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Title: Shane's World 29  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


Reviewer: Erica Marshall
Dated Reviewed: July 1, 2003
Movie Title: Shane's World Volume 29

Cast: Calli Cox, Bobbi Barrington, Tony Pounds, Sunrise Adams, Venus and Tyler Wood.
Director: Chris Streams (Camera Man)
In the 29th volume of the Shane's World series, the guys and girls are on a scavenger hunt. The fun and games begin in the house of a college fraternity. The unsuspecting frat boys are pleasantly surprised when porn stars invade their abode requesting a list of every man's favorite things.. Typical of Shane's World, this is a great flick for younger couples who are looking for substance but not necessarily corny plot-lines mixed in with their porn. The sex is safe and all vaginal so this is a great choice for the female viewers and those that are not looking for gaping assholes or a dp in every scene.
In this scavenger hunt we have two teams armed with a list of items and their enticing assets. The first team made up of Calli, Bobbi and Tony scan the list for the easiest items to attain (the goal of course, to see which team gets the most items from their list). Items most notable are the sweet kiss Tony receives from a shy female student, Calli getting off when the first frat boy fucks her with a large dildo Bobbi and Calli getting fingered in the shower with five guys. Needless to say, the guys from the two different fraternities they crashed had a really fun time and contributed to the scavenger hunt such things as hand jobs, blow jobs and body shots.
Team two is Sunrise Adams, Venus and Tyler Wood. They didn't peruse a frat house for their items but they did manage to wrangle a whole apartment building full of young guys to blow, stroke and tease.
In and between the scavenger hunt there are three boy girl scenes. The first is at the beginning of the film and it's between Sunrise and Tony. Both are easy on the eye and this was a great scene because Tony is very attentive and affectionate when he fucks her. This is the better of the three sex scenes and this is a great way to start out the movie. Younger couples who don't normally watch a lot of porn will love this scene because it's very boy/girl and there is a lot of foreplay. The end of this scene has Tony shooting a large load all over her ass. Later in the flick Tony has a scene with Venus, and then another scene with the beautiful Bobbi. The last scene is with Calli and Tyler. All of these scenes are couple-friendly, very sensual and because of the cast and camera work, are still a little naughty..
What's great about this movie and all of the Shane's World DVD's is that you don't always feel like your watching porn. With the recent trends and popularity in reality television, Shane's World brings you, and brought to you long before Richard Hatch dropped his skivvies for Survivor, the best in video voyeurism. If you feel like watching something humorous and a little naughty with your partner, stick one of these flicks in the player, you won't be disappointed.

Erica Marshall


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