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Title: More Dirty Debutantes 93  
Reviewer: Jon  
Overall rating: C-
Female looks: C+
Male looks: D-
Sex: C-
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: D-
A/V Quality: C+


More Dirty Debutantes 93
Movie Type: Wall to Wall
Mins: 125
New Machine
Director: Ed Powers
Themes: New girls, ethnic girls
Condoms: Some noted
Stars: Joselle, Daisy, Kami, Lilly Lovely

I'll be honest about it; Ed Powers makes movies that absolutely fuckin' suck. When you combine new girls that aren't good looking and don't see, to like sex with a male start whose dick is too small to be seen by most you don't get a good movie. These films tend to be boring, ugly, and downright laughable.

Our first girl is one half of the sister duo in the film. Her name is Joselle and she's a small Latina girl with an unsightly bush. She starts off giving head to Ed's tiny pecker, before getting pounded pretty hard in doggy. Cowgirl and mish are the other positions. But this scene really lacks anything good. She takes a facial at the end to close out this one.

Her sister's name is Daisy, and she looks pretty similar except her pussy seems to have actually seen a razor sometime in the recent past. She has slightly better energy, but lies with Ed like a dead fish. Spoon actually looks alright in this one, but Ed's dick is so small that he has to pound the shit out of her to elicit any response at all. A badly shot facial blast ends another forgettable scene.

In the 3 hole is a really weird looking Asian girl named Kami. She's got some kind of unsightly mole below her bottom lip that looks like a piercing but really isn't. She also has some badly died hair and really small boobs. Ed gets her to masturbate for a short while before going down on her. Kami brings slightly more energy to this scene to make up for her less than beautiful face. Standard 3 positions before he pulls out and loses a small one on her tiny tits.

Our last scene has the cutest girl in the movie so far. She's half Puerto Rican and half Asian, and is a really petite little beauty. Nice dimples on this girl, and she has a tight little body too. This girl is kind of strange however, she doesn't say too much, and smiles at random times it seems for effect. No noise out of this girl until Ed hits her from behind as hard as he possibly can with that little thing. How in the world can a man decide to make porno movies when he's something like 3-4 inches? I mean for Christ sake my dick is twice as big as a porno guy's? That's pretty strange to me for some reason. Ed does bring a pretty good load all over this girl, rounding out the best scene in an awful movie.

Not much to say really, this movie just plain old sucks the big one.  


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