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Title: Wild on Sex  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


Wild on Sex

132 Mins.
Jewel De'Nyle Productions/Platinum X Pictures
DIRECTOR: Jewel De'Nyle
THEMES: gonzo, interviews
STARS: Jewel De'Nyle, Anna Belle, Austin O'Riley, Kylie Wilde, Renee Pornero, Anna Nova, Manuel Ferrara, Steve Holmes, Brandon Iron, Chris Charming

Reviewed by: Mars

One thing that can be said for Jewel De'Nyle, as a director she wouldn't ask a performer to do anything she wouldn't do. Wild On Sex is a collection of segments purely about fucking. There's a very casual, almost behind the scenes, feel to the movie. The actors all talk to the camera a bit before getting to the action. They're talking to Jewel as one pro to another and so the "god-I'm-such-a-horny-nympho" bullshit isn't quite so thick. Past that, the film is pretty standard, though the performances are decent and the camera work isn't bad. Jewel joins the fray in a couple of scenes and she's a fun time.

It begins with Austin, a well shaped girl with a great ass, good natural tits, and big teeth (which works for her, she's cute). There's a music-videoesque bit of her stripping and showing off for the camera, and then we see her dress again as she and Jewel chatter. Steve Holmes, her cock jock, is eager to get a piece of Austin and things start with him eating out her very bald pussy. He knows what he's up to and gets her started. The action lasts a long, long time and runs through a lot of positions and all of Austin's holes. The thing she seems to get off on the most, though, is choking on Steve's horse cock. Not the sexiest thing in the world, in my opinion, but Austin makes some funny fucking noises as she's gagging on his dick. She sez she likes it...go figure. Anyway, the fucking is non-stop and Austin can take it like a champ. Steve even fucks her hair (yes, her hair) and smells her feet. Which is unsurprising since he's a close friend of Christoph Clark. Austin actually seems to get fucked-out. It looks like she's finished before Steve is. So, it's pretty hot stuff up until that point, when even I was waiting for it to end.

A trio of Germans take the stage in the second scene. A guy and two girls. Renee is a raven haired girl with small breasts and a fine ass. Anna, who speaks no English, is and exotic looking blonde with fake tits and a slightly confused look since her compatriots aren't doing much translating for her. The ladies give a long show for the camera and end up doing each other. The guy comes in for a blow job from Anna as Renee eats her out and things kick into gear. The tag team hummer is a hot one, with the girls slurping on either side of his monstrous rod. The three of them work rather well together. As Anna gets done, Renee stays involved, rubbing clit, sucking and licking, etc. There's an excellent view of a steamy moment when Renee spends a moment sucking the guy's cock before stuffing it in Anna's ass. The camera angles are good and all holes are filled up before the final pop shot.

Jewel takes things personally in the next scene. She introduces us to Kylie, a Jersey girl with a slender but taut body, good legs and tight ass. Strangely, Kylie has her blonde hair in corn-rows. Add that to the large, clear braces in her mouth and she looks kinda funny from the neck up. Despite that, her attitude's right and she and Jewel put on a good show. Madame director dives in to lap the girl's very pink pussy, then she fucks Kylie with a big strap on. Kylie's limber and the fucking goes well. Jewel gets some nice tongue attention on her box before they each take an end of a double dildo. This pushes Jewel over the edge of a pretty orgasm and as a reward, she fucks Kylie until she squirts. The back and forth is pretty hot and they keep getting off which keeps me interested. Good stuff, even with the stupid hair.

Anna Belle is always a pleasure to watch, which she proves again in the next segment. She's paired with Brandon Iron who always brings enthusiasm to his scenes. No less in this one. Anna does a fine job sucking what she can of his prick before he puts her on all fours and teases his way in. The slow pace of the fucking works well at turning up the heat. Brandon bosses her around, which is also hot, and ends up driving into her to the hilt. It's a good time and lasts a while. The cowgirl gives us a fine view of the sexy dimples at the small of Anna's back and she rides him deep. They seem to have a good time as the action continues. It ends with Brandon getting her to suck her toes, which, I have to say, is pretty sexy. Good stuff.

To cap things off we get a long segment with Jewel and two fun-loving European guys. Jewel is a woman with meat on her bones and it works very, very well on her. That pretty face, limber legs, and decent fake tits make for a sexy package. Especially when coupled with her enthusiastic, can-do attitude and multiple orgasms. After some comfortable joking and chatting, the action starts. And it just doesn't seem to stop. Jewel gets a medal for endurance in this scene. Both guys stuff her every way they can, she orgasms a couple times, and manages to keep talking dirty throughout the whole thing. What a gal. The highlights are many. She squirts within the first three minutes and deep throats both rods (not at the same time). She also gets D.P.'d several times, and does anal as easily as most people chew gum (ok, that's a disturbing comparison, but you get my point). Jewel isn't afraid of asking for what she wants, and the guys are happy to give it to her. Communication, it turns out, is hot, especially when she's demanding to get pounded in her "sweet spot" until she cums. Strangely, Jewel develops a sexy accent when she's in the throes of passion. The action lasts and lasts until the boys dump major loads on Jewel's pretty, smiling face. She's a firecracker and this scene is fiery.

Overall: There are several good scenes (most involving Jewel) and the ones that are weaker aren't terrible. The casual on set attitude is actually a bonus with Jewel behind the camera. She talks to the talent like an equal (having been where they are) and they respond with openness and good performances. The action tends to be standard, as mentioned earlier, though high-quality standard. Jewel is the exception, bringing a brighter spark of joy to the screen which infects her partners, especially in the last scene.

Extras include a chapter search, a photo gallery, footage of the box cover photo shoot, and a cum shot reel. There's also a decent behind the scenes feature that shows some of the less savory parts of porn. The perils of anal sex and porn starlet battle wounds are revealed. Not for the squeamish or those who want to maintain the pornography illusion of all-sex all the time equals all good.



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