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Title: No Limits  
Reviewer: Loomis A  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: B


Nacho Vidal Knows NO LIMITS

MOVIE TYPE: Wall-to-Wall
160+ (including extras)
DIRECTOR: Nacho Vidal
THEMES: Anal, A2m, Some Rough Sex
STARS: Natali, Anjoy/Sophia, Electra, Bella Donna, Alexandria
Reviewed by: Loomis A.

REVIEW-Scene 1 starts off with the Italian-looking Electra. She is a brunette with lovely midsize breasts and the action begins with some self-play. Soon enough she brings out a red candle and fucks herself in the ass with it. The ever-resourceful Nacho just happens to have a lighter handy, and the candle is lit while protruding from her anus (another fine porn example of something that you'll never talk your girlfriend or wife into doing). Nacho and Julian fuck her mouth for a bit, with some spitting and nose clamping. Julian finds it in his heart to blow out the now much shorter candle and proceeds to do her in standard doggy while she continues to impale her face on Nacho's rod. Nacho moves under her for some cowgirl while she leans over the back of the couch to mouth Julian. Her energy is ample, but this chick is certainly no deep throat queen. Julian and Nacho switch places. (All of the camerawork involve close-ups, not the best for a three-person grope). Julian picks her up for a missionary ride while Nacho spanks her ass and then proceeds to have Julian set her atop his cock in RC. Nacho pulls out and allows Julian to fuck her is mish while he is holding onto her. (There's something about this that's plain odd. I can understand two dicks in the same proximity in a DP, double-anal or -vag, but that's not what we're looking at here. Odd, I say). Next Julian fucks her mouth from over her shoulder while standing on the couch as Nacho is doing her from behind. This is strange as well, as Julian's pistoning ass is mere inches away from Nacho's face. Julian does her in the ass for a short spell and Electra greedily performs an A2M before Nacho joins in to rub his cock against Julian's inside of her mouth. Okey-dokey. Both guys spooge all over her face and she cleans them off well and smiles.

Next up to bat (you'll get it in a minute) is Bella Donna. If you don't know who she is, you've apparently been in a cave for an extended period of time or have not seen much recent porn. She is a gap-toothed brunette with the most amazing ass you'll ever see. She was raised Mormon. She's just plain nasty in the sack and very pleasing to look at, despite the extensive ink work (fingers, back, one boob, forearm, wrist). The scene starts with a bit of spanking with Nacho holding her arms behind her back. He then takes a few swipes at her rump with a baseball bat (it has "Home Run" written on it). Nacho then sits behind this luscious babe and chokes her while she rides a Sybian. This is not nearly as rough as it sounds. She is repeatedly telling him that she likes it and gives him pointers as to how she likes to be choked when she has a fake dick up her pussy. This moves to a Gag Factor-esque oral portion of the scene that does very little for me. (Is that vomit or saliva? You be the judge.) Bella then accepts a toy the size of a beer can down her throat. The bat comes back, this time inserted into Bella's ass. This doesn't appear to turn her on a tremendous amount, but she manages to give some fantastic head during the at-bat (I'm an idiot, and I just couldn't stop myself with that one). The monstrous black dong makes another appearance; this is inserted into her ass as well. From there it goes onto anal and A2M with some censored fisting (which is apparently available on the website www.nachosgirls.com, according to the information given during these parts) and Bella does some tounguefucking on Nacho's ass as well. Bella then fists herself (censored too) before getting Nacho's load mainly into her mouth and swallowing. There is no vaginal penetration by anything besides the Sybian in this scene, and that's a little bit of a letdown. But that will make a lot of you out there quite pleased, I'm certain.

