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Title: Young As They Cum 11  
Reviewer: Levon  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Young as they Cum #11
90 Minutes
New Sensations
THEMES: Young looking girls
STARS: Anna Belle, Ann Harlow, Ander Paige, Boo, Daisy,
Reviewed by: Levon (mreviewer@hotmail.com)
Anna is the first girl up and she is a very cute blonde with natural tits and a tight body. She models for a bit and then we jump right into the scene. Her oral is very shallow, mostly working on the head and uses a lot of handwork, but she shows decent energy. Oral on her is routine and Anna is fairly responsive, which is nice to see rather than a girl who just lies there like a dead fish. They start in with doggie, which show some good shots of her ass, an excellent cowgirl, a kind of side spoon, and mish. The scene ends with the guy jerking off and cumming in her mouth and tongue. She gives one post cum suck. This scene has good heat and between the two and it sustains throughout the entire scene.
Ander is a cute girl with dark hair and natural tits. I'm not sure if its fortunate that she is paired with Nacho, which typically means the girl will get completely fucked every which way. I guess good for us and sometimes good for the girl. Nacho begins with some finger fucking and then she turns around and gives a good effort in trying to swallow Nacho's dick. There is some face fucking and some slight gagging but nothing really extreme. Ander gets fucked in various doggie positions, and various RCGs. She gives more oral, this time showing us some slow head attention with plenty of handwork. We go back to fucking with more doggie, a good cowgirl, and finally mish. The scene ends with Nacho pulling out and jerking off on her face. He gives a few post cum face fucks. Ander showed good energy, some dirty talk, and seemed like she could keep up with Nacho. All in all this is a solid scene.
Boo is another cute dark haired girl with small natural tits. They go through some pointless interviewing and she models around for a bit. She gets eaten out and shows some good reactions with some moans and groans. They move to a 69, with her on top, and her oral is standard at best keeping very shallow. They go through doggie, cowgirl, and a couple different mish positions. The scene ends with the guy jerking off a weak load on her face and open mouth. Boo gives a few post cum jerks but nothing more. Boo is very vocal and loud for the entire scene. There isn't much dirty talk, but her volume gets a bit monotonous. This scene is average, but she does show some good energy.
Daisy is a very cute Latina with a tight body and small tits. She is paired with Nacho and he should bring out the best in this girl. He throws her around a bit licking her pussy and finger fucking her for a very short time. Daisy can barely get the head of Nacho's cock in her mouth, but she gives a decent attempt. They start the fucking with mish, spoon, some great RCG positions, doggie, and more mish. The scene ends with Nacho jerking off his load on her face and neck. The scary thing about this scene is watching Daisy try to take on this huge cock, owned by Nacho. At times it seems she is having a real problem with the size, but she takes it like a pro. I was hoping for more heat or better chemistry, but Daisy's looks easily carry this scene.
Ann is 19 years old with small natural tits and a bit on the skinny side. Her oral is average getting maybe half of the guy's dick down her throat, some brief but good eye contact, and lots of handwork. She has some cute little moans as she gets eaten out, but remains quiet for most of the time. They fuck in a spoon, RCG, doggie, and mish. The scene ends with the guy jerking off and cumming on her tongue and tits. She gives one post cum suck. Ann is cute, but she doesn't do much in the "active" fucking department. This is easily the worst scene out of the bunch.
Overall: Out of the five scenes, I feel that Anna is the best with a good combination of looks and heat in her scene. Daisy and Ander both have solid performances, with Boo and Ann trailing. Three out of five isn't bad and the overall eye candy pushes this up to a rental.  

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