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Title: Violation of Jewel De'Nyle  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: A
Male looks: n/a
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


The Violation of Jewel DeNyle

80 Mins.
JM Productions
DIRECTOR: Jim Powers
THEMES: All-girl, rough sex, power play, presidential politics

STARS: Jewel DeNyle, Brandi Lyons, Charmane, Heather Lyn, Paige Sunclair, Sabrina Jayde, Gwen Summers

Reviewed by: Mars


I like the premise for Jim Powers' Violation series. It flies in the face of the standard soft-focus, wussy, lipstick lesbian action in favor of hardcore, rough, lipstick lesbian action. It's a treat to see pretty women focusing all their post-Kinsey aggression on one of their own and using toys of gradually increasing size to do it. However, there's not much structure beyond "get her!" and it becomes a shrieking frenzy of pumping rubber dicks and high-pitched screaming. This is ok in small doses, but after the first twenty minutes it starts to grate. Bear in mind, also, that when I say rough I mean it. It's not "really" rough, in that no-one gets hurt, but the spirit is certainly there. They do try to live up to the word "violation." So, this may not be the movie to show your first-time porn viewer girlfriend to get her in the mood.

The plot on this one is simple and startlingly well done. While not the highest production values, we get some decent sets and writing. Jewel is running for president and needs to win Florida. So her interns do the dirty work. Gwen Summers, as the head hench-girl, displays an ability for dialogue as the plot unfolds. The first scene, something of an appetizer, has her seducing Sabrina and doing her on the conference table. The build up is good, some kissing, some stripping. The girls are cute with great bodies. Gwen does the tongue dance all over Sabrina's bald pussy and gets a trio of fingers in there as well. She sits on the other girl's face for a time and fucks her with a cigar shaped vibrator (the political satire is thick in this one). However, the variety is limited for the amount of time we spend with this pair. Each new sex act lasts a long, long time. They're all nice, but not five minutes apiece nice.

So, with the pre-show over things heat up when Jewel, now secure in her presidency, fires her hench-girls abruptly. They react badly to the news and attack the president-elect, stripping her naked within moments. Gwen seems to be the spokesperson and, while I admire her unflagging enthusiasm, she's a shrill harpy. After the first ten minutes of her constant screeching I just wanted her to shut up. At the very least the director could've passed the verbal abuse torch to another girl for awhile.

Jewel, it should be noted, is a fine and nasty porn actress. She's got the chops for dealing with a violent mob of lesbians and proves it throughout her "ordeal." She can take anything they throw at her (or, to be precise, into her). At one point she faces a huge strap on. DeNyle manages to take more of it in her mouth than most girls would be able to handle in their nether regions. Well done. She does add to the irritation factor, however, with an almost constant stream of screaming to rival Gwen's talking.

The other moment of note is the foot fucking. Someone's pretty toes are lubed up and pushed into Jewel's snatch up to the ball of her foot. Yes, all five toes. Between that and the other thick rods of rubber that are shoved into all her holes, Jewel is thoroughly violated. There's a nice strap on D.P. worth mentioning as well.

The problem, beside the constant dog-whistle of Gwen's yelling and Jewel's screaming, is mainly one of camera angles. Things are shot very close for the majority of the flick. I've always thought that gang-bangs are naturals for wide angle work. The whole point is that many are doing one. If all we see is the bang-ee's crotch then we only get unrecognizable views of the banger's bits. And with a movie where big toys are the fucking weapon of choice we don't see much more than the hands of the ones doing the violating.

This is illustrated well with the round robin of face sitting. The women take turns mashing their cunts into Jewel's face. This is interspersed with shots of her cunt getting pounded with rubber. The result is that we don't see most of the women changing places and the shots are so close in that we can't tell who's on her face at any given moment. It kind of defeats the purpose of her getting used like a communal fuck-doll if we can't really tell that she's being used by the whole community.

Overall: Good idea, good concept. The costumes, dialogue, and sets were also well done. The camera work, however, often killed the point. More wide shots would've helped us get more of a feel for the one-woman-used-by-several-women theme. Still, it's a rough sex romp with a lighthearted undertone that will fulfill some of your darker fantasies without getting too icky.

Extras include a few bios, chapter search, a photo gallery, three trailers, and a pretty good behind the scenes featurette. It catches Sabrina looking pretty fucked up and an intriguingly candid conversation between some of the women about box art.



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