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Title: Nasty Girls 2  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: C-
Female looks: B
Male looks: n/a
Sex: C-
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Nasty Girls #2
MOVIE TYPE: All Girl, All Sex
113 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Buffy Malibu
THEMES: Girl-girl, first time, interview
STARS: Celeste, K.C., Robin, Sandine, Meekah, China Mai, Monique, Christina Appleleigh, Jojo, Nikita, Tiana Regal
Reviewed by: Mars

It's always slightly interesting to see porn from the past. Considering how quickly porn is produced the evolution is fast. Styles and stars flash past with hummingbird rapidity and the technology expands exponentially. So, a flick from only ten years ago can look ancient. Such is the case with Nasty Girls#2. There's some interest generated simply by nostalgia for a time when bodies were more natural, hair was bigger, and video picture was crap. The worst of it is the picture and sound quality. Time hasn't been kind to the tape. The girls themselves aren't bad. There are some fine looking starlets in this volume, but the action isn't terribly interesting. It's either too slow or too forced, porn from a different age.

To begin we get to watch Celeste, a brunette with tan skin and great natural tits, and K.C., a bottle blonde with a nice bod. K.C. gets flipped onto her knees for a rim job and immediately turns on the "oh, I'm so horny listen to me moan" tape. Way fake. C'mon, act a little. Celeste eats K.C.'s twat with some enthusiasm and we get some decent views as the blonde bucks back into her partner's mouth. And when Celeste straps on a dildo I'm paying closer attention. K. C. still doesn't sell the idea of her getting off, but Celeste is having a good time in the driver's seat and she knows enough to give a reach around to the blonde's clit. K.C. takes a turn pitching and eats Celeste's pretty pussy for a time and it pretty much limps along to the end of the scene.

Next we get a pair of good looking girls in a terrible segment. It's too bad, Robin is a very hot blonde with a fantastic ass. Her partner Sandine, a black lady with a good rack, doesn't add much to the fire. The two of them sort of go through the motions. They're smiling, at least, but it's tepid stuff. Sandine gets the most play, as Robin uses a dildo with two shafts to fuck her and then D.P. her. Thing is, we get to see the whole thing, even the part where they fumble around for a minute trying to get the two plastic dicks to stay in their assigned holes. Feh. It's a throwaway scene and a waste of good looks.

Meekah is an exotic beauty with tan skin and a solid, sexy body topped with a pretty face. Her partner is China Mai, who's more "real" than some of the other actresses on this disc since she convinces me that she's working her way to an orgasm rather than just putting on a show. Meekah is less convincing, laying there as China does various things to her nether regions. Perfect example, at one point they grab a double headed dildo and each take an end. China gets into it, head back, eyes closed, rocking back and forth along the shaft. Meekah holds her end in her pussy but that's about it. Eyes open, half smile, no motion. Boring. The end is another example, Meekah diddles her clit for awhile, not much action besides her flicking fingers. China, meanwhile, is riding a big dildo, writhing and moaning rather well, and gets to a decent orgasm. The mismatch only highlights what's wrong with the scene.

Then we get to a pair of blondes who have a half and half kind of scene. Monique is a hard bodied gal and it's her first time (on camera, I assume) and she's being taking in hand (so to speak) by Christina, a jaded but well shaped starlet. The first half of the scene doesn't go too well mainly due to nerves. Monique is unable to relax as Christina laps at her crotch. Things get better when they switch and Monique is able to do a bit of muff-diving. Christina gets into it (after a long time) and the action lasts a while. After that Monique gets another turn and this time seems to relax into it. It works out in the end, but takes too long to get there.

Ms. Malibu did save the best for last. Three very pretty girls, Tianna, Nikita, and the aggressive Jojo, are having a romp and Jojo is determined to be in charge. She does a good job and keeps things moving, prowling around one girl and then the next, taking what she wants as she goes. It gets good when Jojo straps on a large dildo and fucks Nikita with strong stokes. Jojo is a pounder. She then moves her attention to Tianna, getting into a 69 and then simply riding the girl's face. It's pretty good, with good looking women. The only flaw is that Jojo never splits her attention so one girl is usually left to her own devices. It's not a terrible flaw, though, the outsider usually finds something to do.

Overall: The nostalgia factor can't override the "crappy quality and action" factor. The sex is rather tepid and the image is poor. Really, there's not much more to say.

Extras include a photo gallery and chapter search as well as 20 previews on side B.


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