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Title: Hustler Campus Confessions 1  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: A
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: n/a
A/V Quality: B


Hustler Campus Confessions No. 1 Studio: Hustler Video/DVD Review: Cast: Samantha, Tyler Wood, Tony D'Sergio, Sarah, Cintia, Billy Glide, Amy, Jade & Chris Cannon, Sophia, Anna and Gabriella Woodman Director: Frank Arbiton, Clive McClean, Kat Slater, Pierre Woodman Freshman Fling Samantha is a leggy blonde with long straight hair. It doesn't take long before her college man is getting past her pretty pink sweater and into her white jeans. There's a bunch of dialogue at the beginning of the scene but it's hard to understand what they're talking about because of the cheesy soundtrack. Ah, well.. I guess it's not what they're talking about that really matters here. Samantha has a perfectly thin body with nice breasts and long legs. Tyler gets her excited by giving her shaved muff some experienced tongue and finger play. She cums on his face once before he drops his drawers and reveals his flaccid cock. It's quickly aroused though by some notable cock sucking and then a good doggie pounce to her wet pussy. With her face buried in the bedspread he pounds her from behind and then flips her over onto his cock for some more cunt fuckin'. In the end, he pops an impressive creamy load on her tits. Pretty in White Sarah is a cute British chick who looks hot in her schoolgirl uniform and white cotton skivvies. Tony rubs her twat behind the noticeably moistened panties and then he licks and fingers her clit while she plays with her smallish tits. Sarah has a pretty face and perfect young body while her expressions and moans are experienced and genuine. The long-clit sucking is enough to get me hot but I wait patiently to see what Tony has to offer. Tony is rock-hard from the get-go and Sarah is extra sexy with her darkened lips around his pretty pink cock. The oral action could have gone a bit deeper but the scene looks good, nonetheless. Like the first scene, Pretty in White lacks any anal action but Sarah is hot in her plaid skirt, getting couch fucked at every angle. The sexy facial at the end will have you wanting more of this cute British sweetheart. Spring Break 2002 Cintia is a super tan blonde who hitches a ride in Mexico with Billy Glide. Cintia is a European girl (although you wouldn't know it from the voiceover...) with a slutty mouth and big blue eyes. She gives some half-assed head to Billy's enormous rod and then Billy fucks her in the back of his truck. If it weren't for Billy's nice cock, I would have skipped over that scene entirely. Cramming Chris and his study buddies, one blonde and one very sexy brunette ditch the books immediately and opt for some much hotter school work. The girls give a very hot double oral on Chris and then the swapping begins. Each girl getting a ride on his hard cock while the other sits on his face. The three of them are a bit quiet but they seem to enjoy themselves nonetheless. Some nice doggie play back and forth is cool but in the end, the scene is a bit disappointing. Unexpected Punishment A pair of loose French students are your last bit of fun. The girls are called into the Dean's office but are so busy fantasizing about each other that it's hard to get anything accomplished. When it's obvious that both girls are thinking the same thing (do you think they share the same brain?), they decide to test their boundaries and make a play for their Dean... Any guesses what happens next? That's right, she's appalled by their nasty behavior so she punishes them by fucking each girl with a very large dildo. One of the girl gets some rubber DP-play but it's all a little forced and uneventful. Not my favorite Hustler DVD and "Unexpected Punishment" is certainly not what I've come to expect from Pierre Woodman but I certainly won't discount the compilation series just yet. Hustler is usually not one to disappoint. Pierre's all-girl scene is the only anal play that you'll get to see but if you like pretty girls and safe sex than this one's not so bad! Erica Marshall ericaxxxmarshall@hotmail.com  

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