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Title: Full Anal Access  
Reviewer: Loomis  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


Full Anal Access
105 Mins.
Platinum X
DIRECTOR: Michael Stefano
THEMES: Anal, A2M, DP, some swallowing
STARS: Ashley Blue, Brooke Balentyne, Rio Mariah, Mandy Bright, and Jasmine Lynne
Reviewed by: Loomis
-Before I actually write about the action in this film, I'm going to have to make a statement about all-sex, hardcore action. The statement is as follows: Too many dicks, not enough chicks.

I think I understand the Industry's (and many fan's) thinking here: There isn't too much nastier than a chick willing to get plugged in both lower holes and then put that cock back into her mouth and swallowing the load. What is nastier than that, one might ask. That slut doing the same with multiple cocks would be the answer. From what I've seen lately, many companies are using this approach, and I am somewhat tired of it. I think that it makes the action too jerky and the scenes too long, and I'm personally sick of watching guys rub their dicks together in the same hole. I know that there are a lot of double-vaginal and double-anal fans out there, but to me, it's just a circus act that I am seeing too much of. There should be a new rule: if you have three dicks in a scene, you need at least two chicks in the scene. And while that increases the number of performers to 5 (which is probably the minimum requisite number in the Handbook of Orgies or some such nonsense) it allows for many options that aren't available with just one girl.

This film starts off with the too-cute-for words Ashley Blue. She chokes herself on the poles of two lucky porn studs, and there is tons of drool. I am not all that big on the gagging, but Ashley takes it like a champ. She is put into doggy while doing some great oral work. Pretty soon the third cock joins the action. There is a ton of DP switching while the lovely Ms. Blue gets pounded while sucking the other cock. There is also some DP with Ashley being suspended in the air while getting penetrated in both holes. Not long after this the doubling up begins, first in her lovely pussy and then in her ass. She takes both dicks out of her bum and sucks them simultaneously in the first double-anal-to-double-mouth I've ever seen. All of the guys shoot into her mouth and she swallows everything that made it in there like a real trooper.

The second performer is Brooke Balentyne. There's something about this girl's looks that makes me think of a young Jewel DeNyle for some reason. She has a great ass and a better smile. She starts off with a double handjob before impaling her face on these porn tools (Michael Stefano and Manuel Ferrara). The action is pretty straightforward with lots of P2M before they start to bang her ass in multiple positions. Lots more happy A2M, and Brooke really gets her colon stuffed during this scene. No double-anything for the lovely Ms. Balentyne, and she swallows both loads with ease. This is a good scene for those that like raunchy buttsex and swallowing.

Next up is the Hispanic Rio Mariah. I generally really dig Spanish girls, but Rio doesn't do a lot for me in the looks department. She fondles her boobs for a bit and sticks 4 fingers in her pussy before snuggling up to the cocks of Manual Ferrara and Mark Davis. Davis licks her box before the double BJ footage begins, and again, there is a ton of drool. Davis goes straight into her ass while she blows Manuel and the DP begins. Rio looks very good in this scene, although they leave a skirt around her middle for much of the action. (I am not sure why this is, as her body needs no cover-up at all). Each takes a single turn on her ass, after which she cleans the cocks off with mouth with great frequency until they shoot their loads into her open mouth. She dribbles this down between her tits until it reaches her pussy and the scene ends.

Next is cover girl Mandy Bright. She does a bit of self-play (paying her asshole most of the attention before Michael Stefano comes in with a large plug for her asshole and some ben-wah balls for her pussy. She takes the plug with ease and the ben-wah balls into her mouth after insertion into her box. She soon begins blowing Stefano and Frank Gun and Tony Ribas enter. Mandy can deep throat with the best of them, and she proves it here. The guys merry-go-round her holes for an exhausting 30 minutes or so, with lots of P2M and A2M, and Mandy never once slows down or appears to lose her enthusiasm for cock. All three shoot on her face and in her mouth to end an overlong but always energetic scene.

The final episode stars Jasmine Lynne, a blonde with an ok face and a voracious sexual appetite. (Packaging does not always reflect the quality of the product, folks). Jasmine is pretty flat-chested and has a little ink, but also apparently likes sticking fingers up her own asshole and tasting them. That's a real plus, in my book. She is presented with the cocks of Steve Holmes and Manuel Ferrara and certainly knows what to do with them. Her pussy takes a fast pounding before the anal action begins (and by the audible pop her asshole makes when Manuel exits it at one point during the scene, I'm guessing she hasn't been in the business that long). She takes multiple tastes of her own ass, and licks that of Holmes' for a good long while ass well. Manuel gets a bit of backdoor tongue action as well. The DP action finishes when they shoot big cumshots right into her mouth and she swallows like she's been in the desert for weeks.
This movie is really long, but serious raincoaters will love it for that.



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