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Title: When the Boz Are Away the Girlz Will Play 10  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: n/a
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


When the Boyz are Away the Girlz Will Play #10 MOVIE TYPE: All-Girl Feature 80 Mins. Jill Kelly productions DIRECTOR: Skye Blue THEMES: All Girl, déjà vu CONDOMS: n/a 2003 STARS: Ashton Moore, Jenna Haze, Tyler Faith, Shyla Stylez, Aria, Boo Dilicious, Bridgette Kerkove, Temptation, Felix Vicious Reviewed by: Mars REVIEW- Those of you unfamiliar with Jill Kelly Productions should weep. You're missing out. Even if the action was lousy the production value (sets, lighting, video and sound quality) would be worthy of note. But the action isn't lousy, it's pretty hot. The When the Boys Are Away... series is an all-girl line directed by Skye Blue and she manages to get some very good action from her talent (having been on the other side of the camera helps, I'd imagine). The camera hits some excellent angles, though more often than not it's too close, and the overall video quality is very high, giving the film a warm look that enhances the sensuality. And JKP has some fine talent to look at. Though tending toward the (fake) busty blondes (I had a terrible time keeping them all straight) their women also tend toward the curvaceous, with taut, full bodies that you could bounce a quarter off of. My kind of casting. The When the Boys are Away... titles have bits of narration at the beginning of each scene that reveals not so much a plot as a theme (in the case of #10 it's déjà vu) but ends up being something of a null set. It doesn't help much but it certainly doesn't hinder the action. And the action starts with Ashton sitting naked at a table as Tyler Faith strokes her from behind. The build up is slow and sexy, with kisses and touches that show off both girls' bodies. Tyler breaks the spell when, a second after Ashton starts to eat her pussy, she vocalizes at level 11. It's hard to believe. Still, we get some good views and that combination of fine image quality and fine actresses helps me forgive a lot. Ashton dances on Tyler's face and takes a nice ride on a vibrator to end things. They don't suck, but there's better further on. A trio of beauties make up the next scene and it's a winner. Jenna Haze, the petite firecracker, is paired with the blonde and busty Bridgette (hot, but interchangeable with the other busty blondes), and the incomparable Aria (a performer who puts on a great show). They each get a turn getting plugged and licked by their companions and it's a fun mess. Jenna gets it first, legs bent back and moaning in that little-girl-gone-bad voice of hers. Aria gets pounded by Bridgette with a dildo and she's into it. She cums well (fake or not it's a fine piece of work) and gets a bit more fucking before it's Bridgette's turn. There are some good views of her, legs spread wide and demanding a harder fucking. The energy is high, the women are hot, it's a fine segment. Ashton and yet another busty blonde (I'm pretty sure it's Shyla, she's a hell of a looker) have some traditional girl on girl bed sex for the next scene. This time it works out well. They spark almost from the first kiss. Shyla eats Ashton very well, excellent tongue fucking and great licks, they could end the scene after that action. But then we'd miss some expert and intense fingering that brings Ashton over the edge. After a bit of dildo play, Shyla gets her turn with Ashton between her legs. Two unfortunate things. One, Ashton has such a big fucking manicure she can't give as good as she got, so she just rubs as Shyla fingers herself (actually, that's pretty damn hot, so no big loss). Two, Shyla has a beautiful body, but we don't get to see enough of it. The camera stays in close for far too long. We eventually get a good wide view, but it's too little. Still and all, the girls get the heat going and never let it stop so you won't skip over this scene. In an example of thin plot, the voice over for the next scene talks of nurse uniforms and latex gloves. All we get are the gloves, damnit. Well, in compensation we get Ashton with Brittney and a compact, tawny, and sexy brunette. Didn't catch her name, but I wanted to see more of her. They group grope for a time, latex gloves and lingerie all over. Ashton rides Brittney's face and then her fingers, which ain't bad, as she gets dildoed by the brunette and makes some lovely noises. Ashton's face plays bicycle seat with Brittney's pussy and then Ms. Moore shares a double dildo with the brunette. It's ok and leads to an orgasm of dubious merit. The camera being in too close muddles up this scene, keeping us in a box so to speak, unable to see the whole action as it changes and develops. The final scene is another trio with Ashton (who, by appearing in four out of five scenes, is earning her top billing), the cute redhead Felix, and a petite raven-haired girl whose mouth may help her turn into another Jenna Haze. Not yet though. The scene is lackluster from the start, Ashton is doing double time work trying to carry the other two. They don't suck, they just lack confidence and tend to be hesitant. Ashton does her level best, but it doesn't click, even with a vigorous dildo fucking of the little lady. Ah well, can't win them all. Overall: As mentioned above, the sheer quality of talent and video almost pushes this flick into a higher grade. The scenes that work, really work. However, there are a few that just don't start the fire. But it may not even matter. If you just love the idea of fine women writhing against each other, chemistry or not, then you'll be fully satisfied. Not a bad disc. Extras include a chapter search, Photo Gallery, 3 behind the scenes (of other movies), tons of other photo galleries -Mars MrPlanet4@yahoo.com OVERALL RATING: B FEMALE LOOKS: A MALE LOOKS: n/a PICTURE QUALITY: A EXTRAS: B PLOT/ACTING: C+ SEX: B www.dvdpornreviews.com  

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