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Title: New Girls 4  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


New Girls #4

148 Mins.
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: Joey Silvera
THEMES: Fresh faces, light domination, solo teases

STARS: Shawnie, Claire James, Hollie Stevens, Reese, Cindi Lee, Deja Chan, Mark Ashley, Dillon, Brian Pumper, Trent Tesoro, Brett Rockman

Reviewed by: Mars


Joey Silvera has an eye for talent. While I''m most familiar with his transsexual work (which is stellar), New Girls #4 is a prime example of Silvera''s undeniable touch for porn in general. In this disc he''s gathered a bevy of beautiful, all natural women who are also eager and enthusiastic performers. It may sound like a wild claim but there isn''t a bad scene in this movie. Not to say that each one is classic, but I''d watch ''em all a few more times. There''s a definite undercurrent of domination in a lot of the scenes, but it''s lightweight stuff. Nevertheless, it spices the action up considerably, making an already hot disc that much more picante.

First on the block is the very pretty and well formed Shawnie. She''s a young girl with a fine figure, which includes some large and perfectly formed natural breasts. She grinds and teases against a mirror for some time, oiling up in the process. It''s a fine bit of solo work and really gets things pumping. There''s some talk before the action, but it doesn''t ruing anything. When Mark Ashley shows up, Shawnie sucks at his large rod for a time. It''s an odd technique, quick, shallow swallows and licks, but obviously does the job. He goes down on her and does a great job with tongue and fingers. Shawnie looks a bit distracted but it could be the sun in her eyes. She soon proves that she''s not just along for the ride. Her well toned body gets put through the paces in a few positions and she gets vocal. It''s hot when she''s on top (which she is for most of it) because she really rides his cock. The reverse cowgirl, in particular, gives us good views and she has a tit bouncing good time. It ends with a rather well done hand job, which Shawnie claims is her favorite thing. And I believe her. Good girl.

The insanely cute and voluptuous Claire James is willingly used and abused in the next scene. I can''t do justice to how perky this girl is as she says what a dirty whore she is and asks to suck cock. It''s indescribable, but wildly cool. She''s got a 50''s bombshell look to her and two guys, Dillon and Brian Pumper, get to have their way with everything she has to offer. Joey gets so excited that he pulls her hair a few times. This is the heaviest of the domination, but it''s perfectly obvious that it''s consensual and that Claire is having a blast. The guys treat her right and we get terrific views of the action. She sucks like a champ and takes it in every hole with a lusty grin. She even has an orgasm (yes, for real) with Brian fucking her ass and Dillon rubbing her clit. It''s what porn should always be about, nasty fun and real orgasms. Claire gets to experience D.V. and a couple variations of D.P. and a lot of other positions and combinations. Plus she swallows. It''s a fun time.

The next scene is another threesome, but this time we get two girls and a guy. Hollie, a taut tomboy bleach blonde who is very hot, and Reese, a busty redhead. Their cock jock is Hollie''s roommate, Trent, and the three of them get it on pretty well. I''m guessing that they''re a bit inexperienced at either threesomes or each other. At times they fall into the obvious ménage a trios trap: One person left by themselves as the other two screw. Still, the moments when it''s all in tune are pretty damn good. Hollie is the driving force. She''s got a lusty growl and a take-charge demeanor that reveals her as a girl who likes to fuck. And fuck she does. The girls go down on each other in turn, Trent gets his pole lubed by both and plays the part of hobby horse to the two cowgirls. The intensity between them when it clicks keeps the heat up. Even when the third wheel is left out the other two are more than making up for it so it doesn''t get dull or awkward. They finish up and the roommates decide they should try again at home. Now that I would have liked to see...

The exotic beauty Cindi Lee is the girl of the next scene and she is quite the package. Fantastic body with small tits, excellent ass, and terrific legs. Plus a pretty face with a killer pout. She and her cock jock Brett make out for quite a while. He gropes at that fine ass as she stands in the kitchen with nothing but her panties and shoes on. The groping continues and just heats up. She gets to the blow job and does well with his massive curved tool. The views are great as she squats and gobbles. Very sexy. The atmosphere is charged between them and it translates onto the screen very well. It gets to the actual sex and the sparks are crackling. Cindi has nice sex noises and the camera gets excellent angles on difficult positions. Go Joey. Brett strokes deep and strong and Cindi arches into each thrust. It''s a scene that I found myself watching quietly while sitting still. I didn''t want to miss anything. That''s sexy.

To wrap it up we get Deja Chan. She''s half Chinese and petite with tiny breasts and amazing hair. It''s in ringlets that go down past her nicely formed ass. She''s another confident lady who takes on two guys. They get some good tag sucking before fingering her deeply. Deja gets into it and things get hot. She''s got great legs and spreads them wide for a hard and deep mish fucking. The guys are keeping her busy and then someone gets the idea to use her own hair to bind her arms behind her back. God bless them, it''s really sexy. One of them holds her hair around her elbows while the other face fucks her. They get her at both ends for some time and we get the benefit of good camera work as they go. Deja is enjoying herself and it comes across, making the scene a hot one. There are some light slaps and spanks which adds to the intensity. Near the end they tie her hair to her ankles, like a half-hogtie and use her mouth. Deja and her cock jocks are great performers and send the movie off on a high note.

Overall: I will keep this disc. I will watch it again. I will lend it to friends. It''s such a solid production of pure sex gonzo that I am having a hard time finding fault with it. Silvera rounded up enthusiastic and talented group, wound them up and let them go. We never see his face but it''s obvious that he''s excited by what he''s seeing too. All of it adds together to make a winner of a fuck flick.

Extras are good, you get the chapter search as well as a fetish menu. There''s a bonus scene with Cherry Lane (it''s a full scene, just like the ones on the main disc) and some extra footage of each of the girls. A photo gallery, cast list and some URLs round it out.



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