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Title: Fill Her Up 2  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: B


Reviewer: Erica Marshall
Dated Reviewed: July 1, 2003
Movie Title: Fill Her Up # 2
Studio: Red Light District

Cast: Claudia, Elena, Tereza, Lenka, Tina Wagner, Claudia Clio, Claudio Meloni, Brandon Iron, Mr. Pete and Brian Pumper.
Director: David Luger
David Luger returns to Prague to find some local sluts for the second installment of Fill Her Up, Red Light's internal cream pie series. If you like the cream pie flicks then you're in for a real treat because this ones chalked full of dripping pussies and local euro trash.
The first two ladies are Tina Wagner and Claudia, both blonde and quite average looking. The girls start out on the couch, fondling themselves and each other and moaning and licking their teeth for the camera... A bit of overacting in my opinion, but what does that matter, right... The girls are soon joined by a couple of large cocks who finger and suck their assholes with hunger. The girls stare blankly into the camera while the guys fuck their mouths and then it's onto their knees for some doggie-style fucking. Both girls are privy to some DP moments. Claudia takes a dick in her ass backward-cowgirl while the other guy pumps her pussy full of meat from the front and then Tina takes both dicks cowgirl style. In the end the mission is clear, fill the girls up with love honey and then do everything in your power to spill it back out again. The girls sit patiently (still moaning obnoxiously) while the guys finger and force small drops of cum from their greasy holes.
Another Claudia, the auburn haired Claudia, takes the next beating. Claudia is sporting some pretty white fishnet thigh highs and her skin is a creamy tan color. She looks a like Anna Paquin and is by far, the prettiest Czech babe in this flick. Both Brandon Iron and Brian Pumper are the lucky dicks that take a turn at Claudia, and both seem to have just what she needs. After a lot of double oral Claudia takes the big black cock in her ass while Brandon pumps her cunt from on top. This is a really hot DP and if the first scene didn't do it for you, you'll have popped by now for sure! There is much ass to mouth as Brandon loves to feed her the taste of her own ass from his hard dick. Brian fills her first, and then she pushes it out and it drips down her asshole and then Brandon shoots a load immediately.
The next two scenes are three-on-ones. In the third scene, Elena is pumped full of cum three times and takes a bevy of dicks in every hole. By the end of the scene it seems like a pissing (or should I say cumming) contest, to see who can fill her up and spill her out with the largest amount of sperm juice. The girl in the fourth scene is Tereza and she looks like she's about 12 years old. She's blonde, of course, and is a tiny girl with pouty baby-doll pink lips. I must say it's quite impressive to see such a tiny girl take two big dicks at the same time. This girl probably weighs about two pounds but takes it like a woman and spills every drop.
In the final scene, Brandon doesn't share Lenka, the lanky blonde girl with long legs. She gets the same treatment though and doesn't miss a beat.
If you're a fan of Red Light District, this one doesn't disappoint. It's packed with plenty of anal, oral, DP, ass-to-mouth, cream pies and even a little toe sucking for you foot fans. These were not the prettiest Czech girls we've seen but they were good little sluts and the sex was white hot. Especially nice is the scene with the auburn-haired Claudia - Meow... check it out!
Erica Marshall


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