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Title: Ibiza Undressed  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: A
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


Ibiza Undressed

81 Mins.
Wicked Pictures
DIRECTOR: Richard Mailer
THEMES: outdoor sex, insurance fraud, foreign locales
STARS: Silvia Lancome, Maria, Lubice, Karolina, Marika, Evelin, Steve Hooper, Andrea Moranti, Sergi Di Roma, Diether Von Stein, Paul Roman

Reviewed by: Mars

It has been mentioned before that I'm something of a fan when it comes to set up in porn. It doesn't have to be a full on plot, but just a bit of back story can add poignancy to a fuck. Ibiza Undressed has a full plot involving insurance fraud and some infidelities, not much but enough to justify all those expense sheets Wicked must have seen for a porn shoot on a resort island off the coast of Spain. And oddly enough, the first bit of dialogue, delivered with some ability by the main actor, is stylish and decently written. The film itself is a workman-like skin flick. Pretty, well toned, and tan girls with small to medium size natural breasts get sexed up by buff, tan, good-looking studs. The sex is standard and competently done, with good views for us to watch, but the fire is low. There's nothing wrong with it, per se, but nothing really stands out.

So, since the plot involves insurance fraud, a guy has to fake his death with the help of his girlfriend. Before he does, however, he has to have sex with her on a boat. Silvia is a very good looking brunette with good stems and a pretty pussy which her boy eats well. She's not a great hummer artist, but we get some decent action with a doggy style fucking at the rail. They shift through some other positions, giving off few sparks even though Silvia is nice to look at. It ends with an X position (she's riding him but leaning back as he sits up) that's the best part of the scene. After the inevitable pop shot, he dives off the edge and swims to shore.

The plot is easy enough to follow if you just forget most of what the characters say to each other. A bit of talk leads to a flashback with the blonde, tan, skinny Maria with another cock jock in a courtyard. All the scenes, by the way, are outside, which is great considering the sun-warmed and healthy girls in the picture who glow in the sunlight. Anyway, after some artless fingering and rubbing, Maria gives a mediocre blow job (there isn't a good suck to be had in this movie). It leads to really bad audio dubbing and some good camera angles on a couple of positions as they get to the fucking. There's a nice missionary bit with her legs spread wide. Soon Maria takes that pole up her butt and we get some very good views. He wrecks her ass doggy style before shooting and ending the flashback. Again, the stuff is all right, but more for being pretty to look at rather than being hot.

The next scene is perhaps the least erotic. This isn't because the guy has (by porn standards) a tiny cock. He's paired with Lubice, another tan and lithe woman, and the two of them do little to light up the screen. Add to that the squinting look plastered on Lubice's face and the action just drags. There's some cursory oral that leads into an interesting cowgirl ride as she squats on his dick. They fuck away, we get good looks at the action, but it's just not turning the crank. Again, it's not because this is awful, it's just glaringly bland (at least for a jaded critic).

Silvia, mourning her fake-dead boyfriend, strips out of her funeral clothes by the pool. It's a worthwhile show, I'd recommend it. It ends with her smearing tanning lotion on herself and lying out in the sun. Only she's disturbed by an insurance investigator who she seduces but the scene was cut (you'll find their fuck time in the special features under "Bonus Sex Scene").

Fake-dead guy, meanwhile, is doing his own cheating with the tall, blonde, and comparatively pale Marika. But first they spy on a couple screwing in the distance. We get in close to see Karolina, a taut hottie with a nice face. Her stud eats her briefly and she gives the best blow job of this disc for a long time. The action lasts a while in this scene and it's all right. We get a good hard look at the girl as she rides dick in reverse cowgirl and gets plugged on her side. The doggy style shows off Karolina's pretty legs and ass and the guy gives her a reasonable pounding. One of the better scenes in the movie.

So, back to fake-dead guy and Marika. She's pretty (but they all are) and gives a bad blow job (but they all do) before he muff dives pretty well. The missionary leads into the mish anal and it's not very exciting. He fucks her ass, and...that's about it. Cue cum shot, cut to next scene. Too bad, she was good looking.

Three guys take on the thin, not-so-tan, and (you guessed it) blonde Evelin on a picnic table. She's got a very nice shaved twat, but it's not enough to carry the whole scene. Luckily, it doesn't need to be. The first bits are weak, the boys take turns at her hands/cunt/mouth for a while, then they get the idea to double up. Evelin gets D.P.'d a couple times and it's not so bad. She's not so enthusiastic about the triple pop shot on her face, but, to tell you the truth, I wouldn't be either.

Overall: To reiterate, Ibiza Undressed isn't bad. It's just not real good, either. You'll get nice camera work, good looking talent, lots of action. You won't get much more than that. The performances are subtly lacking, almost too professional, squeezing out the heat that makes for a sexy time. With good scenery and good women, Ibiza Undressed has something to recommend it. But it won't knock your socks off.

The extras, however, my get one of your socks loose. Audio choices, chapters, photo gallery, a full bonus scene (cut from the movie), star galleries, 15 trailers, and some promo stuff. Not a bad set up.



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