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Title: I Love It Rough  
Reviewer: Laszlo  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: B


I Love It Rough

MOVIE TYPE: wall to wall, gonzo
TIME: 138 Mins.
STUDIO: Platinum
DIRECTOR: Brandon Iron
THEMES: anal sex, facials, choking, spitting, slapping, general rough treatment
STARS: Ashly Moore, Jewel DeNyle, Claire Ryder, Julie Night, Brandon, Manuel Ferrara, Nacho Vidal

Reviewed by: Laszlo

Brandon Iron received some criticism in the past for his Slap Happy series and other rough sex titles that pushed the limits of rough-play in porn. Yet, that says nothing about the market demand for such product. Today, there are much more extreme titles like Gag Factor that cater to the most discriminating borderline misogynist. This DVD caters to the viewer who wants something different than standard porn fare and something which fills the desire for harder, intense consensual sex on video.
Ashly Moore is hardly what you'd call a fresh face in porn today.....but she's just the type many viewers like to see get fucked hard. Ashly usually delivers this in spades and this scene is no exception. Nacho bangs her raw in a gym and Ashly is very vocal throughout (yelling harder even while getting semi-choked). This is an intense scene and rather than go through the laundry list of fetishes they each partake in...I'll be the first to tell you this is probably not their best work to date, however when you have performers of this caliber you don't need their absolute best to get a great scene. One of the highlights is Ashly getting banged doggy style in front of the mirror. There's something to be said for mirrors in porn where there isn't any hazy, candle light and soft music on the soundtrack. Ashly takes a drippy cumshot onto her tongue but the scene isn't over yet. She gets pulled by the hair to one side of the gym and a crew of 5 guys come in to get blowjobs. There's plenty of deep throat before Ashly gets splattered by all 5 in succession to the point where her eyes are nearly plastered shut. They bring her outside where she gets washed off with some water bottles. This is a good start to the DVD and series.

The sex scenes are intercut with short interview clips of various porn insiders. Max Hardcore offers his views on the controversial topic of rough sex in porn and seems oddly soft-spoken on the matter. There are also clips from Nacho with media darling Belladonna as well. I could address some of the issues touched on about the possible harm or long term effects of rough sex porn and borderline abusive behavior .....but instead I'll just move on to the next scene.

Jewel DeNyle is another veteran of hardcore porn but here she is in the drivers seat & the one dishing it out. Steve Holmes is on the receiveing end of Jewel's domination. The scene starts out with more psychological than physical domination with Jewel addressing the camera directly (but actually degrading Steve). This scene is not for everyone but I must admit it plays out differently having some prior familiarity of Jewel. Having watched her in the past in so many scenes where she was on the receiving end it's actually quite interesting to watch her take charge here. Some of the degradation may be comically light to hardcore BDSM fans or - on the other end of the spectrum- distasteful to the more mainstream viewer. There is one part that is edited out involving Jewel urinating into Steve's mouth but the sex is as intense as any of the other scenes. Jewel takes a cumshot that drips down onto her tits and she then shares some of it with Steve.

Claire Ryder is a tall, thin pale, white girl with dyed, red-hair and a goth, indie chick demeanor. She's walking around a Las Vegas street where Brandon propostions her for sex. She gets taken back to the hotel for some really nasty oral and anal play with various oversized sex toys and butt plugs. In addition to fucking her in pile-driver, Brandon spits on her face and deep throats her before pulling her by the hair on all fours to the toilet and giving her a good sized facial which gets washed off in the toilet. Claire is a really, nasty girl who's not ashamed about it and this scene works very well after the Jewel one.

Manuel Ferrara is one of the new, hot, young male performers in the industry who has been the recent favorite of many porn stars like Alexandria Quinn. He finds Julie Night stuck with car trouble and proceeds to bring her home for some ....you guessed it - really rough sex (this may be the least imaginitive set-up on the disc but all is forgiven with the performances). Julie looks really skanky here with mousier than normal blonde hair and raccoon like eyeliner. She is no stranger to spitting and slapping and Manuel obliges with some choking thrown in for good measure. She is pulled by the hair down a flight of stairs and this image actually stuck in my head more than any of the other abuse oddly enough (that had to hurt but damn, that ass looked sexy). The sex is brutally efficient and Manuel aims several spurts of cum into her mouth which Julie swallows dutifully. The scene is not over yet though ;Julie is brought outside where a crew of dudes proceed to jack off on her face and open mouth until she is dripping with cum and one of her fake eyelashes gets dislodged.
Behind the scenes clips, bonus footage and extra tease footage round off a very nice extras package. One of the previews of the next volume features the very hot Lana Coxx. There's a mildly humorous declaration by Brandon himself.
I Love it Rough is something that porn has needed for some time. It still may not be for everyones taste but there's a definite market out there for it which goes well beyond the extreme fetish demographic. The performers here are enthusiastic and deliver enrgetic performances. I'm not a Julie Night fan whatsoever but I must admit even her scene still delivers. I'm looking forward to the next volume with Lana Cox.  


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