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Title: Nikita Denise Exposed  
Reviewer: Porn Review Guy  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: A
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


Nikita Denise Exposed

MOVIE TYPE: Compilation
172 min
New Machine Publishing
DIRECTOR: Compilation
THEMES: Nikita Denise
STARS: Nikita Denise, Adara Star, Ursula, Michelle, and Timea
Reviewed by: PornReviewGuy
I had high hopes for this one but I can honestly say, I am disappointed. Even though Nikita Denise is stunningly gorgeous, the action is very slow and boring. Obviously, these scenes were taken from very early in her career because we all know that Nikita knows how to perform for the camera. This footage doesn't really show that.
Scene one is taken from "Dirty Debutantes 127". Nikita is paired off with a guy who is pretty small for porn standards. She sucks him off really well for a number of minutes. Unfortunately, this is probably the highlight of the scene. After the BJ, the couple goes straight into the doggy style position. She shows the most enthusiasm here but she really never gets into it. Next Miss Denise hops on the guy's dick for some RCG. They fuck like this for an eternity. I must say she really looked bored. Most of the time she was just looking around the room and moaning very softly. Anyway, after about five minutes, the guy decides he wants a tighter fit and sticks his dick up her bum. It remains in her ass for the remaining three positions (RCG, doggy, missionary). A descent scene that was really lengthy but not really exciting. The picture quality was very grainy.
Next we get to see Nikita eat some pussy. She is paired off with a good-looking Asian chick. This time the picture is crisp and clear. There really isn't anything to complain about in this scene. There probably could have been more tight close-ups of Nikita eating out but it wasn't too bad. Surprisingly, the girls never brought out a dildo to grind on but w/e. There was also very little ass play. Overall, it was another descent scene. Not bad but nothing special.
Scenes three and four could have easily been the same scene. Both are shot in "first person" style and Nikita bangs the same dude. She definitely looks her best here and puts out her best effort in these two sessions, Unfortunately, I got a huge problem with number four. Right in the middle of the action, the camera fades outs and goes into scene five. At first, I thought I pressed a button on the remote by mistake but I was wrong. It just ends with no finish whatsoever. It also ends the Nikita Denise portion of the DVD. I don't get it.
The remaining two scenes are taken from the "Global Warning" series. The first one features a damn cute brunette who gets her groove on with her b/f. She rides the guy in the missionary, doggy and cowgirl positions. It ends with the dude blowing his load inside of her. Very good action, I just wish it were just tad longer in length. The finale is with two hot chicks eating each other out and playing with a small vibrator. They end up jacking off the guy who shagged Nikita in the first scene.
Overall it's an average DVD. Definitely the price to rent but I don't recommend buying it. Only the hardcore fans of Nikita should buy this.



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