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Title: Just Sex  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


Just Sex
88 Mins.
Jill Kelly Productions
THEMES: pure sex, no sound
CONDOMS: Yes and No
STARS: Taylor Faith, Ashton Moore, Aurora Snow, Bridgette Kerkove, Violet Blue, Kayla Paige, Laya Rivera, Talon, John West, Mark Ashley, Dillion Day, Eric Masterson
Reviewed by: Mars

Men may be portrayed as simply visual creatures. Men like porn mags, movies, and such because they get an image to get hot over. Taking this view to extremes, Skye Blue gives us Just Sex, an all-sex feature (no plot whatsoever) without any sound from the talent, just a weak electronic soundtrack that pumps endlessly on during the movie. While I can't speak for the rest of my gender, I was personally disappointed in the lack of noise. Without those porn-starlets wailing like unconvincing banshee strumpets it was like watching half a skin flick. Secondly, I'm disappointed because I noticed that Ms. Blue used looping. That cardinal sin of porn, showing a piece of a scene twice to pad it out (and hoping all the while that no one will notice that it's the same blow job, just a minute later into the scene). For shame. Well, it doesn't put Skye into the doghouse yet. She's too good at what she does, I'm going to assume she had a good reason for both of those bad decisions. Ignoring those gaffs, Just Sex has some hot sex and good camera work. Just be aware that you should only pay half price since you're only getting 50% of the sound and vision experience.

Bridgette Kerkove, in all her surgical glory, starts things off with a pair of cock jocks. Man oh man did she get fucked in the boob job lottery, wall-eyed nipples and they practically meld at her sternum. She tag sucks them and shows that her silicone lips have not forgotten how to give a decent hummer. One of the guys goes down on her and we get a great view of every freckle, blemish and razor bump on her crotch. I blame the lens. Anyway, they get to the in-n-out with some doggy style and a blow job then a nice bit of mish before she takes both rods in a good D.P. She takes it deep and the boys end things with some spunk on those wacky tits.

In contrast to Bridgette, the next scene has two natural beauties. Layla is a slender and lithe brunette with a great ass. Aurora's a very pretty blonde who gets stroked and groped by Layla for a while before Randy Spears shows up to add in his hands. The look to this scene is great, and the quality of the video is superb throughout the rest of the flick. Ms. Blue does indeed know how to work behind the camera and proves it. Aurora sucks Randy very well as he holds onto her hair and slowly rams her mouth. It's a hot blow job, enhanced by Layla lapping away at Aurora's cunt. Good position. They get into another good tangle with Aurora reverse cowgirl and Layla sitting on Randy's face and kissing the blonde. Nice. They pump away for a time before coming to the obvious conclusion. This scene is where I found the looping, though I didn't check too closely on the other segments let me take a moment to wag my finger at the director.

Another pretty girl with natural tits, Violet Blue, takes charge in her segment. She gives an excellent blow job with a nicely teasing start. It moves on to a cowgirl ride that shows off her fine ass. In the middle of the ride she hops up to his face and mashes her clit against his tongue. Good stuff. There's a well shot reverse cowgirl on some stairs, we get a good view of the action as she bounces. A pounding missionary that lasts for some time rounds out the action and we move on to the penultimate scene.

Which stars three ladies. Ashton and Tyler are the augmented, busty blondes with great legs and for flavor we get Kayla, a very good looking redhead with pale skin and great natural tits. Tyler gets some cunnilingus from Ashton and a Kayla sitting on her mouth. It's not bad, but when Ashton fingers Tyler's twat with those nails it gets a bit dodgy. They shift around a bit and we get good views of each configuration. The best is with Kayla on all fours with her head and fingers in Ashton's crotch and Tyler eating the redhead and fingering herself. It's soft and slow throughout and stays pretty sexy.

The finale is Tyler and a couple of guys. Dillion gropes her from behind as she stares at the other boy, seated in a chair. Tyler has a fine body, toned and taut with legs that were made for heels and an ass to match. They threesome starts slow with touching and a bit of nipple sucking before getting into the hummers. Tyler is no slouch at sucking cock and her mouth is never empty during the scene. There's an excellent bit with her on all fours, a cock in both ends, and she pistons from one to the other. Great angles, too. The action is pretty steamy though it doesn't change much toward the end. It finishes with a pop shot in her hair and one on her ass.

Overall: I said it in the intro, the lack of sex noises in this disc really diminished my enjoyment of it. It's a fucking shame, mainly because the action certainly looks really good. If only we could hear what was going on...That decision really brings down the grade, but if you just want a party flick, something to play in the background, then Just Sex is just what you need.

Extras include the scene selection, a photo gallery, four galleries from other movies, and two behind the scenes featurettes from other JKP titles.



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