The third scene features a cutie named Alexandria. She is freakin' hot with small tits and a completely shaved box that is covered with some leopard-print panties that show visible wet spots. The interview is nothing to write home about, as English is definitely not her native language. One look at that pussy, however, and you'll find that fact to be very, very unimportant. Nacho slurps and thumbs that sweet slit for a while and then slipping a couple of digits up into her willing asshole. He then bones her in mish and side-mish before moving into standing doggy. The first time we see Alexandria suck cock is 12 minutes into the scene, and it is straight P2M (definitely worth the wait). Her oral is energetic and magnificently adorned with some great hand action. The couple moves into mutual manual masturbation and the lovely Alexandra tastes herself off of Nacho's fingers. She rides CG for a bit and then Nach has to ask her to slow down because he's apparently very close to the verge. (With a chick this hot I'm probably done with the shower by then, so it's not a drawback to the scene). Alexandra moves into RC and the footage is even hotter. This is probably the best reverse cowgirl I've ever seen. This chick is pro, fellas. 21 minutes into the scene we finally get anal on this lovely young babe. She takes it deep with minimal trouble and is vocal about her love of it. She takes A2M gladly and vocally, not remotely offended by sucking on a pole that was previously in her browneye. Nacho goes back to fucking both pussy and ass multiple times (one-to-another) in doggy before finally ejaculating on the side of her face and in her ear. Right, what the hell is that? He puts it back into her cunt and the scene ends while he's still fucking her.
Scene 4 stars a young-looking girl named Natali. She has very pert tits and an amazingly naughty glint in her eye. She's also chewing gum (which I think could make Einstein look like a dumbass in real life) but is strangely appealing at the beginning of this scene. Nacho laps at her nips and then moves his mouth to her
pussy. This moves into doggy and Natalie matches Nacho stroke-for-stroke. He feeds her his cock straight out of her slit and then ties her hands behind her back with her shirt. Nacho licks her pussy before feeding her panties, which she sucks on gladly. Nat looks a little soft in the middle during this footage, but it is that totally sexy type of soft, like real women look in bed. The action moves to missionary and some toe sucking by Nacho. Transition to doggy and Nacho lubes her ass and proceeds to fuck it with just a bit of his large dick before she starts to push back and demand more. She is obliged, and more than willing to provide extra lubrication from her mouth. There are again multiple insertions from pussy to ass to mouth (in any order). The couple next moves on to a position I've never seen after from very light female rimming. Nat pushes her pussy forward onto Nacho's spread legs while encompassing his cock with her pussy, as her legs are between his. It's like a reverse missionary and it's completely different. Some strange sexplay occurs involving stuffed animals between the humans and the scene ends with a nicely captured facial that the young redhead seems to enjoy, judging by the way that she makes certain that his cock is clean.

The last scene starts out with Sophia (listed as Anjoy on the DVD case) leaning her head into a pool while wearing a flotation device. Sophia has a small rack and a lovely face to compliment her shaved and tight-looking pussy. Nacho shows up to finger her and lick her ass. He's apparently impressed with her pussy and fucks it doggy when he's done with the taste-test. He dunks her head in the water as he does her from behind, and she doesn't appear to be upset about the possible drowning/fucking that she's gotten herself into. He pulls out of her (and her head out of the water) long enough to make her taste her pussy from his cock. Her first chance at oral is not a disappointment as she does energetic work with both of her hands and mouth. They move back into some standing doggy. This moves into a hot RC scene, part of which is done with Anjoy's arms outstretched on the ground and riding Nacho (who is seated in a poolside chair). This is really great looking, folks, as this girl is both flexible and talented. She impales her pussy and takes it into her mouth before rimming Nacho. She moves her mouth back to his cock and does a tremendous job of giving her oral worship. The scene cuts to her riding Nacho in CG again and is rill wearing the kiddies flotation device. Oh, well. It's not like it keeps her from being pounded in the pussy by Nacho. No anal for this babe, and the scene ends with some nicely shot doggy and a well-captured facial. The post-pop footage is nice, as he throws her into the pool for clean up.
This is a nice piece of porn. It's nasty, hardcore and lengthy. Most of the ladies are exquisite and completely uninhibited. The Extras are worth your time. This will not likely be a "couples-friendly" choice, but it will impress most diehard fans of the serious stuff.


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