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Title: Czechmate  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: A
A/V Quality: B



MOVIE TYPE: Feature/Vignette
85 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Richard Mailer
THEMES: Outdoors, euro-babes, vignettes

STARS: Sandra, Maria, Anastasia, Sascha, Evelin, Carmen, Suzie, Denis Marti, Steve Holmes, Herschel Savage, Claudio Villa, Georg Uhl

Reviewed by: Mars


Maybe it's a cultural disconnect, but it was hard to get fully involved in Czechmate. I've mentioned this before, but Euro-babes tend to be too stand-offish for my tastes. It's that continental ennui that plays well in classics like Wings of Desire but tends to drag things down in porn. It may seem that the second word in the phrase "porn actor" is superfluous, but the better an adult performer is at acting like they're having a good time, the better the scene is going to be. And several of the girls in Czechmate fail to act sufficiently interested. There are exceptions of course, some of the ladies are into it and some work up to it, so the final result is pretty good. It's bolstered by excellent picture quality, decent mini-plots, and workable camera angles. But if only the eastern bloc had produced more enthusiastic women this would've been a much hotter film.

It begins with Sascha and her boy at a dinner table with nothing but a can of whipped cream to eat. She's a slender brunette with a winning smile, small chest, and legs that look great in stockings. There's some fucking and sucking that works out pretty well. The two of them put whipped cream on various sticky-outy parts and lick it off in the course of sexing it up. They get along well, smiling and teasing as they go. It's almost too playful, but does heat up with a nice reverse cowgirl and a pounding doggy style against the table.

Anastasia and Steve Holmes share a park bench and she mistakenly answers her vibrator instead of her phone. Pretty funny. It leads to nice kissing and groping, which in turns leads to the revelation of Anastasia's very nice, large natural tits. Their oral action is not worthwhile, which is unusual for Steve, so skip it. The actual fucking, however, is a tit-jiggling good time. Anastasia is a cutie and we get good looks at her throughout their bumping. They swap from doggy to sides to reverse cowgirl and to mish as the scene progresses. It ends with a pop shot (duh).

Carmen, a leggy and pretty brunette with a sweet ass, is locked in a bar with her guy and they decide to make a night of it. After a while kissing he eats her pretty pussy and she sucks his rod. Nothing too exciting though it leads to the full action. Carmen typifies my complaint about Euro-babes, distant and distracted she seems to float through most of it. However, we catch a break when she suddenly clicks over and gets more interested, and interesting. The sides gives us a good angle and she has some nice fuck faces as she sighs and wiggles. The reverse cowgirl is also a good view, while the doggy style shows off her nice rear. It's all right, though takes a bit to get to the good stuff.

The worst of the Euro-babe offenders is Sandra. She's cute, her body is nice, great natural tits, but she's mostly a rag doll. While she sits on her cock-jock's lap as he kisses her, one of her arms is around his neck, the other simply lays at her side. Uninterested, uninteresting. The cunnilingus doesn't do anything for her, her blow job is lackluster, the mish falls flat. It's not until the reverse cowgirl that we see more reaction from the woman. Which doesn't last. The guy almost makes up for it with a standing doggy pounding that rocks the table and a pop shot that smear half her face, but Sandra is just boring.

Sunbathing Suzie gets oiled up by Herschel Savage and stripped of her bathing suit. Suzie is long and leggy, with a poor set of implants. Despite this, she's one of the best fucks in the film. She's on board with the whole thing from the start. Suzie is constantly writhing and moving as Herschel services her. Her blow job is the best on the disc, she makes it past the tip and all the way to the base of his cock, throwing in a few licks for good measure, American style! They get into 69 briefly. When she rides his tool it's a good show. Best performer, worst tits. The irony is thick. Watch for the hot dimples in her ass when he pounds her from behind.

Best for last. We get Carmen again with Steve Holmes. This turns out to be a much better match for her. They do their thing on a garden swing, with Steve teasing his way between her legs. She returns the favor with a better blow job than she gave before. Carmen also reacts nicely to the action as they go through the motions. They click and he does her a couple ways, lifting her into the air twice. It moves into the anal portion of the scene and he pumps away in several positions (and in mid-air again). Nicely done.

Overall: It doesn't suck, that's certain. The girls are good looking, the technical aspects aren't lacking. It's just a little dry. The lazy air of the women doesn't give way to more passionate displays. Pretty, workable, just not blistering.

Extras a good, though. With a full bonus scene that's not bad, galleries of all the girls, DVD-Rom features, promo reels from Wicked, and 15 trailers. Good stuff.


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