'm not the first to say it, but rubbing your cock on another cock, wherever that action happens to be located, is GAY or at least tremendously homo-erotic/bi-curious/what-have-you. There are a lot of those types of films out there for fans of that sort of thing, and that's great. If that's your bag, fly with that. Put it on the overhead compartment. I'm not convinced that it belongs in hetero porn, however. Am I closed-minded or anti-gay? You make the call. The scene ends in a nice open-mouthed facial with some nice post-pop cleaning of the units in question.

The final scene involves Jennifer being led into a club by Frank Gun. This is some type of initiation/swinger ordeal, and Jennifer is in for the time of her life, according to her escort. She witnesses several blowjobs upon her entrance and seems intrigued, but not yet ready to join in the festivities. After watching some anal and DP from a few of the ladies in question, she joins in the fun. Jen delivers a nice BJ and gets on and rides while slurping a cock right out of her bench neighbor's pussy and watches various other veggie and straight action. All of this is well shot, but whenever 11 or so people are having sex in a room, it will be difficult to bring a consistent level of heat to the action. Orgy scenes are notoriously difficult to shoot, and this one suffers from the same problems that most of them end up with. Scattered action, regardless of the heat, will be diluted from sheer numbers. The worst thing about this scene is the fact that with five totally hot female performers, only one takes the facials from the six males. It ends up being a mini-bukkake, and while the other girls are there, they are little more than endnotes to the culmination of the scene.

I'm certain that it might appear that I've denigrated this film too much for the rating I've given it, but the aspects that are good are so amazing that it'd be impossible to let it go with anything less than my highest rating on this website.

Buy this.

Have a nice time.


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