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Title: Specs Appeal 11  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


Specs Appeal 11
94 Mins.
Kick Ass Pictures
DIRECTOR: Andre Madness
THEMES: Glasses, natural tits, foot licking, vignettes
STARS: Jasmine Lynn, Avena Lee, Alexis Malone, Kaylynn, Anna Mills, Trevor Zen, Talon, Jay Ashley, Barrett Blade, Steve Hatcher
Reviewed by: Mars
Kick Ass Pictures has been putting out some quality flicks. Specs Appeal 11 is certainly one of them. A vignette movie, the theme revolves around guys wanting to get it on with bespectacled girls and needing a hand from Specs Appeal. The set ups are entertaining, the girls are fantastic looking all natural women, and the action is pretty hot. The talent all have at least some facility for acting dialogue and a lot of ability for fucking. Add to that Andre Madness' deft camera work, which captures good angles and clear shots, and we've got a fine movie.

It starts with a guy (Trevor) wanting to bag his son's third grade teacher, played by Jasmine. They're having a parent-teacher conference and things get heavy. She strips to show us a killer body. Small chested, slender and taut, Jasmine has an excellent ass and fine set of legs. She bends over her desk for some tongue attention from Trevor and responds very well to his ministrations. There's a bit of feet and toe sucking leading to some decent pussy eating. Jasmine proves she can suck cock very well and then the fucking begins. Starting with some pounding doggy style and moving quickly into anal action the sex is worth your time. She takes it in the ass a couple ways and ATMs now and then before the mish anal. With her fingering herself while he plows her ass it's a steamy scene. The obvious pop shot on her glasses (and the consequent licking them off) ends things. Good opener.

The next scene has seriously good fantasy potential, with Jay asking for help banging his HR lady. She's played by Avena Lee, a sexy Asian hottie, in a business suit and a tough attitude. And things go all right. Avena's sweet ass and legs, coupled with a fine rack and pretty face (the braces are oddly cute), make things interesting quickly. The two of them, however, don't seem to have much of a connection as they screw. The action is fine, just not terribly smoky. Watch the blooper reel in the extras and it will become clear why the scene is slightly awkward; Jay's a jerk. Despite their differences we get to see some decent action from both of them. Not the best scene, but still above average.

Talon plays a guy with a yen for a foreign exchange student, Alexis. She's a nice looking blonde with an awesome ass and killer legs. They get into it on a library set. They trade some oral attentions that are ok, not great, and get to the action. The fucking is pretty wild, with Talon pounding the girl like a jackhammer in a few positions. The angles work well, giving us good views. Talon fucks her hard and fast for the entirety of the scene. Alexis takes it well and then takes his load on her glasses.

Next we have Barrett looking to score with the health food girl, Kaylynn. She's a stone cold babe with tawny features, slender, lithe body, and great hair. Add to that a solid ability to look like she's having a great time getting fucked and we've got a very good scene. After some stripping and leg worship (and with her legs I can see why), Barrett does a fine job eating her pretty pussy. Terrific views of the cunnilingus and the raw attractiveness of Kaylynn make it more interesting than the blow job that follows. The action starts with some cowgirl (nice rear view) and quickly turns into him pile driving her ass. Great view and she makes great sex noises. There's the doggy anal followed by some regular mish and she's into it all the way. A continuity problem shows up when Barrett dumps his load on her glasses which now have labels on the lens (they're empty frames for the rest of it), but what the hell.

To wrap things up we get Steve jonesing for the coffee house barrista, played by Anna Mills. She's got one of the prettiest faces, and a fantastic ass, but I would've thought (judging by looks alone) that they would have saved Kaylynn or Jasmine for last. When things get going, however, it's obvious why Anna is the anchor starlet. First off she acts well in the plot part. Then she backs it up with terrific cock sucking skills. But it's when the action begins that she shines. Steve and Anna click on screen and look like they're having a great time. They tease and play as they fuck, keeping things hot as they go. It's as though they both let go a bit and have fun. Which makes for a very hot scene. Good ending, good movie.

Overall: Most of it has already been said. Good looking talent, good action, the right amount of plot, and sweet camera work. Specs Appeal 11 lives up to the other Kick Ass Picture productions I've enjoyed. And girls in glasses are dead sexy.

Extras include a candid blooper reel (that gives you some insight into Avena and Jay's scene as well as showing Kaylynn's frustration with technical difficulties), a slide show, six previews, and ads.



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