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Title: Dream Girls  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


Dream Girls
112 Mins.
Sin City
THEMES: dream sex, prostitution, murder
STARS: Karina, Alexis Amore, Chloe Dior, Angel Cassidy, Natasha Dolling, Chris Cannon, Lee Stone, Pat Myne, Steven St. Croix, John West
Reviewed by: Mars
I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Dream Girls is a cable ready feature. There's so much footage of obscured action that a few cuts would make it safe for the late night cable market. That's not a sin, but it does affect the hardcore experience. What is a sin is that Bud Lee utilizes looping to lengthen the scenes. I expected better from Sin City and Bud Lee. Slap on wrist, moving on. The women and the action in the movie are both hot. I don't think there was a natural breast among the starlets (and some were pretty bad) but their toned and taut bodies made up for most of it. The plot became a confusing sludge at the end and threw in murder for no apparent reason. I hate when porn flicks, looking for some misguided sense of legitimacy, turn to drama and death as plot devices. It's a fuck flick people, I do not need to see porn stars trying to affect dramatic intensity. Despite all this, however, the sex, the real reason we watch these films, is of the high standard Sin City has led us to expect from them. Small cheer, moving on.

The plot, just to get it out of the way, involves a whore house (called Dream Girls) where the girls are "wired." They sleep in cubicles and men come by to fuck their unconscious bodies as the women have sexy dreams. So, we start with a dream that Karina has of Lee Stone strapping her to a St. Andrew's Cross and teasing the hell out of her. Karina is a Finnish hard body (and what a hard body it is) with large bolt ons and a pretty face. Lee licks and kisses her as she demands more. He's not giving and it's a hot few minutes. Before things get too hot, he releases her and she sucks his massive tool like a champ. Karina can deep throat and she does it many times. He kneels and eats her twat for a time (well) as she gives some directions. When it does get to the fucking it's right into the anal doggy style. It's an ass wrecking good time and ends with a pop shot on her tongue. The two of them really smoke up the room with that teasing and oral work. The angles aren't the best, too tight most of the time, but it's a fine way to start a porno.

After some more plot Alexis gets it on with the Dream Girls manager, played by Steve Hatcher. She blows him very well, with wet tongue and sucking mouth, before he shows off considerable skill at eating pussy. Despite some dangerous looking clit jewelry, Steve fingers her fast and hard, getting a few helping digits from Alexis so that she's got five fingers stuffed up her hole. It's good stuff and lasts awhile. They shift over to some missionary fucking with her pretty pussy spread wide. The best action comes with the reverse cowgirl, we get some good views of her ride as she grinds into his cock, and the doggy with a hair pull ain't bad either. It's not the best scene, but it'll do.

After Karina visits her boyfriend (an artist who's busy screaming threats at a canvas), she goes to a birthday party in a strip club for a character played by Chloe Dior. It becomes a big pile of girls on the stage, with Chloe in a chair and Alexis, Angel, and Natasha licking and sucking on her various bits. There's a lot of silicone on that stage. The girl pile is pretty sexy. I'd have liked to see more wide shots, or at least more sustained action, but they move around a lot and the camera stays pretty tight. Alexis is a tonguing machine, giving head to one girl after another with a speedy little mouth. It's rather hot, especially when it's Chloe's turn in the chair and she gets off noisily.

Karina, meanwhile, has left the party to find her boyfriend asleep. She sucks his rod anyway, throat fucking herself on his shaft before climbing on. The cowgirl ride is hot, we get some great angles of the blonde hottie as she bounces on his cock. It lasts a while and then she settles down alongside her honey.

Back at work Karina talks to Chloe about what they do. A mysterious stranger shows up as they sleep. Then we get to see one of the sex dreams again. This one is pretty neat. Chloe and Alexis grab Karina and present her to the "Dark Lord" (Steven St. Croix) and his two cronies. They all pair off and have rough sex. Karina gets eaten, with legs spread wide, by Steve Hatcher and the other two girls get similar treatment from their cock jocks. It's a cunnilingus party and it's worth the price of admission. It gets to the blow job portion of the dream and again there is skill and sexiness on all fronts. Karina is in the lead as she deep throats her prick, but Chloe comes in second with a vigorous display of oral aptitude. The fucking begins and the camera work declines. There's far too much time spent on a tight shot of Alexis taking it from behind. Eventually we get a great view of Karina riding reverse cowgirl, a pretty sight, and Chloe doing the doggy with her woodsman. The missionary position ends things and we see one dick after another go off before the scene ends.

Plot again intrudes and Chloe's character seems to have snuffed it while at work. The cops rule it an O.D., but are they sure...? Distraught, Karina seeks out her boyfriend for the comfort of getting her tits groped from behind. It leads to a sweet bit of pussy eating as Karina leans against a rail. He fingers her and uses his tongue in many creative ways before she gives yet another stellar blow job (nice tongue, great work on those balls). The doggy style is slow and teasing at first, which really turns up the heat, and builds into a pounding. Karina really does the sex talk well, egging on her partners and generally letting us know she's having a good time. The messy pop shot puts an end to this decent segment and we get thrown into a miasma of confusing plot.

I think the boyfriend turns out to be a killer and I think he strangles Karina. The dialogue was muddled, to say the least, and left things slightly unclear.

Overall: A good set of sex scenes surrounded by strange plot. The basic premise is all right, but the end result was lacking. Still, we're not here for that, we just want the sex, right? Pretty women, good action. So-so camera work and looping. The good outweighs the bad in this one.

Extras are generous. Chapter search with sub chapter menus, five trailers, photo gallery, bios (of the female and male stars), a good behind the scenes bit, interesting interviews with the stars, terrible commentary by Bud Lee (he hardly says anything), a pop shots loop feature, and a sexy talk loop feature. Nice batch of extras.



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