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Title: I Love Lesbians 11  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: n/a
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: A


I Love Lesbians #11

130 Mins.
New Machine
DIRECTOR: Randy West
THEMES: Girl-girl, toys, orgasms, real sex

STARS: Holly Hollywood, Daisy Chain, Asia Carerra, Taylor Moore, Tiffany Mason, Faith Adams, Papillion, Vanessa

Reviewed by: Mars


Randy West has named his all-girl series well. He does seem to love girl-girl action and has taken steps to try and capture authentic veggie encounters. He puts together women who enjoy other women and lets them play as they see fit. It's not so much that he's the director as he is the documentarian, simply filming what he finds. It works out pretty well most of the time and very, very well in the first scene. More on that in a second. West also has a talent for single camera shooting. His angles are great and he has a sense for when to go from close up to wide shot and vice versa. But still the greatest strength of I Love Lesbians #11 is that he gives the girls free reign.

The first scene is superb. It pairs up Holly and Daisy, who turn out to be the hottest things on this disc when mixed together. Daisy takes control and Holly is more than willing to let her lead. From the start it's obvious that these two are into each other. The kissing gives it away. The intensity that builds up is palpable and makes the action cook. While I'm not a foot-fetishist, when the girls suck on each other's toes it's amazingly hot. They are driving themselves crazy with lust. Something of note, these two never use toys, just fingers and mouths. We watch as Daisy uses her strong hands to bring Holly to a couple of shaking orgasms and then they switch. Daisy isn't as aerobic as Holly, but it's no less hot. Oddly enough, this scene is so crackling with energy that the other scenes suffer by comparison. None of them are bad, but this one is tops.

The next pair is made up of Taylor Moore and Asia Carerra. Taylor is completely star struck by Asia, almost fawning in her excitement to get it on with the beautiful lady. Asia is a bit shy about the attention (really, she nearly blushes) which is cute. The two of them are more strictly professional than the first couple. They seem very aware of the camera at all times. It's still a superior scene, but there's a lack of nonchalance that Daisy and Holly had. Anyway, that doesn't detract from the excellent views we get of Asia's gorgeous body and face. And Taylor is quite the tongue fucker, getting her long wet member deep into her partner's snatch and even spending a long time eating and tonguing her ass. It's all very well done and sexy as hell. Asia takes some time using a strap on, fucking Taylor nicely with some hair pulling and vigorous pounding. Good stuff. And Taylor does Asia in the ass with a dildo, bringing the star to decent petit mal. Sweet scene.

Third we get Tiffany, a very skinny, tall girl and Faith, a raven haired beauty. It seems Faith wanted to work with Tiff and got her wish. Once again, this scene is good, but the bar was set very high, very early so there's some stuff that just doesn't measure up. However, Faith starts turning things up by sweetly teasing Tiff's thighs and legs with her tongue before diving in for some good cunnilingus. She also requests that the thin girl sits on her face. That goes well, but it isn't the most audience friendly position since we can't see much of what's going on. The 69 is nice, Faith keeps proving she's into it by paying enthusiastic attention to Tiffany's cunt. The double dildo ride is done very well. Faith on her back, Tiff straddling her and pumping back and forth to fuck the prone girl. That's how the toy should be used and they get the friction on. It ends with the two of them using a vibrator to bring each other off. Real orgasms, as far as I can judge, and an ok time.

To wrap it up we get Papillion, a very pretty brunette, and Vanessa an exotic looking girl with a sweet accent. They get into the action pretty quick and Papillion dives into Vanessa's crotch. She stays there a long time without coming up for air and Vanessa is shaking with pleasure. Not so physical, not much of a writher, but she makes some great sex noises as she climbs to that orgasm. She's a happy girl and returns the favor. Again, not much of a show though Papillion isn't complaining. After a time she claims orgasm and it ends.

Overall: The first scene is one of the best (if not the best) girl on girl action I've seen. Daisy and Holly are really going at it with each other. It's pure, unadulterated lust and fucking. As such, the other scenes pale in comparison. In fact, West seems to have it set up so that it goes from best to worst, Daisy and Holly exploding out front, Asia and Taylor doing an excellent job, and eventually tailing off with the low-key match up of Vanessa and Papillion to end things. I'd rather have seen it as a build-up to the best, but organization problems aside, he's capture some fine all-girl action.

Extras are mildly average. The sub-chapters allow you to get to the different action sequences in each scene, which is nice, and then there's a photo gallery and nine previews.



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